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Who Are James Harden’s Girlfriends?


Who Are James Harden’s Girlfriends?

 James Harden is the most frequent question regarding NBA stars. James Harden is among the National Basketball Association’s most productive scorers and shooting guards, so it has to be (NBA).

The Oklahoma City Thunder selected James Harden, a professional basketball player from the United States known by his stage name “The Beard,” as the third overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft.

In addition, Harden has garnered a number of noteworthy honors throughout the course of his career, including the 2018 NBA Most Valuable Player, 8-time All-Star, three-time Scoring Champion, and the list goes on.

James has a highly successful NBA career, and he has also drawn several well-known women to him.

He has been associated with women, including social media celebrities, models, singers, and television personalities.

The question of whether Harden is engaged to his alleged girlfriend Gail Golden has recently made the news.

Here, we’ll provide you with all the information about the well-known women James Harden has dated.

Let’s dive right into the legendary shooting guard’s dating background.

Gail Golden, a girlfriend of James Harden

James Harden’s reported girlfriend is Gail Golden. In 2019, the couples were connected.

Although they don’t follow each other on social media, the couple has never been photographed together.

Golden has, however, been spotted at Rocket’s games.

James-Harden-Girlfriends- Gail Golden. Source: Celebrities Floder

Furthermore, Harden hasn’t publicly or in the media acknowledged their relationship.

Gail’s social media image with a diamond ring on her ring finger that prompted engagement rumors was what led some to doubt James and Gail’s relationship.

More Facts About James Harden’s Girlfriend’s

Name Gail Golden
Birth Date October 13th, 1988
Birth Place Houston, Texas
Nickname Not Available
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Not Available
Education Texas State University
Horoscope Libra
Father’s Name Not Disclosed
Mother’s Name Not Disclosed
Siblings Not Disclosed
Age 33 years old
Height 5’7″
Weight 151 lbs
Build Curvy
Body Measurements 35-26-37
Eye color Black
Hair Color Black
Profession Influencer, Cybersecurity Consultant
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Children None
Net Worth $200 thousand

Individual Life

Houston, Texas, welcomed Gail Golden into the world on October 13th, 1988.

Larry Eugene Golden is the name of her father. Furthermore, there are no data accessible about her mother.

Gail frequently writes on her social media platforms about her father.

Her father passed away on October 13, 2019, the day before her birthday, according to messages she made on social media.

Gail is a Libra, which is a sign of the zodiac.

The most well-known characteristics of those born under the sign of Libra are their social and idealistic natures.

Career Gail received a bachelor’s degree in business administration and computer information systems from Texas State University.

She works as a cybersecurity consultant in addition to being a social media influencer.

Additionally, Gail was referred to as “One of the Hottest Cybersecurity Babes” by online outlets like BET and XXL magazine.

Affluence & Salary

Additionally, no one has access to Gail’s exact earnings or net worth.

However, the average annual income for a cybersecurity consultant is $145,000.

Gail has power on social media as well.


Instagram presence

Instagram has 200k users.

Twitter has 13.1k users.

Ashanti, a girlfriend of James Harden

Ashanti and James Harden allegedly dated from 2016 until 2018.

When James forced Ashanti to sit with his family during one of his games, he took her to a hotel in Houston, solidifying the relationship rumors.

Also, he bought her flowers.

Furthermore, the pair maintained a very low-key relationship, thus there are no specific dates for when they first started dating and when they split up.

Additionally, they didn’t share any photos of themselves together.

Let’s learn more about the singer that once dated James Harden.

