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Is Florence Pugh Married? Here’s Her Relationship History

  • Florence Pugh has been a rising star, garnering an Oscar nod for her part as Amy March.
  • they adopted a dog named Billy during the quarantine period.
  • He was photographed with three other women, including Pugh.
  • The next month, on Braff’s birthday, Pugh made her romance Instagram official.

Florence Pugh has been a rising star, garnering an Oscar nod for her part as Amy March in Little Women in 2019 and a sizzling performance as Yelena Belova in Black Widow in 2021. Her work as an actress is well-known, as is her relationship with American actor Zach Braff.

Pugh has been in a relationship with Braff for some years and is content with their connection.

Is Florence Pugh dating Zach Braff?

The English actress has yet to exchange wedding vows with her lover and formally become his wife.

Despite the fact that they have yet to marry, they have been living together in Los Angeles for some time.

Furthermore, they adopted a dog named Billy during the quarantine period.

The couple is currently enjoying their time together and it appears that it will be some time before they tie the knot.

Timeline of Florence Pugh and Zach Braff’s Relationship

Pugh’s romance with Braff most likely began when the latter cast her in his 2019 short film In The Time It Takes to Get There.

Though the short film was released in 2019, the casting was most likely completed in mid-2018.

Late in 2018, the actor began liking his now-Instagram girlfriend’s postings.

That may be when they started dating.

Later, on April 12, 2019, E! reported that the two were seen wandering around New York City holding hands.

Florence Pugh
Florence Pugh Source: Page six

Braff ultimately featured Pugh on his Instagram account on October 10, 2019.

He was photographed with three other women, including Pugh.

“People I care about,” he said in the caption.

Julia Garner almost confirmed Braff and Pugh’s connection in the comments section of that article, saying, “I love @florencepugh too!!!!” with multiple red heart emojis.

“It was quite evident to me that they’re a couple,” a source told Page Six the same month.

They went to the Los Angeles premiere of Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson’s film Marriage Story a month later.

They didn’t, however, make their entry as a pair.

The couple’s relationship was formally revealed on December 28, 2019, when Pugh uploaded a photo of herself posing outside a Los Angeles deli.

Braff had left a princess emoji comment, to which one Instagram user responded, “You’re 44 years old.”

In response to that remark, the then-23-year-old actress answered with a clap back, writing, “and yet he got it.”

The duo was observed having a stroll in Los Angeles in March 2020, despite being wary of the pandemic.

The next month, on Braff’s birthday, Pugh made her romance Instagram official.

She posted a single picture of her lover on Instagram for the first time since they started dating.

“Boogies and cheers on this particular person’s birthday.

Raise those bubbles and wiggle!” she said in one of her captions.

Braff announced three days later, on April 9, 2020, that he and his partner had adopted a dog named Billie.

Braff later paid tribute to Pugh on his 25th birthday, January 3, 2021.

He had posted a series of photos of Pugh with a lovely caption. His caption was as follows:

“Happy birthday to the most entertaining person I’ve ever met.

I would have considered myself fortunate to have shared a single night of laughter with you.

I can’t believe I get to laugh with you on a daily basis. It’s a pleasure to know you.

What a blessing you were born to the world.”

On her partner’s 46th birthday, April 6, 2021, Pugh returned the kind by posting photos of Braff and their puppy with a loving remark.

The two’s love story is still going on, with both of them admiring and being proud of each other and their work.

Disagreements in Pugh and Braff’s Relationship

Pugh had to delete comments on her Instagram post just minutes after making her romance with Braff official.

She did so because many began to dismiss her because of the 21-year age difference between her and Braff.

Later, she posted a 4-minute video defending her relationship with Braff.

She stated in the video that she is old enough to make her own decisions and that no one should tell her who she should and should not love.

“And I would never, ever tell somebody who they can and cannot love.

It is not your domain. And it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

So, if those guidelines are something you don’t agree with, please unfollow me because the vitriol you direct at him is also directed at me,” she added.

Several high-profile celebs chimed in to support the actress in the post’s comments section.

Ariana Grande was one of them, with the comment “‘being cruel is not trendy’ a new tattoo for my breast.

“Oh, I love and appreciate you so much,” she said, and she even posted the footage on her Instagram Story.

Pugh defended her connection in a number of interviews as well.

For example, in her May 2020 interview for the cover of Elle UK, she discussed the importance of responding to trolls and defending her romance.

“Because people need to understand that it’s harmful,” she added.

I have the right to hang out with, be with, and go out with whomever I want.”

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In Braff’s conversation with Mr. Porter in November 2020, the actor expressed his full support for his girlfriend and explained why he didn’t discuss the subject.

“She genuinely sat down, hit record on her phone, and said that,” he added.

How could I possibly follow someone as intelligent and articulate as that? So I decided not to.”