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Top 10 Baseball Players Right Now in MLB

Mookie Betts 

Top 10 Baseball Players Right Now in MLB

Players with talent and skill abound in MLB. Who, however, would be deemed the best baseball players right now if we had to rank them?

Stay with us as we list the top 10 MLB baseball players right now if you’re curious to find out.

Beginning with the 2022 season, we can observe fresh players having an influence on MLB.

We cannot, however, ignore the player’s prior accomplishments. So, we are also taking their 2021 statistics into account.

Being the best is a matter of opinion, but we can compare rankings and data.

These will assist us in identifying the best player in the game, among other players.

So, without further ado, here is our list of the top MLB baseball players right now!

This list was mostly put together with’s assistance.

But first, let’s take a short glance at the general ranks before we dive into our inventory.

Players Name Team
10. Cody Bellinger Los Angeles Dodgers
9. Christian Yelich Milwaukee Brewers
8. Anthony Rendon Los Angeles Angels
7. Ronald Acuna Jr. Atlanta Braves
6. Fernando Tatis Jr. San Diego Padres
5. Juan Soto Washington Nationals
4. Freddie Freeman Los Angeles Dodgers
3. Jacob deGrom New York Mets
2. Mookie Betts Los Angeles Dodgers
1. Mike Trout Los Angeles Angels

10. Cody Bellinger

Cody Bellinger, the son of former MLB player Clay Bellinger, is currently ranked as the top ten baseball player in the MLB.

Bellinger was selected by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the fourth round of the 2013 MLB Draft.

One of the best hitters in MLB right now is a 27-year-old player.

Cody Bellinger 
Cody Bellinger is on the pitch. Source: Dodger

He made his Dodgers debut in 2017 following his draft, winning Rookie of the Year.

After the season, he also received an All-Star.

Bellinger, a great rookie, had his breakthrough season in 2019, nonetheless.

He had a career-best season in terms of statistics.

In the same vein, he also received All-Star, National League MVP, First Team All-MLB, Gold Glove, and Silver Slugger Awards during his 2019 campaign.

Bellinger won the World Series Champion title the next year.

He agreed to a $16.1 million one-year agreement with the Dodgers at the conclusion of 2020.

Injuries caused Bellinger to miss multiple games in 2021, which was the most difficult season of his career.

Nevertheless, he is currently among the best baseball players in MLB.

Some of the most important baseball players are center fielders.

9. Christian Yelich

Christian Yelich, the left fielder for the Milwaukee Brewers, is on our number nine.

In the first round of the 2010 MLB Draft, the Miami Marlins selected a 30-year-old athlete.

He was acquired by the Marlins for a signing bonus of $1.7 million, and he made his debut in 2013.

He was, however, dealt to the Brewers in 2018.

The year after, Yelich made history by becoming the sixth MLB player to hit a home run in each of his team’s opening four games.

His other notable victories throughout his career include a Gold Glove Award, three Silver Slugger Awards, two NL Hank Aaron Awards, the NL Batting Champion, two All-Star selections, the NL MVP, etc.

The Brewers signed Yelich to the largest contract in the history of the team in 2020, a nine-year extension deal worth $215 million.

Yelich missed more than half of April and May during the start of the 2021 season due to a persistent back injury.

He was still able to bounce back and complete the season as one of the top MLB players in the present.

8. Anthony Rendon

Third baseman Anthony Rendon represents the Los Angeles Angels.

He was selected by the Washington Nationals with the sixth overall pick in the 2011 MLB Draft.

With the Nationals, Rendon made his MLB debut in 2013.

A top-hitting third baseman, the 32-year-old player finished seventh in the NL Most Valuable Player voting the next year and took home the Silver Slugger Award.

Rendon played for the Nationals up until 2019, and on December 11, 2019, he joined the Angels.

He committed to a $245 million, 7-year deal with the team.

All-Star, World Series champion, All-MLB First Team, two Silver Slugger Awards, NL Comeback Player of the Year, and MLB RBI leader are just a few of his accomplishments.

7. Ronald Acuna Junior

Ronald Acuna Jr., an outfielder with the Atlanta Braves from Venezuela who joined the team as an international free agent in 2014, is the following player on our list.

Acuna was acquired by the Braves for $100,000, and in 2015, he made his major-level debut with the Gulf Coast Braves.

He debuted in the MLB in 2018.

In his first season, Acuna won the NL Rookie of the Year award.

Since then, he has earned accolades like two All-Star selections, two spots on the All-MLB Second Team, two Silver Slugger Awards, and the title of NL stolen base leader.

In a matchup against the New York Mets in 2019, he became a member of the 30-30 club.

Acuna is now the second-youngest player to attain the milestone after the accomplishment.

Similarly, he became the youngest player in the big league to join the 40-30 club the same year he hit his forty-first home run.

Acuna had the quickest sprint speed among right-fielders in the major leagues during the 2021 campaign.

He did, however, sustain a leg injury that ended his season early.

6. Fernando Tatis Junior

Baseball shortstop and outfielder Fernando Tatis Jr. is Dominican and plays for the San Diego Padres.

He was a Dominican Prospect League player who was signed by the Chicago White Sox in 2015 as an international free agent.