More Facts About James Harden’s Girlfriend’s

Full Name Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas
Birth Date October 13th, 1980
Birth Place Glen Cove, New York, U.S.
Nickname Shantee, Tay, Tee, Shani
Religion Not Available
Nationality American
Ethnicity Not Available
Education Not Available
Horoscope Libra
Father’s Name Ken-Kaide Thomas Douglas
Mother’s Name Tina Douglas
Siblings Kenosha Douglas
Age 41 years old
Height 5’6″
Weight 55 kgs
Build Curvy
Body Measurements 34-26-37
Eye color Black
Hair Color Black
Profession Singer, Song Writer, Record Producer, Model, Actress
Movies Resident Evil: Extinction,  Coach Carter,  John Tucker Must Die
 Songs Wonderful, Rock Wit U, What’s Luv, Only You, Rain on Me, etc
Active years 1989–present
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Ex-boyfriends Nas, James Harden, Darnell Rockett, Nelly, Chink Santana, Irv Gotti
Children None
Net Worth $8 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter

Individual Details

On October 13, 1980, famous singer Ashanti was born in Glen Cove, New York, to parents Tina Douglas and Ken-Kaide Thomas Douglas.

Her father, Ken-Kaide, was a former vocalist, while her mother, Tina, was a former dance instructor.

She also has a sister by the name of Kenashia Douglas. Additionally, Ghana’s Ashanti Empire inspired the naming of Ashanti.

Similar to this, Ashanti has Libra as her solar sign. Most commonly, Libras are recognized for their diplomatic and cunning demeanor.


Ashanti is a model, actress, singer, and songwriter from the United States.

She was discovered by Murder Inc. while she was a youngster, and they signed her in 2002.

The top two spots on the American Billboard Hot 100 were held by Ashanti for the first time by a female performer.

Similar to this, her debut record, titled the Eponymous Debut Album, sold more than 505,000 copies in its first week of availability and six million copies overall.

She won multiple accolades for that particular record, including two American Music Awards, the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary R&B Album, and eight Billboard Music Awards.

In addition, Ashanti has been in a number of films; Coach Carter served as her film debut.

Throughout her career, she has also sold over 27 million records globally.

Gross Value

Ashanti has a relatively successful career as a singer and actor, which contributes to her high net worth.

She has worked in the field for a very long period as well.

Ashanti also serves as Written Entertainment’s CEO.

Thus, it is possible to estimate that Ashanti is worth around $8 million.

Social media following:

7.2 million on Instagram

Twitter has 2 million users.

Khloe Kardashian, girlfriend of James Harden

James spent time with the well-known Kardashian sister as well.

Khloe Kardashian was the Kardashian James Harden dated.

According to reports, Khloe and James split up in February 2016.

They spent nearly eight months together.

At Kanye West’s birthday celebration at the Staples Center, they first met.

In addition, he said in a Sports Illustrated interview that he didn’t like the constant attention he was receiving as a result of dating Khloe.

Khloe claimed otherwise and made a suggestion that the reason they split up was that Harden had been unfaithful to her.

Let’s learn more about Khloe Kardashian, James Harden’s ex-girlfriend.

More Facts About James Harden’s Girlfriend’s

Full Name Khloé Alexandra Kardashian
Birth Date June 27th, 1984
Birth Place Los Angeles, California
Nickname Khlo, Baby K
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Armenian and Western European
Education Marymount High School
Horoscope Cancer
Father’s Name Robert Kardashian
Mother’s Name Kris Jenner
Siblings Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner
Age 38 years old
Height 5’10”
Weight 150 lbs
Build Curvy
Body Measurements 35-29-40
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Dark Brown
Profession Media Personality, Entrepreneur, Socialite, Model
Famous Show  Keeping up with the Kardashians
Business Ventures Good American, DASH, Kylie Cosmetics x Koko Kollection
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried and Single
Spouse Lamar Odom
Ex-boyfriends Trey Songz, James Harden, French Montana, Tristan Thompson
Children True Thompson
Net Worth $60 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter

Individual Life

Khloe Kardashian, one of the well-known Kardashian sisters, was born to Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian on June 27, 1984, in Los Angeles, California.

Kris, her mother, is a socialite, producer, businesswoman, and media figure in the United States.

Robert, her father, was an American businessman and lawyer in a similar vein.

In addition, Khloe was wed to Lamar Odom, a professional basketball player.

