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Michael Jordan’s 8 Year Old Twin Daughters Ysabel and Victoria Are Already Aunts

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan’s twin daughters, Ysabel and Victoria, are already aunts at the age of eight

Michael Jordan accomplished nearly everything during his playing career. After retiring, the NBA legend is living a prosperous life because of his numerous endorsement deals and projects.

He recently starred in the Last Dance documentary series, which was well welcomed by both fans and reviewers.

Jordan has been married twice and has five children.

Recently, an intriguing detail regarding Jordan’s twin children born in 2014 was revealed.


They are only eight years old and are already aunts. Jasmine, their half-sister, gave birth to her first kid.

Rakeem Christmas Jr. was born to her in 2019.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan and his wife Source Pinterest

As a result, within a few years, Jordan became both the father of Yvette Prieto’s child and the grandfather of his own daughter’s child.

Jordan made certain that his children did not face any bad consequences as a result of his celebrity and prosperity.

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Michael Jordan’s twin daughters become aunts

Jordan’s children have made their reputations without relying on their father’s money.

His daughters, Victoria and Ysabel, rose to prominence after their birth.

“Michael and Yvette Jordan are happy to announce that their identical twin daughters, Victoria and Ysabel, were born Sunday, February 9, 2014, in West Palm Beach, Florida,” Jordan’s manager said in a press conference.

Yvette and the infants are doing well, and the family is happy to have them.”

Jordan’s daughter, Jasmine Jordan, remembers her father’s delight at the news. “He loves being a grandpa,” Jasmine says.

“He had to warm up to [it],” Jasmine continued on Facebook Live.

Jordan’s 8 Year Old Twin Daughters Ysabel and Victoria
Jordan’s 8 Year Old Twin Daughters Ysabel and Victoria Source: Pocket news alert

“At first, he asked my son to call him ‘Mike’ or ‘Michael,’ and I told him, ‘Dad, we’re not doing this.'”

You must embrace the title of grandfather. That’s all there is to it.'”

Jordan has done an excellent job of safeguarding his children’s happiness and health.

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Despite his celebrity and controversies, he was always present for them.

This is evident in ‘The Last Dance’ and the interviews that normally accompany his children.