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Mindy Jensen

Mindy Jensen

Who is Mindy Jensen?

Mindy Jensen is an American real estate agent. Mindy Jensen has been with Equity Colorado since 2014. She has also been a community manager for BiggerPockets since May 2015. She is also a podcaster, currently hosting the BiggerPockets daily podcast and a weekly business podcast in which she converts tens of thousands of BiggerPockets Blog articles into an incredible audio experience.

Early Life and Childhood

Mindy Jensen’s birthplace is the United States of America. Unfortunately, her exact date, year, and location are unknown, so her exact age and when she celebrates her birthday are unknown.

Mindy was born in the United States, but she is of white ethnicity.

Education Details

Mindy Jensen’s education details are unknown.

Professional Career

She has been the community manager at BiggerPockets.com since May 2015.

BiggerPockets.com is a real estate networking and information resource platform with over a million monthly new visitors, 450K members, 1.3M forum posts, and tens of thousands of articles.

The platform’s primary goal is to provide people with knowledge about real estate and real estate investing.

Mindy Jensen
How To Sell A Home Fast (with Mindy Jensen). Source: stackingbenjamins

Aside from her responsibilities at BiggerPockets.com, she has been a real estate agent with Equity Colorado since 2014.

She’s also a podcaster, and she currently hosts the BiggerPockets Daily podcast. Mindy shares a variety of real estate topics with her daily business podcast listeners, including rental properties, wholesaling, and house flipping, among others.

She transforms tens of thousands of BiggerPockets Blog articles into an unforgettable audio experience. Her podcast has 524 episodes and a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Net Worth and Salary

Mindy Jensen earns an annual salary of $95,620.

Her lifestyle demonstrates that she has amassed a sizable portion of her legally acquired wealth through her work as a real estate agent over the years. Mindy has a net worth of $3 million on average.

Relationship Status

Mindy Jensen’s thirteen-year-old daughter makes her proud. Mindy currently resides in Colorado with her adorable daughter.

At the moment, it is unknown whether she is married or divorced. We’ll keep you updated as soon as she makes the information public.

Body Measurements

She is a medium-sized woman. Mindy is 5 feet 4 inches tall (approx. 1.62 m).

Social Media

Her Twitter handle is @mindyatbp.

Her Instagram handle is @mindyatbp.

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  • Mindy has managed to keep her exact age hidden from the public due to her secretive nature.
  • She has also worked as a community manager at BiggerPockets since May 2015.
  • She also hosts The BiggerPockets daily podcast, a weekly business podcast.
  • Mindy has a net worth of $3 million on average
  • She is 5 feet 4 inches tall (approx. 1.62 m).