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Who is Valkyrae?

Rachell Hofstetter, often known as Valkyrae on the internet, is one of the world’s most famous female streaming personalities today. Valkyrae rose to notoriety through her Twitch live streaming while attending community college and working at GameStop.

She was well-known for Twitch broadcasting a wide range of games, including Fortnite, League of Legends, and other role-playing games.

She quickly gained a big following as a full-time video gaming streamer.

She also began uploading content from her YouTube streams, which allowed her to engage with additional people.

Joining 100 Thieves and a YouTube Exclusive Deal

Valkyrae rose to prominence as one of the most prolific Fortnite players, becoming an internet star in the process.

She became the Esports group 100 Thieves’ first female content developer on October 22, 2018.

She joined the household, along with Nadeshot and CouRage.

She did, however, decide to depart the organization’s LA content house in February 2020, citing that she wanted to separate her business life from her personal life.

Valkyrae getting surprised on her birthday Source: TalkEsport

Valkyrae parted relations with Twitch on January 13, 2020, and acquired an exclusive arrangement to stream on YouTube.

Tune in to one of her broadcasts to see her demonstrate her prowess in the incredibly popular social deduction game, Among Us.

Her YouTube channel has seen enormous growth and engagement since she began hosting Among Us-themed content and videos.

She has appeared in cooperation streams with well-known gaming influencers such as PewDiePie, Disguised Toast, and Pokimane.

Aside from her YouTube streams, she also posts personal vlogs.

Regardless of how popular her YouTube channel has become, all journeys must come to an end.

Her time with the red platform will conclude on January 15, 2022, when her exclusive contract expires.

Valkyrae estimated net worth in 2021

As Looper pointed out, other sources give conflicting answers about Valkyrae’s net worth, ranging from $178k to $5 million.

Valkyrae investigates her net worth on Google in a YouTube video and discovers a source who claims her projected net worth as of March 2020 is $1.5 million.

Valkyrae’s car Source: Twitter

Despite her refusal to speak on the figures, she goes on to state that she earns enough to continue fully supporting her mother, contributing money, and living nicely.

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How to get in touch with Valkyrae in 2021

Valkyrae can be reached through the following channels:

Inquiries about business: [email protected]

@Valkyrae on Twitter

@valkyrae on Instagram