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Is Chris Johnson married? His life, Children and Career

Chris Johnson
  • Chris had twins with his ex-girlfriend Carla
  • Chris wants his twin sons to follow in his footsteps
  • He made $45.6 million throughout his NFL career

Chris Johnson, aka Christopher Duan Johnson, is a 35-year-old former football running back. Chris Johnson Since the termination of his football career in November 2018, he has been largely unnoticed by the media.

Nonetheless, he is one of the most well-known ex-NFL players, and many of his followers have spent hours researching him on the internet.

Wife of Chris Johnson

Chris, the former NFL running back, will turn 36 in September 2021, so many of you may assume he is married, but he is not as of yet.

Meanwhile, many people believe Johnson is married to Mioshi Johnson, but the truth is slightly different.

Mioshi Johnson is Chris Johnson’s wife, although Chris is a cornerback who played for the Oakland Raiders and Baltimore Ravens in the later portion of his career.

Now, when it comes to the former NFL running back’s relationship status, he is happily married to his girlfriend Brittany Anne Usher.

There is no information on Brittany’s occupation, but some online sources claim she is a stylist.

Chris appears to be a social media junkie, yet he rarely discusses his love life on the platforms.

He rarely posts photos of himself and his girlfriend Brittany on Facebook or Instagram.

His girlfriend, on the other hand, has shared some images with him on Facebook a few times, and she has also tagged her beau.

We have limited information on how and when they met and how love bloomed between the two because of Johnson’s penchant to keep his personal life private.

But we’re quite sure they’ve been dating since before 2017, as the couple welcomed their beautiful baby daughter in April 2018.

Child of Chris and Brittany

The lovebirds, who typically keep their relationship private, are very public when it comes to their kid.

On April 1, 2018, they gave birth to their only child together.

Honey Love Johnson is the name the couple gave to their kid.

Since her arrival, the delighted papa has frequently published photos of himself with his baby girl on social media.

Many of the posts show the father-daughter team spending quality time together at home and on occasion outside.

Furthermore, Chris appears to commemorate every minor and large occasion with his daughter.

He has posted images of his daughter, Honey, celebrating her six-month anniversary and all three of her birthdays.

Take a look at the most recent snapshot he released on her 3rd birthday.

Chris frequently posts images of his daughter experiencing holidays like Halloween, Christmas, and Easter.

Chris has two more children, and the three get along brilliantly.

Chris Johnson has two twin kids in addition to his wonderful daughter.

However, he has not divulged the names of his twins. On June 18, 2012, the boys were born in Orlando, Florida.

According to certain websites, Chris had twins with his ex-girlfriend Carla.

He has a strong bond with both of his boys, and the father-son trio has traveled to several locations together.

Chris posts a lot of pictures of his sons’ activities on Instagram and Facebook.

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson with his twin sons. Source: Go fug yourself

Meanwhile, Johnson refers to his sons as “twin juices,” and the children share an Instagram account with the same moniker.

We can see from Chris’s Instagram that his sons are already interested in football.

The sons, like their father, have begun their preparation to become football players.

Surprisingly, they have already accomplished something that encourages them to pursue their dream.

According to their father’s Instagram post, they won the mid-Florida championship in November 2020.

The guys are only 9 years old, and they get along nicely with their half-sister Honey.

Many of Johnson’s posts show the siblings enjoying their time together.

The photographs show them having fun at their get-togethers and festivals.

Chris’ current girlfriend Brittany, on the other hand, has a son from a prior relationship.

Brittany’s son’s name is Lee, and he will be 15 in 2021.

Lee turned 15 on April 22nd, according to her Facebook post. Lee, like Chris’ sons, aspires to be a footballer.

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Chris refuses to allow his children to play running back.

Chris, like any other successful parent, wants his twin sons to follow in his footsteps and become successful football players.

He has, however, said unequivocally that he does not want them to be running backs like him.

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson during the match- Soursce: Fox News

In an interview with TMZ Sports, the former player stated that he will not allow his boys to play the same positions he did.

He will, instead, encourage them to play cornerback, wide receiver, or quarterback. “I’m going to keep them away from running back,” Johnson added.

He claims it is due to the massive salary disparity between running backs and other positions in the NFL.

Furthermore, Chris believes that running backs have a lower career lifetime than other positions.

Chris also told the source that he doesn’t regret playing the position, but that if he could start over, he would choose a new position.

He made $45.6 million throughout his NFL career, but he believes he could have made much more if he had played a different position.