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Coco Austin: Age, Bio, Career, Children, and Age Gap with Husband

  • Coco Austin is a television personality, model, actor, dancer, and truth-teller.
  •  Austin’s first and longest-running career has been as a stunning model for almost two decades.
  • Austin wants to identify as many sectors as she can as an entrepreneur.

Coco Austin, the Curvy Viral Model

Coco Austin, as previously said, is a seasoned model, actress, dancer, and media figure. She prospered after her marriage to Ice-T, but she was no slacker before that.

During the Russian World Cup 2016, photographs of the attractive blonde woman became popular on the internet. Many people wrongly assumed that the lady was Croatia’s president, who would finish second in the competition.

Austin, on the other hand, turned out to be the curvy woman in the photo.

To those who are unaware, Austin is a US model, reality television star, actor, web personality, and much more.

Austin Coco traveled to New Mexico

Coco Austin was born on March 17, 1979, in Tarzana, California.

She attended high school in both California and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Austin has worked in the shoe industry since she graduated from high school.

She is a television personality, model, actor, dancer, and truth-teller.

She appeared as a gorgeous model in various magazines, calendars, and catalogs.

This is because of her sumptuous body, which includes a big back, a tiny tail, and 39DD breasts.

With her golden hair, some have compared her to an outrageously exaggerated human Barbie.

Austin, on the other hand, was not always the blonde stunner she is now.

She grew up with a modestly proportionate body and brown hair.

She afterward underwent plastic surgery to achieve her current appearance.

Austin is among a group of celebrities that are willing to have plastic surgery.

She admitted that she made herself happy and that she is proud of it.

The Rise of Coco Austin

Coco Austin comes from a huge household of seven children.

His father’s name is Steve Austin, and his mother’s name is Tina.

Her parents were aspiring performers who first saw the iconic US television series Bonanza.

Kristy William is the eldest of five children, including three brothers and a sister who is also a model.

Austin was not the name of the reality star when she was born.

Nicole Natalie Austin, on the other hand, was.

Her younger brother misread ‘Nicole’ as a child, giving her the nickname ‘Coco’ during her childhood.

She entered the spotlight early (18), but what she had done before was a little surprising for someone who was now known as a female.

Coco was a Tomboy during her childhood, and she was a beloved Passover at the time.

She enjoyed ATV riding as much as soccer.

Even back then, she enjoyed tap, jazz, and ballet. She is a woman with many sides.

Modeling Career of Coco Austin

Coco Austin’s first and longest-running career has been as a stunning model for almost two decades.

When she first appeared in publications and catalogs, she was a young adult who primarily specialized in lingerie and bikini pictures.

She went on to earn the title of Miss Ujena in the 1998 Miss Mexico pageant.

She went on to express gratitude to a variety of high-end events, including the Playboy Mansion.

She rose to prominence as a bathing suit model after becoming the first Caucasian woman to appear on the cover of Smooth Magazine in 2007.

Its commercially successful Exotical Calendar DVD was launched earlier that year, contributing to the magazine’s biggest sales ever.

She launched her own four-monthly magazine, which featured the covers of several well-known journals and periodicals.

Coco’s has eleven loans

Coco Austin appears in films and television shows in addition to modeling.

She made her acting debut in Southwest Babes, an R-rated film, in 2001.

She has appeared in films with similar ratings, such as Desert Rose and The Dirty Monks.

Her portfolio has expanded since then to include films such as Santorini Blue and Man To Think.

She has many years of experience in TV shows in addition to movies.

Beginning with the 2004 law and order Special Victims Unit, where she had appeared for eight years, and the comic series Difficult People, where she played a doctor.

Austin has appeared in several television specials, including the Flavor Flav central roast comedy and Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show, in addition to SVU.

Others include Hip-Hop Women, the Dr. Oz Show, and their participation as guest judges on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5.