In 2016, the couple divorced.

Following that, she started dating Tristan Thompson.

They are parents to True Thompson, a girl.


American socialite, media personality, entrepreneur, and model Khloe Kardashian is also a model.

She has appeared in several episodes of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians family reality TV series, including its spin-offs Dash Dolls, Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami, and Kourtney and Khloé Take The Hamptons.

With American actor and television broadcaster Mario Lopez, Khloe co-hosted The X Factor’s second season in 2012.

She has also hosted her own talk program, Kocktails with Khloé. Additionally, she started companies like DASH and Good American.

Khloe Kardashian’s TV show KUWTK and its spin-offs have brought in a respectable sum for her net worth.

She also owns businesses and makes a good living through sponsored posts.


Instagram presence

With 268 million users, Instagram

Twitter has 30.2 million users.

Trina, the girlfriend of James Harden

Several accounts claim that Trina and James were dating each other.

Trina clarified that James was only seeking some fun gals and that they were simply friends, not a relationship.

James did not acknowledge this circumstance either.

Learn more about the rapper that James Harden is believed to have dated in the past.

More Facts About James Harden’s Girlfriend’s

Full Name Katrina Laverne Taylor
Birth Date December 3rd, 1974 
Birth Place Miami, Florida
Nickname Trina
Religion Not Available
Nationality American
Ethnicity Not Available
Education Miami Northwestern Senior High School
Horoscope Sagittarius
Father’s Name Vanessa Taylor
Mother’s Name Not Available
Siblings Wilbrent Bain Jr.
Age 47 years old
Height 5’2″
Weight 59 kgs
Build Curvy
Body Measurements 36-28-37
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Black
Profession Rapper, Songwriter, Television Personality, Actress
Debut Album Da Baddest Bitch
Years Active 1998–present
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Marital Status Unmarried and Single
Spouse None
Ex-boyfriends Kenyon Martin, Lil’ Wayne, French Montana, James Harden
Children None
Net Worth $6 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter

Individual Life

Trina, a well-known rapper, was born in Miami, Florida, on December 3, 1974.

Vanessa Taylor is the name of her mother. Furthermore, little is known about her father.

Her father is from the Dominican Republic, while her mother is from the Bahamas.

When Trina was young, her parents divorced.

She attended Miami Northwestern Senior High School in Miami, Florida for her education.

Similar to Trina, Wilbrent Bain Jr. is Trina’s younger brother.

Her brother had a history of criminal activity and was shot in 2013 following an altercation with a friend.

He passed away at the hospital after failing to live.

Unfortunately, Trina’s mother died of breast cancer at the age of 62.


Since 1998, Trina, an American singer-songwriter, rapper, and television personality, has worked in the music business.

Trina was named by ‘XXL Magazine as one of the most dependable female rappers of all time.

Similarly, her song “Pull Over” was listed as one of the Top 50 Best Rap Songs by Women on Complex.com.

In the same vein, Billboard included Trina on its list of the 31 Female Rappers Who Transformed Hip-Hop in 2014.

Trina made an appearance as a co-host on the discussion show “Tiny Tonight!” in addition to her work in the music industry.

Throughout her career, she has won numerous honors, including the BMI Award, the ASCAP Award, the Billboard Music Award, the All-Star Music Award, and the Golden Trailer Award.

Gross Value

Since entering the music business in 1998, Trina has enjoyed success as an artist.

It is clear from this that she has made a respectable sum of money for herself throughout the course of her career.


Social media following:

4.6 million on Instagram

2.3 million people follow Twitter.

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Relations allegedly involving James Harden

Was James Harden’s girlfriend Amber Rose?

According to reports, James and Amber shared a unique friendship.

Harden, though, remained mum over their relationship.

Jessyka Janshel dated James Harden, right?

In social media, Jessyka Janshel is a popular model.

Several people reported seeing the pair together in January 2017.

James, though, never addressed the reports of dating.