Tatis spent his early years playing with Rookie-level teams after being signed by the White Sox.

He was one of the top minor league prospects in 2018.

He was ranked among the top three baseball prospects the next year by Baseball Prospectus, Baseball America, and ESPN.

With the Padres, the 23-year-old baseball player made his MLB debut.

The All-Star, All-MLB First Team, Silver Slugger Award, and NL home run leader have all been achieved by Fernando Tatis Jr.

since his debut.

Before the 2021 season, he agreed to a $140-million contract extension with the Padres.

At the time, it was the third-richest contract ever signed by an MLB player who wasn’t yet eligible for salary arbitration.

Over the years, MLB has had a lot of outstanding relief relievers.

Who are the greatest MLB relief pitchers of all time? Read this!

5. Juan Soto

Juan Soto is ranked number five on our list of the best MLB baseball players right now.

The Dominican baseball outfielder, known by his nickname “Childish Bambino,” plays for the Washington Nationals.

Soto, a free agent from abroad, was signed by the Nationals in 2015.

The athlete, who is now 23 years old, made his MLB debut in 2015 at the age of 19, making him the league’s youngest player.

He finished the year as the fourth MLB player to reach 100 extra-base hits before turning 21.

The following year, Soto was a key contributor to the Nationals earning their first World Series triumph.

Similar to that, he qualified for the batting title in 2021 and won it at the youngest age in National League history.

Soto’s career highlights and honors include All-Star, World Series champion, two-time Silver Slugger Award winner, All-MLB First Team, two-time All-MLB Second Team, and National League Batting Champion.

4. Freddie Freeman

Baseball’s first baseman, Freddie Freeman, represents the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Freddie was selected by the Atlanta Braves in the second round of the 2007 MLB Draft, 778th overall.

Freeman made his Major League Baseball debut with the team in 2010.

He was the first Braves rookie to reach 50 RBIs by July 18 after a season in 2011.

He was chosen as the National League rookie of July as a result.

In 2014, Freeman extended his contract with the organization for a further eight years and $135 million.

Before leaving the team for free agency, he played for them for 12 seasons.

He was an All-Star five times, a World Series champion, the National League MVP, the Gold Glove Award, the Silver Slugger Award three times, the National League Hank Aaron Award, the Babe Ruth Award, and more.

Freeman committed to a $162 million, six-year deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers on March 18, 2022.

3. Jacob deGrom

The top three MLB baseball players are now down to three.

“The denominator,” Jacob deGrom, a baseball pitcher for the New York Mets, is on our number three.

DeGrom began playing baseball as a shortstop at first before switching to pitching during his junior year of college.

In the ninth round of the 2010 MLB Draft, the Mets selected a player who was 34 years old.

DeGrom made his MLB debut in 2014 and went on to win the NL Rookie of the Year and NL Rookie of the Month awards twice.

The award hadn’t been given to a Met since Dwight Gooden in 1984, therefore he was the first.

His other major career achievements include being named an All-Star four times, winning the Cy Young Award twice, leading the NL in ERA, and leading the NL in strikeouts twice.

One of the best pitchers in baseball is thought to be DeGrom. He amassed 50 strikeouts in the first four starts of a season in 2021, breaking the MLB record.

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2. Mookie Betts

Our second-ranked baseball player is Mookie Betts, the right fielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

He was selected by the Boston Red Sox in the fifth round of the MLB draft in 2011.

When Betts entered the MLB in 2014, he first played second base and outfield.

Before being shipped off, he remained with the Red Sox through 2019.

On February 10, 2020, the Red Sox dealt him to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Later in July, he agreed to a 12-year extension with the Dodgers worth $365 million, which included a $65 million signing bonus.

The agreement is the third-richest contract in North American sports history and the highest-paid contract in the franchise’s history.

Betts has won several awards over his career, including five All-Star selections, two World Series championships, four Silver Slugger Awards, five Gold Glove Awards, two Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Awards, and more.

1. Mike Trout

A nine-time MLB All-Star is currently ranked as the best baseball player in the league.

He was selected by the Los Angeles Angels in the first round of the 2009 MLB draft and is their center fielder.

Using their compensation choice from the New York Yankees, the Angles chose Trout.

Baseball America ranked him as the third-best prospect overall and the 85th for the Angles before his debut.

After making his MLB debut in 2011, Trout explained why he was considered one of the top prospects.

After his first season, the 29-year-old baseball player received the Rookie of the Year Award.

Among MLB players, his list of accomplishments is one of the most spectacular.

Some of his significant accomplishments include winning the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award, the AL Hank Aaron Award twice, and the Silver Slugger Award eight times.

Mike agreed to a $426 million, 12-year deal with the Angles in 2019.

The contract was the third-highest in professional sports and the second-richest in North American sports history.

There is no denying that Trout is one of the best players in MLB when you consider his numbers and the victories he has racked up over the years.

The baseball player is additionally recognized as one of baseball’s most outstanding young players.

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The players on the list are currently the best in MLB.

There is no question that they merit a position at the absolute top given the abilities they have shown on the field.

We are only halfway through the 2022 season, therefore it is still unclear who will dominate the sport.

However, we can only hope that these guys will surpass our expectations and challenge us.

We trust that you liked our list. We appreciate you sticking with us!