Coco Austin also appeared as Bo Beep in the Las Vegas burlesque performance Peepshow from 2012 to 2013, replacing Holly Madison.

It is one of the most intriguing accomplishments she has ever had.

The model/actress is also a dancer, but Austin has been dancing for far longer.

Coco has been practicing the technique of moving her body since she was six years old.

The actress has been performing on stage since she was a child, beginning with ballet, jazz, and tap dancing.

Tina, her mother, had brought the performance to her small daughter.

While growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Coco had the opportunity to perform in a number of shows at the eponymous Little Theatre.

Austin’s priorities seemed to shift as she became more involved in her other interests.

However, the gorgeous star finds a way to incorporate it.

Austin, the businesswoman who constantly combines what people like best about her with one of her favorite things, her famous back, as her main selling point.

Since 2014, Austin has had another internet sensation with the development of her app, Coco’s Workout World, based on her famous physics.

Austin made a point of incorporating everything that makes Coco into training routines for millions of others hoping to become a corpse like her.

She incorporated poles, art, and a full body workout program in particular, and demonstrated it with lightly covered articles.

She described why she wanted to incorporate dancing (which she has done for much of her life) and fitness building.

Coco Austin’s Online Persona

Coco Austin gave up her modeling career to assist her husband’s hectic schedule following the wedding in Ice-T.

She did, however, continue to seek methods to improve herself in her role as a supporting wife.

Coco Austin and ice-T. source: att yahoo

During this time, she launched her first website,, and later,

Both blogs offer inspiration and suggestions from Coco Austin, formerly known as “Twerking in Heels.”

She also discusses fitness on the page of this website, as well as provides an in-depth insight into her lifestyle and all things feminine, such as make-up, skincare, heels, and so on.

Both websites have vanished since their inception, and they now receive millions of visitors each month.

She is also a major social media influencer, with millions of Twitter and Instagram followers.

Owner of a fashion line and other businesses

Coco Austin wants to identify as many sectors as she can as an entrepreneur.

The ever-changing woman continues to be stylish, which, while possibly inspired by her figure, is not confined to her.

Licious debuted her clothes collection in 2009.

Even though it is meant for curvy ladies, it may be worn by people of all body shapes.

Her attire comprises pants, dresses, and swimwear, all of which are made of elastic material in the United States.

A few years later, Austin teamed up with another company, California Exotics, to produce its brand of sex toys Coco-Licious.

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Coco Austin’s net worth

Your net worth is $5 million as a result of her career.

Although many people ignore her, Coco Austin is a hardworking woman who has poured her heart and into her career.

Although the amount they earn every concert is unknown to the general public, Austin now has a net worth of $5 million, which she has amassed from modeling to entrepreneurship through her many efforts.

Austin’s current trend indicates that their net worth will rise in the next years, and her creativity shows no indications of slowing down.

Meanwhile, her fortune, now estimated at $40 million, is a little fraction of that of her wife Ice- T.

There is a 20-year age difference between Austin and her husband, Ice-T.

Ice-T (Tracey Lauren Marrow), born on February 16, 1958, was happily married to Coco Austin.

Ice-T has released 15 albums over his career, including collaborations with various musicians.

He has also appeared in over 160 films and television episodes as a talented actor.

He is most known as the law and order detective: The special Unit for Victims.

Austin and her spouse crossed the road for the first time in 2001, the same year she divorced her first husband, Mike Williams, whom she married on May 11, 1999.

It was not surprising that they would cross paths, as models and actors/musicians frequently do.

Coco was a 22-year-old model working in California when she met her future husband, who was having a bad day on set. A friend of his introduced her and encouraged her.

Austin, who was unaware of Ice-T at the time, was impressed by the kind of humor he utilized to make her laugh.

Despite her evident asset, the rapper told the Daily Mail that it was her teeth that inspired him to rebel for the first time.

When she had the opportunity to show him her rear package, the 42-year-old star’s eyes traveled a little beneath the surface, and he was a Giller.