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Who is Jessica Elway? Her age, parents, life and career

  • Jessica Elway, sometimes known as Jessie, is the daughter of ex-NFL star John Elway
  • Jessica Elway Plays Basketball
  • Jessie went to Stanford University

Jessica Elway, sometimes known as Jessie, is the daughter of ex-NFL star John Elway and his ex-wife, Janet Elway. Jessica Elway’s father, John, is a football icon. For the Denver Broncos, he was a standout quarterback.

Janet, her mother, was a great swimmer in college as well. Jessica’s parents did not leave any stone unturned when it came to parenting their daughter.

The apple does not fall far from the tree, as the proverb goes. Jessica is also a sportsperson.

She enjoys basketball and began playing while she was in high school. She now competes in higher-level leagues with higher stakes.

Bio of Jessica Elway

Jessica Elway is well known as the daughter of great NFL players John Elway and Janet Elway.

She was born in Englewood, Colorado in October 1985. She is the family’s eldest daughter.

Jessica Elway has a brother named Jack Elway (born in August 1989).

Jordan Elway (born in June 1987) and Juliana Elway are her sisters (born in March 1991).

She is an American citizen of white ethnic origin. Jessica is 5 feet 10 inches tall. Her hair is also blond.

Janet, her mother, was a dedicated parent.

She desired for her children to live normal lives.

However, considering their father’s legendary stature, it was extremely difficult.

Nonetheless, Janet did not leave any stone untouched.

She reportedly dropped them off at school, picked them up after school, and attended all of their school games.

All of the children, including Jessica, were reared in a caring and nurturing home.

Jessica Elway Plays Basketball.

Jessica is the epitome of a chip off the old block.

She, like her parents, is an athlete.

She is a basketball player who began her career in high school.

Jessica was a member of the Cherry Creek High School basketball squad (Colorado).

In her younger years, she was also interested in soccer.

However, she later decided that basketball was her favorite sport.

Jessica was an excellent basketball player.

In 2004, she guided her team to the finals of the 5A Colorado Tournament.

Jessica Elway
Jessica Elway Playing basketball. Source: Shutterstock

It was a watershed moment for Jessie.

She captained Cherry Creek High School’s Women’s Basketball team for three years in a row.

She also has a four-year letter record.

Elway participated in the Adidas All-American Camp and the All-Colorado All-Star Game.

She received the Deep South Classic Tournament MVP award after scoring a personal best 31 points in the finals.

She also finished her senior year with 10.1 points and 5.1 rebounds per game.

Jessie went to Stanford University

She attended Stanford University, following in her parents’ footsteps.

During her time at Stanford, she joined the basketball team.

In her profile sheet, they described her as a “highly competitive, good fundamental player with a very bright future ahead.”

According to reports, her coach was quite pleased of her. However, she left the basketball team after her sophomore year.

We don’t know what motivated her decision to leave the team.

However, it is safe to conclude that she wanted to focus on her academic career because she was considering a future career in teaching and coaching.

Who Is Jessica Elway’s Husband? She Married In A Traditional Mexican Wedding

In 2016, Jessica married a man named Jimmy.

Jimmy is a medical resident who currently resides in New York.

They chose not to reveal how they met or any other information about their relationship.

However, based on the stunning wedding images we viewed, we can confidently conclude that they are madly in love with each other.

They exchanged vows in the stunning setting of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The bride and groom choose a traditional Mexican wedding.

Meanwhile, they only invited close relatives and family members to the wedding.

Net Worth of Jessica Elway

Jessica Elway’s net worth has not been reported.

However, because she is only beginning out in her work, she will start earning money shortly.

We are very certain that it will be sufficient.

She lives a lavish lifestyle with her family members, although she is not overly excessive, as is common with most celebrity children.

She lives a rather low-key existence and is rarely seen in public.

Her father, John Elway, is extremely wealthy.

He has a net worth of $145 million.

Meanwhile, her mother, Janet Elway, is a well-known philanthropist who contributes significantly to children’s charities.

Jessica Elway Bestowed a Hall of Fame Award to her father

Jessica is the only daughter in NFL history to present a Hall of Fame honor to her father.

In Canton, Ohio, she introduced her father, John Elway, as a Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee.

John must be ecstatic about his daughter.

Receiving the trophy from his own daughter must have added to the significance of the occasion for the renowned quarterback.

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Is Jessica on any social media platforms?

Jessica is not on any social media platforms.

She does not use any of the main social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

She lives a pretty low-key existence.

Her father, John Elway, on the other hand, is quite active on Twitter and Instagram.

On Instagram, he frequently posts photos of his children and family.