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Top 27 Alonzo Mourning Quotes

Alonzo Mourning

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The Best 27 Alonzo Mourning Quotes

Alonzo Mourning is a well-known American basketball executive and former Miami Heat player. Alonzo Mourning has already spent 15 years in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He has been the Heat’s Vice President of Player Programs and Development since June 2009.

He played for the Charlotte Hornets and the New Jersey Nets during his basketball career.

Alonzo Mourning was inducted into the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame in 2010 and the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2014.

He is, nevertheless, admitted into the FIBA Hall of Fame in 2019.

This basketball legend said the following 27 quotes, which are listed below. You could incorporate some of those into your life.

“Tough times pass, but tough people endure.” And I’ve been through some difficult periods, and I know a lot of people can recollect or are currently experiencing difficult times, but they don’t last.” Mourning, Alonzo

“I had to cultivate the mindset and remain optimistic about making a comeback.”Mourning, Alonzo

“I’m disappointed because I still feel like there’s an emptiness in my career that wasn’t filled.” Mourning, Alonzo

“I believe there is a blessing in every lesson, and there have been so many blessings from all the lessons I’ve had to go through in life.”Mourning, Alonzo

“I believe that each of us has a responsibility to one another as individuals.”

Nobody would be here if it weren’t for the support of others – whether it was guardians, instructors, parents, relatives, or others – someone contributed to your well-being as a person. We’re all connected in a variety of ways.” Mourning, Alonzo

“I understand that all good things must come to an end, and I’ve had a fantastic ride.” “I just want to end on a high note.” Mourning, Alonzo

“My greatest issue once my doctor started treating my renal illness was the continual tiredness.”

Fortunately, my doctor explained that anemia was the source of my weariness and that patients with significant conditions, such as kidney disease, may be predisposed to anemia.” Mourning, Alonzo

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“I’ve demonstrated that I can still play this game at a high level.” I long to be at home.

I want to be near my family. I want to stay near to my foundation and my business.” Mourning, Alonzo

“I’m worried about Alonzo Mourning, because a year or two ago, Alonzo Mourning might not be standing here talking to you.

That is the harsh fact.” Mourning, Alonzo

“So many people believe that once you reach a certain age, it’s appropriate to quit a sport you enjoy.

That does not seem to be the case. I believe that age should not be a factor.” Mourning, Alonzo

“I listen to myself, my body, and my mind; I follow my heart.”Mourning, Alonzo

“If we all made a concerted effort to enhance the lives of others, the world would be a better place to live.”Mourning, Alonzo

“No one else on the planet is playing a sport at the highest level… with a transplant.”

Alonzo Mourning
Alonzo Mourning playing basketball Source: Raptors HQ

That alone continues to inspire me because I see the difficulties that people face all across the world.

“I need to influence them in whichever manner I can.” Mourning, Alonzo

“My health is my first priority, and my longevity is my primary concern.”Mourning, Alonzo

“I hope to live for another 50 years.” My age is 33… I want to live to be at least 80 years old and see my children and grandchildren grow up.

That is really essential to me.” Mourning, Alonzo

“I was in pain. I was suffering from some problems. It’s not like I was stalling.” Mourning, Alonzo

“When the new owners took over, they made several moves that I didn’t agree with.”

And when they modified the whole thing, I simply lost interest.” Mourning, Alonzo

“I’m getting to the point in my life when the basketball chapter in my life is progressively closing in terms of competition.”Mourning, Alonzo

“I have to make certain judgments, just like any other player who has ever played this game, because the time, their basketball clock, eventually stops.”Mourning, Alonzo

“I had people in my life that helped me make good judgments because it wasn’t about them taking freebies.”

It was all about them making the best choices for me.” Mourning, Alonzo

“I don’t think we have a kid problem in America.”

When you consider all of the challenges that these children face, you realize that we have an adult problem.

We have individuals that do not prioritize our children receiving a good education.” Mourning, Alonzo

“I would not have won a world title if I had listened to individuals in 2000 who told me I should stop playing basketball because I had a renal disease.”Mourning, Alonzo

“You can play a certain sport as long as you take good care of your body and you’re confident enough and yet hungry enough to want to be a part of an organization, a group of people where you believe you can contribute to the success of that team.”Mourning, Alonzo

“I have an extraordinary amount of basketball knowledge, and I believe that a lot of that stems from having a Hall of Fame college basketball coach who was very knowledgeable of the game, as well as a terrific high school coach who was also very informed.”Mourning, Alonzo

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Alonzo Mourning Quotes #26 of 27

“We’ve got babies rearing babies, and it’s up to us as responsible adults to go out and do what we can to steer our kids in the proper direction.”Mourning, Alonzo