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Who Is August Miklos Friedrich Hermann? Son Of Mariska Hargitay

August Miklos Friedrich Hermann
  • August Miklos Friedrich Hermann is a famous child.
  • His parents are well-known performers.
  • Mariska’s net worth is reported to be

Who Is August Miklos Friedrich Hermann?

August Miklos Friedrich Hermann is a famous child. Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann are his parents. His parents are well-known performers. He was given the surname of his father’s family and his paternal grandfather. His birthday is June 28th.

Andrew Nicolas Hargitay Hermann and Amaya Josephine Hermann are his two siblings.

Married Life of Parents

August’s parents are eighteen years married.

After three years of courtship, they exchanged wedding vows in 2004.

Theirs is one of Hollywood’s most successful marriages.

The couple has a strong bond.

They are the parents of three children.

Amaya and Andrew are their adopted children, while August is their biological son.

They are a family of five.

Mariska and Peter always envisioned a huge family, and suddenly they got one.

They are embracing their parenthood. Peter is her strongest support system.

Mariska, how did she meet her husband?

In 2002, they met on the set of Law and Order: SVU.

She played Lieutenant Olivia Benson in the show, and Peter appeared as defense attorney Trevor Langan as a guest star.

They quickly became friends and began dating.

Hargitay was so convinced that he was the right person for her that she burst into tears in the middle of their date.

She was overjoyed to have found the love of her life and the man of her dreams.

She called her friend after the date and told her that she would marry Peter

since he was the one with whom she could spend the rest of her life and raise a family.

August Miklos Friedrich Hermann
Friedrich Hermann with his father, mother and sibling source: BFA.COM


August was born in 2006, and he is now 15 years old.

Monetary value

Mariska’s net worth is reported to be in the $100 million range.

She has amassed her large net worth through her acting profession, particularly through her role on Law & Order.

She charged roughly $450,000 every episode of Law and Order, according to the report.

In 2018, she was the second-highest-paid actress.

Mariska Discusses Her Audition Experience

Mariska had a one-of-a-kind audition for Law and Order.

They had chemistry when she met Christopher Meloni.

She wasn’t nervous at all during the audition.

When she met Christopher, she even replicated the audition day.

When Christopher opened the audition room door, they were both overjoyed and hugged each other, and she called him as Slattery.

She had heard that John Slattery was auditioning for the job, and she was anxious to meet him in person; as Meloni walked in, she yelled, “Slattery!”

Finally, she stated that she and Slattery would have made an excellent team.

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Hargitay Is Proud To Be A Part Of The World’s Longest-Running Show

She felt grateful to be a part of television’s longest-running show.

Mariska was quite happy since she was having more fun.

She adores her cast and considers them to be family.

The most fulfilling aspect of the show was that it was about believing victims.

She was ecstatic that her program and character had encouraged a young girl to study psychology and work against sexual assault and crime.

She thought she had the best job and was extremely satisfied.

Mariska adored her character and what she stood for.

Because the program had been running for so long,

she had the opportunity to work with several amazing actors, including her husband.