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Nick Bean: Bio, estimated net worth, age, height, and family

Nick Bean
  • American online and social media star Nick Bean is from that country.
  • Nick has also worked with a ton of other prominent social media influencers and stars, such as Loren Beech, Last Mann, Brandon, and Hunter Rowland.
  • Nick also performed his popular “WifiWifey” in each place the tour group stopped.

Who is Nick Bean?

American online and social media star Nick Bean is from that country. For his “Nick Bean” YouTube channel, Nick Bean is well-known. He also uses YouNow and Instagram. He has uploaded a lot of successful music that has gone viral on the internet in addition to his prank videos and daily vlogs.

Nick also frequently posts videos to his YouTube channel and engages with his followers through YouNow broadcasts.

What is Nick Bean’s age?

In Maiden, North Carolina, Nick Bean was born on March 13, 1995.

Nicos David Bean is his full name.

He was born in 1986, making him 26 years old and a Pisces.

Similarly, Nick has both American and North American ancestry.

The names of his mother and father are currently unknown.

His parents are both Americans, that much is certain.

He has a sister as well, although we don’t know her name.

Additionally, his family moved to San Antonio, Texas, when he was ten years old.

Similar to this, He has made hints that his connection with his mother is strained in a number of his YouTube and other videos.

Regarding his educational background and credentials, including the schools and disciplines he attended, there is no information accessible.

Given his age, Mr. Bean, unless he is a dropout or has given up on his education, must have completed high school and been enrolled in college.

More Facts About Nick Bean

Full Name: Nick Bean
Age: 26 years
Birthday: 13 Mar
Birthplace: Maiden, North Carolina
Nationality: American
Gender: Male
Horoscope: Pisces
Status: single
Net Worth: $0.4M
Height: 5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
Profession: Youtube Star, Instagram Star, YouNower
Sibling: One sister

How much is the net worth of Nick Bean?

Nick Bean had never before been acknowledged.

He was, nonetheless, a finalist for “YouNower of the Year.”

He may soon win an award because of his fame and accomplishment.

YouTube is Nick’s primary source of revenue.

Idiowiki estimates that he has a net worth of about $0.4 million.

Other than this, there is no information about his other earnings or compensation.

Is Nick Bean dating his girlfriend secretly or is he single?

He isn’t married right now.

Currently, his attention is mainly on his career.

In terms of prior relationships, he most recently dated Bianca Sotelo, a fellow Youtuber.

She also has an influence on social media.

The duo was given the handle “@Nianca” by fans.

Additionally, they routinely included one another in their YouTube videos.

Sadly, the couple divorced in 2018. Since then, Nick has stayed unmarried.

Additionally, Nick dated YouTuber Madeline Philips in 2015.

They collaborated on numerous YouNow broadcasts.

But they parted ways in 2015, the same year.

Similar to this, there was a rumor linking Nick Bean to Maddie Welborn, another YouNower celebrity.

Disputes around Nick Bean

His YouTube video, “Whatever You Draw I Will Buy Challenge,” which he made with his ex-girlfriend Bianca Sotelo, received critical feedback from his supporters.

In the video, she received criticism and disparaging remarks in nearly 800 comments.

In the Nick video, his fangirls also didn’t like her, calling her a gold digger and disliking everything she did.

Nick Bean
Nick Bean. Source: Pinterest.

Because his jealous female admirers don’t want him dating another woman, he called her the “ex-girlfriend” in the video.

Since the video, he has not appeared with Nick in another video, and he has not alluded to their connection or the fact that they are dating.

He is currently controversy-free and keeps up a prominent online persona.

His personal or work life is not the subject of any significant rumors or scandals.

Nick Bean’s height is what?

Bean is 65 kg tall and 5 feet 6 inches wide.

His other physical characteristics, such as his chest, waist, hips, and other sizes, are not known.

He also has black hair and green eyes.

He nonetheless keeps experimenting with his hair, utilizing hues including blonde, green, and brown.

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Lineage of Nick Bean’s career

Since he was a young adult, Nick Bean has desired to become a social media personality.

Nick possesses a wide range of skills. In 2014, he joined YouNow, and in 2015, YouTube.

He published his debut YouTube video on January 17, 2015.

Surprisingly, in less than a week, his channel attracted 5000 subscribers.

The variety of Nick’s output includes comic skits, prank videos, and freestyle rap songs.

Naturally, viewing his YouTube videos never gets boring for his fans or viewers.

Similar to this, his videos typically attract over a million views.

Nick is also a talented musician in addition to being a skilled rapper. Nick’s first music production project was for Netflix and Chill.

And without a doubt, with millions of views to date, this brought him to the attention of internet users.

This music’s release undoubtedly paved the path for his subsequent musical endeavors, including the original compositions “WifiWifey” and “Bubble Gum Girl.”

The internet was flooded with these songs.

His channel alone has millions of views for them.

Nick has also worked with a ton of other prominent social media influencers and stars, such as Loren Beech, Last Mann, Brandon, and Hunter Rowland.

Additionally, he has uploaded other videos in which he plays jokes, experiments, and even adds comments.

Similar to Baby Ariel, Mario Selman, Zach Clayton, Loren Beech, Weston Koury, and Brennan Taylor, Nick Bean has joined the “Our Journey” Youtube channel, a group effort between these Social Media Elites.

A second YouTube channel for Nick is called “Beans.” He isn’t particularly active on this channel, though.

He uploads videos of his reactions on this channel. There are just seven videos on this channel so far.

Over a year has passed since the channel was last active.

Similar to Zach Clayton, Rudan Custodio, Edwin Burgos, and Timmy Connors, Nick is a member of the YouNow collaborative team 5squad.

The 5quad broadcasts on YouNow as a group. In the end, a lot of people visit it because of the amusing material and entertainment news.

Nick has additionally performed on the Slay Bells Ice Tour by DigiTour.

He also performed his popular “WifiWifey” in each place the tour group stopped.

Nick Bean has a dark, sardonic sense of humor. And it seems like his subscribers do too.

Furthermore, he goes by the name “Lizard” among the other 5quad members.

He was given that moniker because of a unique eye trick that makes him look reptilian.

Similar to this, Nick has a strong bond with his followers and fans.

And he frequently returns to them afterward in an uncelebrity-like manner.

Additionally, Nick Bean’s sharp sarcasm, humility, cuteness, and attractiveness have contributed to his success on social media.

It’s also not surprising that Cameron Dallas, a well-known social media personality, has joined Nick Bean’s growing list of followers.