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Where is Gayle Godfrey, Billy Blanks’ ex-wife? Relationship & Career

Gayle Godfrey
  • Godfrey was born on May 13, 1960.
  • She even received a son from her previous relationship.
  • Gayle Godfrey was formerly married to martial artist, actor, and fitness expert Billy Blanks.
  • The pair married on June 28, 1974, and they appear to have had a long and happy marriage.

Gayle Godfrey is a businesswoman and film producer best known as the ex-wife of American martial artist Billy Blanks. Gayle Godfrey rose to prominence mostly after marrying her husband Billy. She even received a son from her previous relationship.

Gayle Godfrey was born in the United States of America

Gayle Godfrey, Billy Blanks’ ex-wife, was born Gayle H. Godfrey was born on May 13, 1960.

She grew raised in Calabasas, California, in a fairly typical household.

Godfrey has two sisters, Nadene Godfrey and Tori Johnson.

Well, both of them are married and have lovely lives.

Though her father and mother’s names have not been released, she is said to have a close relationship with her in-laws, uncle Clarence Vincent, and brother-in-law, Ramel Vincent.

Godfrey, Gayle Her profession is a film production and investment

Few people are aware that she is a successful executive producer who also invests in real estate.

She has been the co-owner and executive producer of Yor Kie Designs and Split Point, Inc.

since July 2016. She also works as the Executive Producer at MoveTube.

She has also produced a few films and short films, including the 2017 short film Steak or Ramen and the TV series Praise the Lord (1973).

Gayle was the co-owner of BG Star Productions, Inc. before joining Split Point.

From February 1992 through July 2017, he worked for the firm. There, she collaborated with her ex-husband Billy Blanks.

Similarly, she was the secretary of The Billy Blank Foundation in 1999.

The Greater Los Angeles Area and the Erie, Pennsylvania Area were the primary markets for the firm.

She has been there for around 11 years, till 2010.

She was married to Billy Blanks, a martial artist

Gayle Godfrey was formerly married to martial artist, actor, and fitness expert Billy Blanks.

The pair married on June 28, 1974, and they appear to have had a long and happy marriage.

They met by chance during a karate lesson. Their encounter quickly turned into a love affair and, finally, a marriage.

Their wedding was allegedly a low-key ceremony to which few guests were invited.

Even though they had a solid relationship at first, their marriage ended after 33 years.

Gayle filed for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court on September 25, 2007.

They divorced due to irreconcilable disagreements.

Billy has been married to Tomoko Blanks since 2009, following their divorce.

She is a fitness teacher and a former doTERRA Essential Oils Advocate. USA


Godfrey is the mother of two children from her marriage to her ex-husband Billy.

Shellie Blanks Cimarosti, born in 1973, was adopted by the couple shortly after their marriage.

Shellie, like her father, is now a successful marital artist. She has even appeared in several Tae Bo videos.

Gayle also has a son with her ex-husband, Billy Blanks, Jr. He is a well-known dancer, singer, and fitness coach.

He gets along well with both of her parents.

On July 13, 2017, he posted a lovely snapshot of her mother, wishing her a happy Mother’s Day.

After her divorce, Gayle married her second husband, Ramon Vincent

Gayle married Ramon Vincent for the second time shortly after her divorce from her first husband.

On July 1, 2018, the pair married. Gayle Gigi Vincent has been her Facebook handle since her wedding to Ramon.

They have been married for almost two years and continue to have a wonderful relationship.

 Gayle Godfrey
Gayle Godfrey and her ex-husband. Source: celebsfocus

The pair frequently shares images of one another on social media, which reflects their love for one another.

Terms her husband, he has been the co-owner and CEO of Split Point, Inc since February 2016.

Since January 2015, he has also been the creator of Our Future First.

Similarly, he is a skilled photographer, cinematographer, and editor.

Before establishing Split Point, he worked as a Freelance New Media Editor and Professional Photographer at FFTV1.

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What Is Gayle Godfrey’s Net Worth?

Gayle has had a successful career in film production and real estate investing.

That gives us confidence that she is well compensated.

Furthermore, despite she has not disclosed it, it appears that she earned a substantial sum from her divorce settlement with her ex-spouse.

However, there are no specific data available for her salary and net worth.

Her previous husband Billy Blanks, on the other hand, has a net worth of $20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.