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Top 10 Funniest Moments in History of Cricket

Top 10 Funniest Cricket Moments in History

Cricket, the gentleman’s game, is a serious sport with some of the funniest moments. There have been several laugh-out-loud moments in cricket history that have helped to lighten the tone of the game. The game has become far more competitive.

The longer format, Test cricket, requires players to play a single match over five days.

As a result, gamers occasionally participate in enjoyable activities.

These belly laughs are delightful for both the participants and the audience.

But, of course, a little fun never hurt anyone. After all, everyone enjoys a good belly laugh.

So, these top ten funniest moments in cricket history bring a smile to the faces of cricket fans.

Top 10 Funniest Cricket Moments in History

We’ll cover everything from slipping trousers to comical runouts and crazed supporters in this post.

So, without further ado, here are the top ten most amusing moments in cricket history.

Incident Player/Team
Falling Over the Wicket Injaman-Ul-Haq
White Indian Player Jarvo
Warning to Batsman Chris Gayle
Batting Antics Steve Smith
Missed Run Out S Badrinath
Celebration Jason Gillespie
Underarm Ball Glen McGrath
Misfield Abdul Razzaq
Crowd Imitating Player Ronnie Irani
Trousers Slipping Neil Mckenzie

10. Injaman-Ul-Haq Reacted

Despite being one of the greatest batsmen of all time, Inzamam-ul-Haq has been involved in some of cricket’s funniest moments.

He struggled to run between the wickets due to his weight.

The gold medal for the funniest runout occasion was awarded during a Test match against England.

He was out in the test match by tumbling over the stumps.

There have been occurrences of the struck wicket in cricket, where the batsman’s bat accidentally strikes the stumps.

However, this is an uncommon instance of a batsman smashing down the stumps. It’s the easiest wicket to bowl on.

9. Jarvo becomes India’s first white player

During the India vs. England Test match, something humorous occurred.

While tensions between India and England were rising, Jarvo’s arrival relieved some of the pressure.

Jarvo (Daniel Jarvis) approached the field disguised as an Indian player during the warmup.

He attempted to socialize with the Indian players.

When security attempted to detain him, he pointed to his T-shirt and claimed to be a member of the Indian squad.

Of course, the security guards were skeptical. He insisted, though, that he was a member of the Indian team.

He instantly became an internet sensation. Jarvo videos are all over the Internet.

Jarvo was popular among netizens. He even attempted to repeat the hoax but was unsuccessful.

8. Chris Gayle Issues a Warn

Chris Gayle, the universe’s boss, is no stranger to cricket fans. He is always happy to be on the field.

There are numerous moments that may be included in a list of the top ten funniest moments in cricket.

However, there is one occasion in his career that stands out as one of the funniest.

It happened during an ODI world cup match between the West Indies and England.

Chris Gayle Issues a Warn
Chris Gayle Issues a Warn Source: DNA India

Eoin Morgan had already left the crease before the bowler had even bowled the ball.

Chris became aware of this and alerted Morgan.

However, the manner in which the warning was issued was uncommon.

Instead of bowling, he took the run-up and parodied the runout gesture.

It was so amusing that even Eoin Morgan couldn’t help but laugh.

7. Steve Smith’s Batting Abilities

Batters leave unplayable deliveries during a test match.

Other batters simply raise their shoulders to exit the delivery.

Steve Smith, on the other hand, has his own style of leaving the delivery.

Smith frequently leaves the ball and brings his bat forward, remarking, “How’s that?” Smith makes noise while guarding the ball also.

Steve’s batting style has always been unconventional, but now even the manner he leaves the ball is odd.

In the films, we can observe how he amuses himself.

The players must be intensely focused for an extended amount of time during the test match.

So perhaps it just helps him focus while confusing the other bowlers.

During India vs. Australia test match in 2021, Indian fast bowler Bumrah ridiculed his style as well.

6. CSK Failed to Run Out

Chennai Super Kings is one of the greatest teams in the Indian Premier League. The team is always full of great players.

