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Charley Casserly

Who is Charley Casserly?

Charley Casserly is a Former executive and noted football analyst. Charley Casserly has also served as general manager of the National Football League’s Washington Redskins and Houston Texans.

Charley presently works for the NFL Network (National Football League). He is an inspiration to many young people and future generations.

Childhood, Family, and Education

Charley Casserly was born on January 1, 1949, in River Edge, New Jersey, and grew up there.

He finished his education at Bergen Catholic High School.

Before realizing their goals, everyone must overcome some obstacles.

Casserly has experienced the same thing. During his high school years, he battled greatly.

Charley paid for his high school education by doing a variety of chores.

He sold baby food, bagged groceries, and recorded baseball team statistics (not professional).

He paid for college by washing dishes and umpiring basketball games.

Before learning to swim, Charley coached swimming and aspired to be a football coach.

When he was hired to coach a high school team in New England, he used his own money to launch a young program that would act as a feeder system for his team. At the time, he was earning a wage of $10,000.

Charley was the kid that was always trying new things and exploring new places as a kid.

He enjoyed attempting new things and thinking about things he had never done before.

This was the reason he was regarded as a clever child.

He is now a self-made man who has accomplished far more than he could have imagined.

His expectations were normal, yet he turned out to be an extraordinary guy today.

Career Internship

Charley returned to the College after receiving his certification in the early 1970s to work as a mentor or coach.

Before joining the Redskins as an unpaid intern in 1977, he drilled at a few local high schools.

As Redskins general manager, he led the team to four Super Bowls, winning three of them.

He later became Senior Vice President and General Manager of the expanding Houston Texans (2000-2006).

Charley works as a sports broadcaster for the NFL Network and teaches at Georgetown and George Mason Universities.

He was inducted into the Springfield College Athletics Hall of Fame in 1998.

Charley Casserly
Charley Casserly Sports Commentator Source: jaguars

He was awarded an honorary doctorate in Humanics in 2005.

People nowadays like inventing their stories and narratives while on their so-called “self-made” journey.

But one man, Charley, used his employment to determine his trip.

His challenges aren’t made up; he’s demonstrated it by his unwavering dedication to effort.

Phase of Difficulty

He lived in the Alexandria YMCA for a while.

Charley was driving a Chevy Nova with 120,000 miles to Redskin Park.

He was so poor that when someone availed themselves of the jar of peanut butter he’d stashed away at Redskin Park, he genuinely didn’t know where his next meal was going to come from.

He genuinely went hungry for a few days. His pals were the ones who helped him deal with the problem.

Casserly received a lot of help from his pals since he had someone who truly cared about him.

Charley had finally made it in his career and was precisely where he wanted to be.

When he eventually received his first salary, he distributed money to friends and schools who had assisted him along the road.


This self-made man has accomplished a great deal.

It does not only include expensive items, money, and other items.

In reality, he has received popular acclaim, adoration, and numerous other accolades.

Many people regard him as a source of inspiration.

Casserly nurtured the Redskins’ legacy of discovering high-quality players in the later rounds of the draft.

He picked a fifth-round draft in 1990 to choose Southwest Louisiana quarterback Brian Mitchell.

Mitchell subsequently transitioned into a running back/kick returner, where he later joined Jim Brown as the only player in NFL history to lead the league in combined net yards four times.

In 1996, Casserly picked Auburn University running back Stephen Davis in the fourth round.

Davis lead the NFC in running in 1999 with 1,450 yards.

Casserly also chose future Pro Bowlers in wide receiver Keenan McCardell (12th round, 1991) and tight end Frank Wycheck (sixth round, 1993). (sixth round, 1993).

During the 1999 off-season, Casserly acquired veteran quarterback Brad Johnson who responded with a Pro Bowl season.

In 1999, Sports Illustrated, Pro Football Weekly, The Sporting News, and USA Today selected Casserly as their NFL Executive of the Year at midseason.

