Jerry Jones' money has increased dramatically

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Jerry Jones Makes a Massive Dent in His $11.6 Billion Net Worth With Doubled Investment

Jerry Jones' money has increased dramatically

With a doubled investment, Jerry Jones reduces his $11.6 billion net worth

Jerry Jones was the richest franchise owner in the NFL until recently. He lost the NFL championship earlier this month to a new owner. However, because of his great personal fortune, he remains at the top of the list.

Jones has amassed a fortune through a variety of business operations and investments throughout the years.

The largest investment in his life was in the Dallas Cowboys.

Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones on interview Source: New York post

However, there appears to be one recent investment he made that has returned an amount twice in value.

This has also significantly increased his own riches.

Jerry Jones’ money has increased dramatically

Jones made an investment in a natural gas company four years ago.

It was during this period that gas costs were at their lowest.

The Cowboys’ owner put $1.1 billion into Comstock Resources Inc.

His goal was to develop LNG export terminals along the Gulf of Mexico, south of the company’s drilling areas.

Jones’ insight and financial acumen, on the other hand, appear to be paying off.

Gas prices are currently at an all-time high due to a variety of variables.

Jerry Jones' money has increased dramatically
Jerry Jones’ money has increased dramatically Source: Dalls cowboy

There has been significant growth in demand for LNG.

Prices in the United States increased this spring to three times what they were a year ago.

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All of this has resulted in a tremendous return on Jones’ initial investment and a $2.6 billion rise in his personal fortune.

Comstock has been performing quite well recently.

Jones has long been a gas sector star, making numerous highly profitable deals throughout the years.

In fact, he purchased the Cowboys in 1989 using the proceeds from his gas transactions.

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Where does Jones rank among NFL owners in terms of wealth?

While Rob Walton is now the richest NFL team owner, Jerry Jones is not far behind.

His whole fortune is insignificant in contrast to Walton’s.

Jones, on the other hand, has a tremendous personal fortune, to begin with ($11.6 billion), and was previously the richest owner of any NFL organization.

Except for Rob Walton, he now ranks third among NFL owners in terms of wealth.

Aside from Walton, the Panthers’ David Tepper and the Rams’ Sam Kroenke each have a higher personal fortune than Jones.

Jones’ Cowboys, on the other hand, are the most valuable sports club in the world, worth billions of dollars.

Jones may be added to the list of the richest NFL franchise owners as a result of his recent successful investment.

It remains to be seen whether this will have an impact on the Cowboys’ future season.