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Nego Di, Brazilian comedian cum singer is dating Gabriela Sousa

Nego Di
  • Who is Nego Di? 
  • Nego Di and his new flame
  • Nego Di and Gabriela’s relationship chronology.
  • Nego, his life, and his career

Who is Nego Di?

Nego Di, a Brazilian comedian, is having a good time in his life. Gabriela Sousa, his new lover, has become his new love. Continue reading to learn more about Gabriela Sousa and the couple’s romance.

Nego Di and his new flame

Nego Di, a 27-year-old Brazilian comedian, is in a good mood these days.

Gabriela Sousa, his girlfriend, is his latest love interest.

She is a law student who enjoys working out.

Nego spent New Year’s Eve with her in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The couple shared adorable photos of themselves on their Instagram accounts.

That day, they went to many tourist attractions in the city.

Christ the Redeemer, Copacabana Beach, and Acqua Rio were all included.

The two were in high spirits and relished every moment of their time together.

Nego Di and Gabriela’s relationship chronology.

They’ve been dating for a few months now.

They are, however, already quite near.

Several times on social media, the two have expressed their undying love for one another.

They already have wedding bands in their respective right hands.

He wrote on his social media:

“I already wish I’d met you sooner, but I know that God does everything in the greatest possible way!”

Besides, I hadn’t planned ahead of time.

I’m ready to live it today! God only knows what a mess my life and thoughts were this year! If I didn’t give up in 2021, believe me when I say I won’t give up now.

You, Gabi, helped me realize that there were a lot of people who liked me, that my work and I, WE ARE significant to a lot of people, and that ‘EVERYTHING PASSES’… It’s gone now.

I’M HAPPY LIKE I’VE NEVER BEEN! “Nego Di for the loved one.”

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He had not been in a relationship since his divorce from ex-girlfriend Tamyres Hirtz two years ago.

He and she had a son.

The son is now five years old.

They share custody of him, and Tamyres told Extra:

“He is a present father because I taught him to respect that title and I always made it a point to keep him close,” says the mother.

Nego Di
Nego Di with his girlfriend source: Extra Online

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Nego, his life, and his career

Nego is currently a contestant on Big Brother Brazil 2021.

He is one of the residents there.

However, he was eliminated in the second round.

The comedian was only in the home for 23 days.

His voting percentage for eviction was 98.76 percent.

This is the second highest total in the game’s history.

After a week of being evicted, Karol Conka broke his record.

Nego was born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil on June 1994.

Dilson “Nego Di” Alves da Silva Neto is his full name.

He sings in addition to performing stand-up comedy.

He released a cover of Post Lovers’ album called Dream Session.