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Thiago Braz

Thiago Braz

Who is Thiago Braz?

Thiago Braz is a professional Pole vaulter. Thiago Braz is currently the reigning Olympic gold medalist setting the Olympic record with a leap of 6.03 meters. In 2013, Thiago also won the title of South American Champion. He achieved a new outdoor area record of 5.83 meters during the competition.

Braz has dedicated his life to pole vaulting since he was 13 years old.

At the age of 14, Thiago returned to sports after a brief stint with his school’s basketball team.

Early Life, Family, & Education

Thiago Braz was born on December 16, 1993, in Marlia, So Paulo, Brazil.

Unfortunately, Thiago has not provided much information about his early years.

But what is certain is that Thiago’s mother left him when he was just a young child.

Additionally, his grandparents raised him after accepting responsibility.

Braz’s maternal grandparents were his biggest sources of inspiration as a child.

As a result, his grandparents are largely responsible for the traits and lessons he has learned.

Additionally, going fishing with his grandparents was one of his favorite pastimes as a child.

According to Thiago, the activity was therapeutic and calming.

As a result, he occasionally goes to see his grandparents and fish in the lake nearby.

Additionally, Thiago tried a trajectory inside a basketball prior to making his pole vaulting debut.

But soon after, he acknowledged his lack of gaming talent.

Thiago decided to dedicate himself to sports a result, with the help of his uncle Fabiano Braz.

Net Worth

Thiago Braz is thought to be worth $10 million.

Braz has also only recently started his professional career, but he is already well on his path to being wealthy.

Likewise, he still has a ton of time to establish himself and make even more money in the years to come.

Facts of Thiago Braz

Name Thiago Braz
Full name Thiago Braz da Silva
Birthdate December 16, 1993
Age 28 years old
Birthplace Marília, São Paulo, Brazil
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Nationality Brazilian
Body type Athletic
Height 1.83 m/6 feet
Weight 75 kg/165 lb
Eye color Dark
Hair color Black
Skin Brown
Profession Pole vaulter
Olympic record 6.03 m
Medal record 2016 Rio De Janeiro (Gold)
Summer Youth Olympics (Silver)
World Junior Championship (Gold)
Indoor record 5.93 m (Berlin, Germany.)
Outdoor record 5.83 m (South American Championship)
Coach Vitaly Petrov
Rival Renaud Lavillenie
Relationship status Married
Wife Ana Paula Oliveira
Marriage date 2014
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Net Worth $10 million
Merch  Pole Vaulting Shirt
Last Update July 2022


Braz has dedicated his life to pole vaulting since he was 13 years old. At the age of 14, Thiago returned to sports after a brief stint with his school’s basketball team.

Alexsandro Ramos was Braz’s first coach, according to him. In addition, Thiago received a training invitation from Bragança Paulista not long after. He spent seven months imparting knowledge at the relevant institution.

Furthermore, Thiago realized he needed to advance technology at the age of 15, with a PB of 4.60m.

Thiago Braz
Thiago Braz in a match. Source:

The pair also decided to travel to Singapore for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games after settling down. They thought the experience would come in handy.

Additionally, Thiago broke the Brazilian youth record before departing Singapore (5.10m). Additionally, the collaboration between Vitali Petrov and de Souza elevated Thiago’s talent.

Scare, Fear, and Damage

During a European competition, Thiago’s left wrist was hurt. He slipped off the mattress, and the injury was so painful that surgery was necessary.

Additionally, Thiago’s injury recovery and regaining of confidence took some time. Furthermore, he remembers that both his physical and psychological aspects needed a lot of work.

Furthermore, Thiago claims he felt the strain and the need to succeed. He must therefore exert a lot of mental effort to get ready for the Olympics.

National Hero

Thiago brought home the first gold medal for Brazil’s men since 1984 at the 2016 Olympics.

Additionally, following his victory, tens of thousands of fans filled the stadium with chants and celebrations. Additionally, Thiago had to vault 6.03m to win the gold medal.

His previous personal best was 10 cm lower than the corresponding record. Additionally, it was 6 cm longer than the previous record he set at the London Olympics in 2012.

Thiago also raised the stakes during the match against Laivillenie and went for the 6.03m.

The event is currently being broadcast live across the nation. In addition, everyone in the country was watching the pole vault competition.

Thiago had to demonstrate his abilities in his second attempt, the best vault of his life. In addition, Lavillenie only had one shot remaining after missing his first two attempts.

Additionally, as the crowd began to jeer him near the end of the runway, his confidence was shaken.

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Exceptional across the continent

Nobody in South America has ever been able to jump higher than Thiago in the history of pole vaulting. Additionally, he has a 5.93m open track record. On the other hand, he also has a 5.92m vest mark in indoor events.

These outcomes have helped Thiago become well-known and attract interest from all across the world.

Notably, the Brazilian Olympic Committee honored Thiago with the title of Athlete of the Year in the sport of athletics in 2016.

The Brazilian Ministry of Defense also awarded him the Military Sports Merit Medal in recognition of his achievements.

Since 2014, renowned coach Braz has resided in Formia, Italy. In addition, Vitaly Petrov’s well-equipped training facility is where he has been receiving his training.

Additionally, the Brazilian Olympic Committee facilitates the investment in Thiago’s training (COB).

Due to his recent achievements, the Ukrainian coach has gained popularity throughout Europe. He is also credited with Braz’s development and growth.

A supportive hand

Elson Miranda polished him before he went to Italy to train with coach Vitaly. Elson is well-known as Fabiana Murer’s technician and spouse.

After Thiago moved away from his home nation, Elson assisted him in settling in. Thiago says that as a result, he is still appreciative of his kindness.

Family & Personal Life

Thiago Braz and his lovely wife Ana Paula Oliveira have been happily married since 2014. Currently, their marriage has been together for seven years.

When the sportsman was only 20 years old, he got married. Additionally, the adorable couple got together in an athletic setting.

Ana is an athlete like her husband and competes for Brazil in high jump competitions. She was unable to acquire an index for Rio 2016, in contrast to Thiago.

In addition, the athlete was ranked ninth in the world at the time of his marriage.

He faced a brand-new challenge as a result of the choice. Nevertheless, the pair relocated to Italy with the hope of making progress.

Height, Weight, and Age

Thiago Braz is currently 28 years old.

In addition to his mental fortitude, his physical characteristics also contributed significantly to his success.

Similar to Thiago, who is currently 6 feet tall and weighs about 75 kg.

To maintain his physique, Thiago has also been adhering to a strict diet and exercise schedule.

He is similarly getting ready for impending events.

Fanatic about Aircraft

The Brazilian athlete has a deep love for model airplanes.

After relocating to Italy, the professional jumper purchased his tiny engine plane in 2014.

Additionally, Thiago claims to have spent $20,000 on purchasing smaller planes.

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Social Media Presence

The Olympic champion is well-known on social media sites.

On Instagram, Braz is active under the handle @thiagobrazpv.

The athlete also has more than 287k followers on the relevant network.

Similar to this, Thiago also has a sizable fan base on Twitter.

Furthermore, he has over 39k followers on Twitter under the handle @ThiagoBrazPV.