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Jack Dylan Grazer Dating All About His Girlfriend & Relationship

  • Jack Dylan Grazer rose to notoriety as a result of his work in the hit film It.
  • Actor Jack Dylan is reportedly dating an Instagram influencer.
  • The actor is dressed in a dark brown suit, while Emmy is dressed in a pink gown.
  • Jack and Ellie attended the same high school, which is where they met.

Jack Dylan Grazer rose to notoriety as a result of his work in the hit film It.

Since his appearance in the film, his female fans have been wondering about his relationship status.

Previously, Jack had a disastrous affair in which his partner cheated on him.

In 2021, who is Jack Dylan Grazer dating? Relationship Situation

Actor Jack Dylan is reportedly dating Instagram influencer Cylia Chasman as of September 2020.

Although none of them has spoken publicly about their possible relationship, various online tabloids have reported that Jack and Chasman have been dating for some time.

Jack and Cylia were linked in January 2020 after he shared a selfie tagging Dua Lipa and Cylia, implying that he has his sights set on the IDGAF singer and Celia.

Months later, in August 2020, Jack posted a photo on Instagram with his reported girlfriend, Cylia.

The photo showed Jack and her embracing while she grinned.

zack titled his post, “Manks In The Pulp.”

Cylia Chasman, Dylan Grazer’s girlfriend

Cylia Chasman, Jack’s girlfriend, is a budding social media celebrity with approximately 100k Instagram followers.

She documents her daily life on the platform and has quickly climbed to the status of social media influencer.

Despite being a well-known social media personality, Chasman has made her Instagram account private.

Chasman began sharing images from her national and international adventures, including her trip to Paris, in August 2019.

Cylia Chasman is 15 years old in 2021 and will turn 16 on October 14th.

Shana is Cylia’s younger sister.

Relationship Between Jack Grazer and Emmy Perry

According to speculations, Jack is currently dating actress Emmy Perry.

Rumors about their affair spread after Jack posted a photo of himself with the actress on his Instagram account.

Emmy Perry and Jack Dylan Grazer

According to rumors, Jack is seeing Emmy Perry, whom he refers to as his Bff.

Instagram account of Jack Grazer

The couple can be seen holding hands while taking photos in the post.

Jack Dylan Grazer
Jack Dylan Grazer Source: American Studio

The actor is dressed in a dark brown suit, while Emmy is dressed in a pink gown.

The fact that Jack tagged the prominent celebrity couple Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid on top of their images only added fuel to the fire.

Jack and Emmy Perry exchanged sweet messages on Instagram

Emmy also posted the photos to her Instagram account with the comment, “Never, ever change.”


Emmy, on the other hand, quoted “LOVE YOU” in Jack’s message.

Fans have been shipping the lovely couple, indicating that this is more than just a friendship.

It is still unclear what the nature of their relationship is.

Many followers even commented on their posts that they are best buddies rather than a relationship.

Dylan Jack’s Previous Relationship With Ellie Hiya

The actor may not be dating anyone right now, but he was previously in a verified lovey-dovey relationship.

He dated social media personality Ellie Hiyar in 2017.

Ellie Hiyor and Jack Dylan Grazer

Jack and Ellie attended the same high school, which is where they met.

The pair used to share a lot of images, and they became true relationship goals for many people at one point.

However, things quickly turned sour when it was revealed that Ellie had cheated on her partner.

Ellie, did you cheat on Jack Dylan?

After dating for over a year, Jack and Ellie called it quits in April 2018, and the #Jellie was no more.

There are now several conspiracy theories regarding their separation, the most famous of which appears to be cheating.

Ellie allegedly cheated on Jack with his friend, Finn Wolfhard.

Ellie apparently texted Finn and told him she finds him handsome and charming.

And then it all began! Fans began calling Ellie out for her infidelity, despite her claims that she was not straying.

Regardless, the duo called it quits and parted ways, although they remain good friends.

Is Natalie Jauregui’s claim that Jack cheated on her true?

Around the same time Ellie’s cheating rumor surfaced, Jack’s friend Natalie Jauregui came forward and said he cheated on her with Ellie.

When Jack learned of Natalie’s allegations, he responded with a video in which he defended himself.

He mentioned in the video that he had never met Natalie, also known as Talia.

They had met on Snapchat, but never in person, he claimed.

Furthermore, he said that his parents encouraged him not to date her because both of them were relatively young at the time.

Natalie seemed to have been envious of Jack’s lovey-dovey with Ellie.

In the end, she was exposed as a liar, and people rallied to her defense.

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Blake Yeager, social media family’s youngest member relationship?

Finn Wolfhard and Jack Dylan Grazer Discuss Gay Rumors

Since his appearance in the film It, a tiny group of fans has begun to inquire about his relationship with his co-star Finn Wolfhard.

People even developed fan fiction about Jack and Finn as a pair and made videos on gay love.

The actor was only 14 at the time, and fans even lashed out at those who sexualized the two stars.

The bulk of It fans condemned the awful behavior.

Later, Jack took matters into his own hands and chastised supporters who circulated speculations about his sexuality.

He posted a lengthy note beneath a YouTube video, effectively shutting down all the nonsense.

Nonetheless, Jack’s admirers never suspected him of being gay, and his relationships with a couple of industry girls have already spoken for him.