On draft day in 1999, Casserly gained all of the New Orleans Saints’ 1999 picks, plus their first and third-round picks in 2000 by swapping the Redskins’ fifth pick in the first round for the Saints’ 12th pick.

He still led to gaining the guy that Washington sought, selecting future Pro Bowl cornerback Champ Bailey.


After quitting the Redskins Charley chose to be in NFL as a football analyst.

Since being in NFL, he has been facing a lot of controversies.

This decent guy is an NFL lifer.

He fills life in each role he becomes involved in.

More than a decade after he departed the Texans, Casserly is ubiquitous on TV.

He rises on NFL Network many times a week and daily throughout the course of the draft season, and he does the job for NBC Sports Washington.

His NFL Network page shows him as an analyst, and he indicated he does not consider himself a journalist.

Have a peek at Charley Casserly’s 2021 NFL mock draft 1.0

Personal Life and Wife

Charley is a happily married and well-settled man.

He had the wedding vows with his lover Beverley after being on a bond for a long time.

The pair is blessed with a daughter named Shannon.

His beloved and gorgeous wife, Beverly, is a graduate of the American University in 2006.

There is no certain news regarding their breakup, and they are living a happily married life.

The famous broadcaster has a beautiful nature with a fair height.

He currently lives in Virginia with his family and has a wonderful home there.

Charley doesn’t say much about his wife and child, but their bond seems to be very close when they regularly hang out.

This guy, with a decent personality, doesn’t present his private life openly.

He doesn’t enjoy mixing together his personal and public life.


Charley was plainly just the agent when he addressed Kyler Murray, not stunning teams, but he’s the one grabbing all the fame he doesn’t yet deserve.

Casserly, a well-known former general manager, who is now an NFL Network critic, claimed the criticisms he heard from clubs regarding Murray’s interviews at the NFL scouting combine were the worst he’d ever heard for a top quarterback assessment.

As Murray is just the latest elite quarterback hope to get drawn by mysterious sources, most people responded adversely to Casserly’s story.

Moreover, Charley was badly criticized.

And Murray’s agent and college coach caned out. They tore him up.

They sensibly blamed Casserly for making up what he said.

Also, Pro Football Talk lead out that Casserly battled the matter about his comments.

The remarks Charley made on Murray went viral.

Murray is one of the greatest players, and his followers can surely not take any insults made about their idol.

Charley just maintained calm to all the reactions. At first, he denied reacting to any of the criticisms.

But afterward, he handled the critics with his grounded approach.

A very prominent football coach, Bill Belichick, also blasted the NFL star, Charley.

He chastised, adding that no one can ever be as wrong as Charley since he left the Redskins.

Bill also added Charley has no interaction with the players.

He rated a zero to Charley in terms of his bond with the players.

Bill severely claimed that the NFL great made a totally inaccurate remark about such a fine player.

Reply to the Critics

Charley added, that when he has a report, he remits it because he trusts it.

He doesn’t undertake extra investigation and comes directly to the issue.

And so when he heard the news from three people he trusted about Murray — all of whom were in the interview rooms, he said — he notified his supervisors at NFL Network what he heard and from whom he heard it.

He also urgently emphasized how sad he is about the critics.

He considers those as the worst remarks he has ever heard in his entire life.

This is the sole reply Charley made to his detractors.

He accepted that he trusts the news he obtained, and he speaks thus.

Even his remark got explored afterward, but Charley left it on seen.

What did Charley Casserly say about Kyler Murray?

Kyler Murray is an American soccer quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL.

Charley got into a dispute after commentating on this individual, saying,

“This was the worst remarks I ever got on a top-rated quarterback. Leadership habit: not good. Study habits: not good.

Not excellent at all in any of those areas, creating big worries about what this guy is going to do.”

Net Worth and Income

As of 2022, the American former NFL general manager and broadcaster Charley Casserly has an estimated net worth of $4 million and receives an annual salary of $150,000 from his successful reporting career with NFL Network.

While the current wage for a general manager in the NFL is normally approximately $1 million to $3 million per year, some NFL GMs are paid less, and some are paid much more.

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