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All you want to know about Dana Chehab, Bio, Net Worth, Height, Family

Dana Chehab 
  • Dana Chehab is a Lebanese social media influencer.
  • She is also regularly seen with her nephew, @abed.kaisi.
  • Her TikTok videos aided her rise to fame.

Who is Dana Chehab?

Dana Chehab is a social media sensation from Lebanon best known for her TikTok channel of the same name. Dana Chehab’s lip-syncs, dubs, and duets with other TikTok creators have contributed to her 600,000 fans following.

Chehab, how old is she?

Dana Chehab is an 18-year-old lady.

She was born in Lebanon on August 15, 2002.

Her horoscope shows she was born under the sign of Leo.

She also has a strong bond with her family and friends.

On her Instagram pages, she routinely publishes images of them.

Her mother’s name is Hanadi Chehab, and her father’s name is Marwan Chebab.

She has three siblings: an older brother, Mohamad Shehab, and two older sisters, Maya Shehab and Aya Shebab.

She is also regularly seen with her nephew, @abed.kaisi.

Moving on to her educational history, she recently shared a vlog as well as photographs of her upcoming graduation day on July 6, 2020.

She looks to have completed high school, although she hasn’t stated the names of her schools.

She is also of Lebanese nationality.

More facts about Dana Chehab

Full Name: Dana Chehab
Age: 19 years
Birthday: 15 Aug
Birthplace: N/A
Nationality: Lebanese
Gender: Female
Horoscope: Leo
Status: single
Net Worth: $100k
Height: N/A
Profession: Tiktok star
Sibling: (Three)Mohamad Shehab, Maya Shehab, Aya Chehab

How much money does Dana Chehab make?

Dana Chehab, a bright teenage TikTok star, may have made a nice career off her social media presence.

She has a large social media following and is well-known.

She has not, however, made her earnings public.

Some web sources, however, estimate it to be in the $100,000 area.

She also profits from her goods and other promotional activities.

Dana Chehab’s Boyfriend:

According to her relationship status, Dana Chehab is most likely single.

She has not yet divulged anything about her personal life.

Her male acquaintances, on the other hand, were routinely featured on her social media pages.

Her social media posts show that she is very close to her girls and family.

She has a wonderful demeanor that has certainly drawn a lot of people to her.

She is also busy with her social media notoriety and her schoolwork at the moment.

In the following years, she may introduce her lover to her social media profiles.

She has also managed to keep a nice public image.

Chehab’s height

Dana Chehab, 18 years old, is beautiful and pleasant.

Her height is average, which is adequate for her body weight.

Her eyes are light brown, and her hair is brown.

She is constantly experimenting with new hair colors.

She hasn’t even disclosed her exact height, weight, or body measurements.

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Dana Chehab’s professional background

Dana Chehab is a Lebanese social media influencer.

Her TikTok videos aided her rise to fame.

Similarly, she established her TikTok channel in October 2018.

She works on lip-syncs, dubs, and duets with other TikTok developers.

This has resulted in her amassing a fan base of 600,000 individuals.

Dana Chehab 
Dana Chehab photo source: Biography Gist

So far, she has received over 25.5 million likes.

She has a TikTok account that has been authenticated as well.

She has also worked with @janejabr, @noahbeck, @chadimachmouchi_, and other TikTok stars on videos.

Dana adores creating these types of videos.

Similarly, in her TikTok videos, she reacts to specific comments.

This appears to be an intriguing topic.

She began her self-titled YouTube account on April 30, 2017.

Similarly, she began submitting videos to her channel on September 6, 2018.

She uploads a YouTube video, which is unusual for her.

Her first YouTube video, “Meet and greet at ABC Verdun Mall FT. Pamela Kawas || Dana Chehab,” is now available.

In the video below, she shows off her meet-and-greet with a fan.

She had a fantastic night and shared her joy with the audience.

She is also very active on Instagram, where she has a large following.

On July 15, 2016, she posted her first Instagram post.

In the video below, she includes a video of her older brother playing in the snow.

Since then, she has been maintaining her Instagram account.

She presently has over 58.8k Instagram followers. She has already written 100 posts.