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Tegla Loroupe

Tegla Loroupe

Who is Tegla Loroupe?

As we all know, Kenya and Ethiopia are home to the world’s top runners. Tegla Loroupe, one of Kenya’s wealthiest female athletes, is included here, with an estimated net worth of $1.3 million.

Tegla was born on May 9, 1973, in Ukapsait village, Lelan division, West Pokot District.

She also belongs to the Nilotic ethnic group.

Loroupe has had a great deal of success throughout her career.

She had to work very hard to get to where she is today, especially coming from a family where women are not appreciated.

Furthermore, with popularity comes controversies, and Tegla was no exception.

Tegla Loroupe Salary and Endorsement

Tegla Loroupe, a young Kenyan athlete, has a net worth of 190 million Kshs, or $1.4 million, as of 2022.

Furthermore, Tegla does not have many brand deals or endorsements.

So the majority of this money comes from her sports career.

Salary and Earnings:

Tegla, as expected, lives a lavish lifestyle and has amassed a sizable fortune throughout her profession.

She would not be able to live a happy life if she did not face discrimination as a result of her childhood trauma.

Similarly, Tegla consumes less junk and processed food, so everything she consumes is fresh.

There is no such thing as a cheat meal or a day off in Tegla’s vocabulary.

Loroupe also works out every day, runs kilometers, and naps.

All of this comes naturally to her as an athlete.


Tegla is not just a wonderful athlete, but also a good person.

Through humanitarian activities, the Kenyan-born has assisted many individuals in need.

Aside from being a United Nations sports ambassador, Loroupe is also the founder of the “Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation,” which tries to foster peace via sport in order to maintain unity between tribes.

Tegla also received the Kenyan Sports Personality of the Year and the Community Hero award in 2007.

She was then designated the Oxfam Ambassador for Sport and Peace in Darfur.

True to her personality, she works tirelessly for those who are marginalized in society.

Tegla also works to enhance women’s conditions and persuade people of the need for women’s empowerment.

Diet and Exercise

Despite her retirement, Loroupe’s training was convenient, unlike that of other athletes, and her diet consisted of fruits and vegetables.

Similarly, rather than indulging in protein smoothies, this World Half Marathon Champion chooses to drink two liters of sugary tea.

Tegla, on the other hand, does not emphasize intensive training and workout styles; rather, the Kenyan athlete focuses on stamina and running.

A Look Into Tegla Loroupe’s Life

It was difficult to talk about Loroupe’s childhood.

Furthermore, she grew up with twenty-four siblings, and her family’s financial situation was poor.

Furthermore, her father had four spouses, making it difficult for her to manage.

Tegla was also constantly termed useless by her father, which demotivated her.

Tegla’s father believed Tegla could only babysit and had no aptitude to do anything else.

Tegla, on the other hand, proved him incorrect by reaching the pinnacle of success.

Tegla Loroupe
Tegla Loroupe Source: Inside The Games

Tegla had to start working on field rare castles from a young age and walk for hours to get to school because it was 10 kilometers away from her house.

During this period, and all of the rushing to get to school on time, she realized her true potential.

Similarly, she used to compete in school racing events.

However, other than her mother, no one backed her at the time.

Even the Kenyan Athletics Federation first refused to assist her because she was a girl, as well as being too little and underweight.

Regardless, Tegla won the famed cross-country barefoot race in 1989, proving everyone wrong.

The first item she purchased for herself was a pair of sneakers.

She hasn’t looked back since; she’s been making record after record since then.

As the number of records climbed, so did the number of people who wished her luck.

Tegla Loroupe’s Achievements

Six-time World Half Marathon Championship gold medallist

Two world championship bronze medals

In the New York City Marathon, she won two gold medals.

Berlin Marathon winner in 1991

2016 United Nations Person of the Year

Some fascinating Facts

Tegla used to chase after her siblings and sisters, and she even ran to school, which helped her stamina.

Tegla was dubbed “the quickest lady on the planet” in the 1990s.

Tegla Loroupe’s net worth is primarily derived from her running career.

Tegla won her first race after racing for 2 hours, 27 minutes, and 30 seconds.

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Presence on Social Media

Tegla has a social media account, although she rarely uses it.

However, we occasionally see her posting weird things.