However, in a match against the Deccan Chargers in 2009, an episode might be dubbed “the comedy of errors.”

The fielders were in danger of being run out.

However, due to a misunderstanding among the Deccan Chargers batsmen, the Chennai squad had a strong probability of being run out.

But they blew not one, but two straightforward opportunities.

Even the commentators couldn’t stop laughing.

“Play it a thousand times, and you won’t stop laughing,” one of the commentators said, and that is the most perfect description of this odd blunder.

The Chennai fielders delivered their worst effort yet.

Ironically, skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni is regarded as one of the best stumpers.

Unfortunately, he could only observe the train catastrophe.

5. Jason Gillespie’s Birthday

Every player has a manner of celebrating victory.

Some of the celebrations are spectacular, and many people imitate them, while others are downright bizarre.

Jason Gillespie’s celebration after reaching 50 was pure joy.

First, he reached the half-century mark against New Zealand.

He then celebrated by riding his bat as a horse after scoring the runs.

That’s correct. Gillespie rode his bat and galloped a few paces in the dirt.

Celebrations by players such as Dwane Bravo, Sheldon Cottrell, and Chris Gayle are equally entertaining, but this is the most unusual celebration in cricket history.

As a result, it inevitably takes the top spot on our list of the top ten funniest moments in cricket history.

4. An Umpire Issues a Red Card

Yes, you read that correctly. But, of course, there is no such thing as a red card in cricket.

This is why this occurrence is among the top ten funniest incidents in cricket history.

New Zealand was playing Australia in a T20 match. McGrath bowled the final over.

The Kiwis needed 45 runs off the final ball. So the final ball was really a formality.

As a result, McGrath decided to have some fun.

He took a few steps forward and pretended to toss an underarm bowl. However, he did not bowl the bowl.

Billy Bowden, the goofy umpire, was born for such occasions.

He quickly took a red notebook from his pocket and handed it to McGrath.

The entire stadium burst out laughing.

3. Misfield, Abdul Razzaq

Where do I begin? Pakistan was formerly considered one of the best teams in the world.

They dominated all of the game’s formats and were a strong fielding squad.

Things are currently going poorly for the Pakistani team.

This is especially true of the Pakistani team’s fielding.

The most amusing of the clips is Abdul Razzaq’s failure to catch a ball.

Razzaq dashed to intercept the ball. He was able to deflect the ball, but he slipped.

Razzaq stood up again to collect the ball, but he fell again.

Other moments, such as missed catches by Kamran Akmal and Shaheen Afridi, are among the funniest in cricket history.

2. The Audience Imitating Ronnie Irani

It’s one of the sweetest and funniest moments in cricket history.

The audience is frequently hostile to the player fielding near the boundary.

But not in this instance. In this situation, however, the opposite was true.

England was competing in an ODI versus Australia.

Australia only needed 21 runs from 49 balls.

To make matters worse, England had only lost three wickets.

So, before Australia won the match, it was just a formality.

Ronnie Irani, an English player, was fielding along the boundary line.

He started the warm-up exercises. The audience behind him began to mimic him.

There were only a few at first. Ronnie soon noticed that the audience was imitating him.

So he started doing the exercises on purpose. They collaborated on several movements.

Even England’s player laughed heartily. There must be a way to relieve the tension.

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1. Neil Mckenzie Pants Slip

This is a well-known occurrence. This incident is well-known among cricket lovers.

Neil Mckenzie, on the other hand, considers this an embarrassing episode because he was caught with his pants down.

The event occurred during a tour of Australia by the South African squad.

It was the final One-Day International between the two countries.

The Australians were chasing the Proteas’ aim.

Micheal Bevan, the batsman, hit the ball over the boundary.

By diving, Neil Mckenzie attempted to save the boundary.

It is the only time in cricket history when a player was caught with his pants down on the field.

That is why this is ranked first among the top ten funniest moments in cricket history.