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Top 31 Payne Stewart Quotes

Payne Sterwart

Who is Payne Stewart?

Payne Stewart, is an American professional golfer. Payne Stewart won eleven PGA Tour events and three major titles. His first major triumph came in 1989 at the PGA Championship, and he won the US Open in 1991 after a playoff with Scott Simpson.

Furthermore, he was a popular golfer among spectators and a photographer’s favorite due to his flamboyant clothing of ivy caps and patterned slacks. Likewise, he is regarded as having one of the most gracefully flowing and stylish golf swings of the modern era.

Everyone will benefit from the following 31 Payne Stewart quotes. Do follow at least once.

“I don’t think taking yourself too seriously is healthy.”

“In the United States, we live in such a shielded environment.

I’ve had the good fortune to travel all around the world and experience things that you only read about or see on the news.” Stewart, Payne

“People who have never had an addiction have no idea how difficult it may be.”

Stewart, Payne

“I was easily distracted and allowed my mind to wander when I needed to focus.”

It’s actually fairly subtle, and simply being aware of it helps.” Stewart, Payne

“I am a patriotic person.”

For these folks who desecrate the American way of life by burning our flag and doing all of these things…

Don’t live here and disrespect my country, I say.

“Go live in the Middle East and see how it suits you.” Stewart, Payne

“But, in the end, it’s still a game of golf, and if you can’t shake hands with your opponents and be friends, you’ve lost the point.”

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“I’d have an occasional cigarette, and then I’d go back to dipping.”

I began dipping last year. My family has urged me to quit yet again, and I’m doing my best to comply.”

“Tiger is the most amazing thing to happen to the circuit in a long time.”

He has brought tremendous attention to golf at a time of year when football and the World Series are constantly in the spotlight.

“Everything I’ve heard about him appears to be accurate.”

“But I’ll tell you something:

My two sisters and I had a large family talk about it lately, and I pointed out that we all have the same DNA as our mother, and we’re all predisposed to becoming alcoholics.”

“It got to the point, I believe around 1994, where I didn’t want to practice.”

“For example, even if he was the best player in the world, I wouldn’t hesitate to bench him if he wasn’t playing.”

“I’ve sat down before.” Stewart, Payne

“For one thing, when you’re playing as well as I was at the time, you get the impression you can play with anyone.” Of course, that’s not true, but I didn’t realize it at the time.” Stewart, Payne

“I’m confident I’d be an emotional captain.” “A hands-on commander.” Stewart, Payne

“I didn’t think twice about kissing my father in public.”

That is how I attempted to raise my children.

We’re quite physical.” Stewart, Payne

“I don’t read magazines much, and I struggle with books.”

Payne Stewart
Payne Stewart playing golf. Source: Golf Digest

Stewart, Payne

“I never saw Tom Kite around. I’ve discussed it with Tom. Michael Jordan didn’t need to be on the captain’s cart with Kite; he should have been walking in the gallery, supporting them from outside the ropes.” Stewart, Payne

“I traveled over before the British Open and played Valderrama in the hopes of making the team, of being a captain’s pick.” I went out of my way to go over there.” Stewart, Payne

“I’m 42 years old now, which I consider prime time.”

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“I’ve just been more conscious of how much I drink, how often I want to drink, and other such things.”

“I believe that being aware of it will help me control my urges.” Stewart, Payne

“If you can’t laugh at yourself, how can you laugh at others?”

When you do it, I believe people see your human side.” Stewart, Payne

“At a US Open, something invariably happens where the golf course is out of control one day, or they have one pin that’s out of control.”

It seems to happen all the time.

But they’ve improved in terms of rough height.” Stewart, Payne

“Not that money is a motivator. It’s an honor to represent your country.”

“I’m Raymond Floyd.” The man knows how to keep things under control.

He was knowledgeable.

He didn’t let me get too worked up; he kept me in check.

It gave me more freedom, and I played incredibly well with him.”

“That’s why I’m so pleased to be an American.” I take pride in paying taxes.

I have to pay a lot of taxes, but it’s better than the alternative.”

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“The cast clubs were also a huge part of it.”

I discovered that I wasn’t getting the fast input that I was used to with a forged blade.

The sweet spot is slightly larger, and even when I didn’t hit the ball dead center, it still felt amazing.”

“The two-piece ball I switched to spun excessively.”

One shot would travel the distance I expected, then the next would fall short, and the next would go long.”

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“This item is for golf, yes, but trust me, the Europeans don’t think like that.”

“We grew up in a family full of love.”

Stewart, Payne

“I could be swift, ugly, and caustic in the media.”

“I have a habit of wearing my emotions on my sleeve.”