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5 Best Tabletop Arcade Games

The Top 5 Tabletop Arcade Games

Arcade games are a fun gaming machine that you may install in your home. They are old-school classic kinds of amusement, and owning one will allow you to relive your youth. As the popularity of tabletop arcade games returns, there are a plethora of models on the market.

Because old school machines are bulky, they require a lot of room; nevertheless, several compact and light variants are now available.

However, with so many alternatives, it is easy to become confused and disoriented.

As a result, to assist you in making your decision, we have produced a list of five tabletop arcade games.

We offer all of the pertinent information on some of the best, high-quality tabletop arcade games.

The Top 5 Tabletop Arcade Games

But, before we get into the specifics and features, have a look at the list’s overview below.

We generated the list using online resources such as IGN, SportsBrowser, and others.

Cocktail Arcade Machine with Classic Games

Games Weight
5. Cocktail Arcade Machine with Classic Not specified
4. My Arcade Data East Classics Mini Player 2.3 Pounds
3. Doc and Pies Arcade Factory Classic Home Arcade Machine 50 Pounds
2. Arcade1Up Galaga 54.5 Pounds
1. Arcade 1Up Pacman Countercade 12 Pounds

5. Classic Cocktail Arcade Machine

  • Dimensions are not specified.

The Cocktail Arcade Machine with Classic by Prime Arcades, LLC is the first tabletop arcade game on our list.

This high-quality game will transport you to a nostalgic retro pizza restaurant arcade.

The game features a 26-inch LED monitor with a thick tempered glass top.

The huge screen allows for more immersive gaming.

Likewise, it is a full-size commercial-grade arcade machine that includes two free bespoke quality stools.

The game is already assembled; simply plug in the machine and you are ready to play.

The Cocktail Arcade Machine offers classic games such as Galaga, Street Fighter II Turbo, and many more.

With its sleek and colorful appearance, this one would be a great addition to any game area.

Similarly, its high-quality loudspeaker increases your gaming experience.

A five-year warranty is included with the Cocktail Arcade Machine game.

4. Dimensions of My Arcade Data East Classics Mini Player

  • 6.25 x 7 x 12 inches

My Arcade Data East Classics Mini Player is ranked fourth.

The arcade game is a collectible mini-player filled with classic Data East titles that is ideal for any game room or display cabinet.

Retro aficionados and collectors will enjoy the game’s inclusion of hard-to-find classics such as Burger Time, Karate Champ, and Bad Dudes.

It boasts a full-color 4.25-inch screen that gives an authentic arcade experience.

Arcade Data East Classics Mini Player
Arcade Data East Classics Mini Player Source: EBay

One of the lightest tabletop arcade games on the market is My Arcade Data East Classics Mini Player.

It contains a high-quality external speaker, volume settings, and a 3.5mm headphone port for private gaming.

The machine’s flashing coin trap with a premium model arcade cabinet is a standout feature.

If you want to play with the directional pad, you may easily remove the joystick.

Dimensions of Doc and Pies Arcade Factory Classic Home Arcade Machine:

  • Dimensions: 32.9 x 21.9 x 20.7 inches

An arcade video game machine-themed tabletop arcade game in brilliant red color.

The Doc and Pies Arcade Factory Classic Home Arcade Machine are appropriate for people of all ages.

The machine includes 60 vintage 1980s arcade games.

Similarly, it boasts a full-size 19-inch LCD screen as well as full-size buttons and a joystick. It will look great in any bar or gaming room.

The electronics in Doc and Pies Arcade Factory Classic Home Arcade Machine are cutting-edge.

Similarly, it has the authentic sound, images, and action.

It contains a gaming song from the 1980s and 1990s that brings back childhood memories.

2. Galaga Arcade1Up

  • Measurements: 18.9 x 23.62 x 47.64 inches

The Arcade1Up Galaga is ranked second.

The arcade game is great for nostalgic gamers or those seeking to relive Pac-golden Man’s era in a portable format.

The game has an updated 17-inch color LCD screen with excellent vision.

Similarly, it functions without coinage and resembles true arcade controllers.

The Arcade1Up Galaga arcade game cabinet features original artwork for the popular Galaga and Galaxian arcade games.

Foosball tables are a terrific addition to any house since they provide a fun way to amuse your family, friends, and guests.

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1. Pacman Countercade Arcade

  • 12.25 x 11.25 x 18.5 inches in size

The Arcade 1Up Pacman Countercade is our top selection for the finest tabletop arcade games of 2021.

This tiny arcade game is ideal for game rooms, offices, dorm rooms, or anywhere else.

Pac-Man is included on the tabletop design machine, and Pac & Pal includes two classic games.

In the past, these two games were among the most popular.

It has an eight-inch Color LCD screen that has been improved, as well as a screen game selection menu with the original artwork.

Similarly, the game is coinless, and players can adjust the volume as they see fit.

It combines arcade-style controls with a commercial-grade build.

The Arcade 1Up Pacman Countercade can be immediately plugged into an AC outlet.

Furthermore, it is one of the most reasonably priced arcade games on the market.

This retro arcade game with a colorful display will provide you with an authentic experience, although from the comfort of your own home.

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