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Tommy Caldwell

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top 44 quotes by Tommy Caldwell

Tommy Caldwell, an American rock climber, is known for big-wall climbing, big-wall free climbing, conventional hard climbing, and sport climbing. In the beginning, Yosemite National Park saw the creation of his free ascents of a number of EI Caption routes.

Additionally, at the Colorado Fortress of Solitude, Kryptonite and Flex Luther, two of the US’s toughest sports routes, were first climbed by him.

After witnessing his achievement, National Geographic believes Tommy Caldwell to be the world’s top climber overall.

“I love to dream large and look for opportunities to be a little bit of an explorer.

Everything appears to be cushioned and comes with caution labels these days. Theodore Caldwell

I often feel as though I am viewing life through a pair of binoculars, focusing on some things while ignoring others. Theodore Caldwell

“When I was very young, my family and I used to hike up Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks.

You know, when I was in my early teens, my friends and I traveled to Bolivia and scaled some of the Alps’ tallest peaks.

You know, those events were so thrilling that I was actually pretty bored when I returned to school. Theodore Caldwell

“Climbing in the clouds can be soothing in certain respects. How far off the ground you are is no longer visible. Theodore Caldwell

“Like I crave food and water, I crave time in Yosemite. “Theodore Caldwell

“At the age of two and a half, my dad and I were in a snow hole in a mountainous area during a blizzard.

My father had the notion that “prepare the kid for the road, not the road for the kid.”

I’m not sure what he saw in me because I was a geeky kid. Theodore Caldwell

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“Stand at the bottom and stare up at 3,000 feet of nothing.

Simply said, it seems impossible to climb. You look for that as a climber.

Find anything that seems ridiculous and learn how to do it. Theodore Caldwell

Switzerland has become one of my favorite climbing destinations after only a few trips there. Theodore Caldwell

I’ve always been quite interested in the boundaries of human potential. Theodore Caldwell

“I was a clumsy child with poor hand-eye coordination growing up.

However, I felt as though I had stumbled upon a universe where I flourished here on El Cap.

Being on such high, rocky walls required the correct combination of my inherent climbing abilities, pain endurance, and sheer stubbornness. Theodore Caldwell

“As I gain experience, I really enjoy the thought of climbing large mountains.

But the issue is that it’s becoming riskier, especially with alpine climbing. Theodore Caldwell

Tommy Caldwell
Tommy Caldwell rock climber Source: National Geographic

You can obtain superb Internet service on El Cap, which is one of the reasons the Dawn Wall climb became so well-known.

We brought our phones because it has some of Yosemite’s greatest Internet access. Theodore Caldwell

“I enjoy the way it makes me live. I have a very clear goal that I’m working toward constantly. “Theodore Caldwell

“I’ve learned to set goals and work toward them through climbing. Simply said, that’s how I prefer to live. Theodore Caldwell

“I’m driven internally, “Theodore Caldwell

“I love to dream large and I love to find ways to be a little bit of an explorer,” the speaker said. Theodore Caldwell

“El Capitan is the world’s windiest, coldest, and driest climate. I reapply lotion to my hands when I get up twice at night.

To keep our fingertips nice, we sand them. Theodore Caldwell

The world we live in contains some very harmful things. BASE jumping in wingsuits is the absolute pinnacle of that.

Large alpine climbing goals may be just below that. I’ve lost approximately 20 pals that were quite close to me.

About 18 of them, I would estimate, were caused by snow. Theodore Caldwell

“I’m skilled at justifying the types of climbing I prefer to do. I truly make an effort to choose experiences that I can handle.

I’m relatively cautious and I don’t want to die. I frequently experiment with that line.

I desire experiences that are so thrilling they nearly have a mystical quality. Theodore Caldwell

I essentially dropped out of high school. Even though I graduated, I wasn’t even present for my own ceremony. Theodore Caldwell

People choose goals they can accomplish with their strengths at that time when they reach a certain strength level in rock climbing. Theodore Caldwell

“I’m in Switzerland at the Wendenstock, a climbing location.

I have seen some of the best multi-pitch limestone climbing in this region.

On one of the steepest grass hills I have ever seen, the approach takes nearly two hours.

The location is fantastic. Theodore Caldwell

I spend roughly eight months a year climbing and traveling. That alone is some really excellent instruction.

When I’m at home, I spend a lot of time bouldering, doing gym climbing, and doing specialized strength training. Theodore Caldwell

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“My wife always claims that the only place in life where I function well is up on a big wall. “Theodore Caldwell

“I usually choose goals that I feel are safe to pursue since I am aware that when the opportunity arises, I always take it.

But I do have certain guidelines for myself: Find the rock faces that don’t have a lot of loose stones.

Any glacier where there is even a remote possibility of falling into a crevasse requires roping up absolutely no free soloing.

Never climb on glaciers that are dangling. Theodore Caldwell

“The Fitz Traverse and the Dawn Wall were incredibly enjoyable climbs.

However, I will never stop looking for the next challenge because my identity is linked with the drive to explore and achieve. Theodore Caldwell

“I have always followed my motivation, and that has worked out nicely for me.

I feel tremendously fortunate to have a life that climbing has helped to create and taught me how to flourish in. Theodore Caldwell

“One benefit of indoor training is that you can create holds that are more comfortable for your skin, allowing you to exercise longer before your fingers get sore.

Climbing inside allows you to become stronger more quickly. Theodore Caldwell

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Every ascent is unique. My fingertips would become so dry and aggressive from the Dawn Wall that they would start to shatter.

I, therefore, had to add as much moisture as I could. Theodore Caldwell

Despite not feeling like work, “I feel incredibly lucky to be able to call my pastime my job. “Theodore Caldwell

I adore the concept of mastery. Theodore Caldwell

Yosemite “became the center of my universe at a young age. Since I was a young child, I have visited every summer.

I adore everything about that location, including the history, gorgeous rocks, and waterfalls. Theodore Caldwell’s

I’ve climbed all over the world, but I’ve only done it once in the United Kingdom, at Stanger Edge in the Peak District. Theodore Caldwell

“You can immerse yourself in climbing more fully if you don’t have to worry about socializing because you don’t like it.”Theodore Caldwell

I don’t journal that frequently, to be honest. Theodore Caldwell

Since I’ve spent my entire life climbing, I am familiar with many of the sensations and scents; these memories are still rather clear in my mind. Theodore Caldwell