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Lance Mountain

Lance Mountain

Lance Mountain is an American skateboarder, inventor, artist, and musician. Lance Mountain’s also one of the most creative athletes of the 1980s and has contributed to the growth of skateboarding as a pop-cultural phenomenon.

Lance is also the unquestioned king of the skateboarding world, having won more than 50 titles throughout the course of his four decades on the board.

Early Childhood Development and Education

Lance Mountain was born on June 13, 1964, in Pasadena, California.

The artist was born to British nationals Ronald VJ and Patricia Mountain.

He has an elder brother named Bonnie and a sister named Ronnamay, who are his younger siblings.

His older brother used to skateboard as well, but he no longer does so.

Lance learned to skateboard from a friend, first and foremost.

Enrique Esparza, a friend of his, handed him his board in 1975, and that was the beginning of everything.

Back then, the skating world was limited to only five tricks. The kid skater learned all of this through his friends and newspapers.

Lance was prone to mistakes, unlike other skaters who could avoid harm. He was injured three times during his childhood.

As a result, his parents prevented him from skating. On the other hand, he did not come to a complete stop.

He was also brought up in a Christian household. As a result, unlike other kids, he eschewed drugs and smoking.

As a result, he was regularly overlooked by the more experienced skaters.

But that didn’t stop him from practicing in the parks.

He spent a lot of time at the skate parks in Lakewood, Marina, and Montebello from 1976 to 1980.

Net Worth

Lance Mountain’s estimated net worth is $10 million.

His high net worth stems mostly from his artistic career.

He also profiteers from his product, which is still available on the market.

Facts of Lance Mountain

Full name Robert Lance Mountain
Date of birth June 13, 1964
Age 57 years old
Birthplace Pasadena, California, U.S.
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity British lineage
Education Pasadena High school
Father’s name Ronald VJ Mountain
Mother’s name Patricia Mountain
Zodiac sign Gemini
Height 5’8″ (1.73m)
Weight 154 lbs (70 kg)
Shoe size 9.5 (US)
Hair color Dark Grey
Eye color Greyish Blue
Marital Status Married
Spouse Yvette Loveless
Profession Professional Skateboarder, Inventor, Artist, Musician
Current Residence Alhambra, California
Salary $200,000
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Net Worth $10 million
Debut year 1981
Website Lancemountain
Merch We Are Skateboarders
Last Update June 2022

Professional Life

Lance is a multi-talented individual without a doubt. He is an artist, a skateboarder, and a trailblazer.

When Lance was 11 years old, he chose to pursue his dream of skateboarding. He began by honing his skills in skate parks.

The pro skateboarder then practiced in empty swimming pools, following in the footsteps of his idol Tony Alva. He began his skateboarding career with the Whittier team “Skate City” and later competed in A.S.P.O. competitions.


Lance joined the Variflex team in 1981 and began his professional skating career. For starts, he competed in the 1982 Rusty Harris Pro Contest at Whittier Pool and placed second.

He won first place in the 1982 Summer V Open Ramp Contest after that. Then he won the Add-On Competition, which was also held at the same time.

As a member of the Variflex team, Lance progressed. His first skateboard deck was also sponsored by the company.

After a three-year search for sponsorship, Power Peralta Mountain was ultimately accepted into Powell Peralta in 1983.

He swept the Summer World Series at Del Mar Doubles in 1983 as a result. In 1983, he also won first place in the Turkey Shooting Contest.

He not only won, but he also defeated Tony Alva and Steve Caballero, two icons in the sport.

He undoubtedly had his greatest years with Powell Peralta. As a result, he stayed with them for more than nine years. In 1984, he appeared in The Bones Brigade Video Show, the first-ever skate video.

He’s amassed a sizable following among skaters since then. When he won a street competition in Munster, Germany, he made international headlines.

The Company

The skateboarding world witnessed significant changes in the 1990s. The popularity of street style has skyrocketed.

Following the company’s success, Lance left Powell Peralta and created The Firm.

He was able to stay up with the latest advancements in skateboarding despite working from home. Bob Burnquist and Rodrigo “Tx” Teixeira, two well-known skaters, assisted him.

Lance Mountain
Lance Mountain posing a skate stunt. Source: jgrantbrittainphotos

For the company’s development, the Firm signed four videos with Blitz Distribution. The company lasted for over a decade. In March of 2006, Lance, on the other hand, announced a halt.


After The Firm ended, Lance was employed by a new company named Flip.

Flip also hired Bob and Rodrigo, two of his former teammates. They were also all included in Flip’s 2009 full-length video Extremely Sorry.

Around this period, the mountain was included in Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground. He later appears in a different video game series.

During his long career as a prolific artist, Mountain has had over a dozen art exhibits. On his website, you may view the professional skater’s whole career.

Locals Only, one of his unique pieces, is shown in the Art Shows category. He then went on to curate his coffee table collection.

When Clash member Joe Strummer died, Mountain donated his pieces to the museum. Finally, he handed out posters for the film When Disaster Strikes.

He is still a working artist today. In the same way, he wishes to dabble in music.

The fingerboard, a tiny skateboard with adjustable wheels that can be utilized, is credited to him.

The prototype was fashioned out of cardboard, erasers, and disassembled Hot Wheels, according to Mountain. He also used kitchen sinks to represent swimming in a pool.

Transworld Skateboarding magazine published his concept. Meanwhile, Powell Peralta developed a video about it called Primitive Future.

Since then, the fingerboard has evolved into a sophisticated toy. So far, the Tech Deck brand has sold over a million pieces. The “Gay Twist” gimmick was invented by Mountain and Neil Blende.


Thrasin (1986) and Gleaming the Club (1989) are two films in which the pro skater has appeared (1989).

In 1987, he also appeared in Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol as a cameo.

He had an appearance on Stoked in 2002. He made an appearance in Lords of Dogtown in 2005.

Furthermore, he made his most recent appearance in 2020 on Rom Boys: 40 Years of Rad.

Wife and Children

After a brief period of celebrity, Lance Mountain married Yvette Loveless.

Lance Ronald Cyril Mountain was born to them only a year after they married.

Cyril was also one of the first children to gain fame as a result of their father’s skateboarding.

Lance and Yvette, on the other hand, have been happily married for a long time.

Cyril decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career as an artist.

He also develops graphics, publishes zines, and takes photographs.

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Mountain, while preaching about Jesus and not smoking or drinking, is not without controversy.

During an interview in the 1980s, he admitted to bullying kids at the skate park.

At one point, he says, “…then I ran over his toe and fractured it…” “I also tossed ice in his face in a pro store.”

While in Whittier, he hit a man named Log with ice-filled B.B. weapons. When Log’s wound bled profusely, it grew infected.

Mountain also admitted to tossing trash at small children who visited their parks. Mark Poots, eight years old, was one of them.

Similarly, despite his heinous actions, his hazing and bullying did not persist indefinitely.

Over time, he stopped attempting such pranks.

Social Media Status

Lance Mountain has 199k Instagram followers, and 83k likes on Facebook, and his Twitter has 29.1k users.