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Bernhard Langer

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Bernhard Langer Quotes: The Best 26

Bernhard Langer, a well-known German professional golfer, was born on August 27, 1957. He won the Masters twice and was regarded as one of the world’s best golfers in the 1980s and 1990s.

Behind his greatest popularity, he won professional golf competitions on all six continents where golf is played.

He has also won all of the top tours, including three PGA Tours, the Japan Golf Tour, the Asian Tour, the Australasian Tour, and many others.

Bernhard Langer establishes himself as one of the most powerful and successful PGA Tour champions until the age of 50.

His accomplishments were recognized when he set a record 11 senior major championships and was awarded the Senior Grand Slam.

Similarly, he won 2010, 2014, 2017, 2019, and 2020 Senior Open Championships, the 2017 PGA Championship, the 2010 US Senior Open, and many more.

Langer is a golf legend, and the best 26 quotes from him are really effective. Do follow one of them.

“I enjoy reading my bible, and I enjoy bible studies when I get together with others and speak about God’s word and how it relates to us and how we may change to become more like him.” Bernhard Langer

“Perceptions cannot cover everybody because we are all different.” Bernhard Langer

“It’s not life or death; it’s a game, and there will be a winner and a loser at the end.” Bernhard Langer

“Easter Sunday means everything to a Christian because it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.” Bernhard Langer

“Those of us who play golf know what a lovely game and a tremendous past-time it is.” Bernhard Langer

Bernhard Langer Quote #6 of 26

“People come out here to grab autographs wherever we play golf.”

They certainly come out to see us play and socialize with us, but they also want to see us play.” Bernhard Langer

“We’re in the entertainment business, so they want signatures and to take something home, whether it’s a signed hat or a program or something.” Bernhard Langer

“That’s what distinguishes golf from many other sports.”

When you go to other athletic events, they simply ignore you or give you the cold shoulder and move on.” Bernhard Langer

“But I think the pros are extremely pleased to accommodate the people, and that’s part of the game in general,” Bernhard Langer said.

“Every player has the option of wearing metal spikes, alternative spikes, or whatever they like.” Bernhard Langer

Bernhard Langer
Bernhard Langer playing golf Source: PGA Tour

“You can get some spiked-up greens even if you don’t have any metal spikes,” Bernhard Langer says.

“If you drag your shoe a little, those plastic or rubber spikes may be almost as bad as metal spikes,” Bernhard Langer says.

“When I play in the Masters or most other tournaments, I get scared.” Bernhard Langer

“You know, the first thing you lose as you get older is memory.” This appears to be occurring to me.” Bernhard Langer

“It’s just a matter of striking the ball where I want to hit it and making some putts,” Bernhard Langer said.

“But when I play, I still work hard and concentrate on my game.” Bernhard Langer

“People who know and are close with me know a side of me that is not frigid.” Bernhard Langer

“I crack jokes and play games, which is more my nature than being frigid.” Bernhard Langer

“We are all human beings with our own quirks and ways of doing things,” Bernhard Langer says.

“I know thousands of Germans that are very different from me, therefore we’re not the same, we’re not alike.” Bernhard Langer

“I grew up in postwar Germany,” Bernhard Langer says.

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“I was up Catholic, and I don’t want to speak negatively about the Catholic Church, but there’s a lot of mundane stuff going on.”

You pray the same prayers, sit, kneel, whatever.” Bernhard Langer

“There are far more significant things in life than making or missing a putt, winning or losing a championship,” Bernhard Langer says.