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Is Bravo’s Reality Show ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Scripted or Real?

Vanderpump Rules
  • Vanderpump Rules is a popular Bravo TV reality show.
  • However, viewers of the show have recently raised their eyebrows.
  • “I was completely checked out at the end,” he claimed.
  • She also stated that the production staff presents “anything unpleasant.

Vanderpump Rules, a popular Bravo TV reality show, debuted as a spin-off of the network’s other hit show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Since its premiere, the show has received millions of views from viewers all over the world.

The show chronicles Lisa Vanderpump’s day-to-day life and the employees – who are also cast members – of her restaurant, SUR.

It features everything a reality television program should have: drama, tears, love, relationships, conflicts, and more.

However, viewers of the show have recently raised their eyebrows.

They’ve been debating how much of the show is real and how much is made up.

Some former cast members claim it isn’t entirely true

If you’ve seen Vanderpump Rules, you’ll recognize Jax Taylor, a previous cast member who will leave the program in 2020.

Taylor conducted an exclusive interview with US Weekly on May 5, 2021.

He stated that one of the main reasons for his and his wife Brittany Cartwright’s departure from the show was the reality of the narratives.

“I was completely checked out at the end,” he claimed.

I was just annoyed during the show.

It was becoming too scripted for me, and I couldn’t do it any longer. It wasn’t enjoyable.”

Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules Source: Us Weekly

His wife also stated that their newly born baby Cruz was a major factor in their choice to leave the show. Her exact words were:

We poured our hearts and souls into that show, and we’re really upfront and honest.

Having a child alters your perspective on how much you are willing to put out there.

People are cruel and mom-shame, among other things. That would make me nervous.

Taylor’s statement came two months after his Instagram live session, in which he basically declared that the show was a hoax.

Among his remarks from that session were:

Last year, I put up a lot of resistance.

To be honest, I felt awful for the producers because, um, there were so many sequences I didn’t want to do, I didn’t want to fight like, you know, I’m forty years old fighting with people – fake fighting with people – half my age. It’s neither enjoyable nor perfect.

I’m not going to “pretend to work at SUR” for another six years.

“To be honest, I haven’t changed much,” he added. “I’m not going to lie and say, ‘Oh my God, you’ve changed, you’ve become a better person.’

No, I’m not simply getting paid to be a [expletive].

It’s really easy to be a douchebag when others pay you to be one.

When they’re paying you a lot of money, you have to maintain a certain part.”

Taylor’s words were diametrically opposed to those he made to In Touch in 2018 when he was still affiliated with the show.

“I pride myself on [the fact that] we have a real program, and I’m not going to sit there and sugarcoat things,” he stated at the time. This is how I am, cameras or no cameras.”

Many felt that his new assertion that Vanderpump Rules was fake or manufactured was bogus because he is no longer a member of the show because of his contradictory statements.

However, another cast member of the show, Katie Maloney, hinted in 2016 that the show was largely staged.

In an interview with Galore, she stated that the show is “very unscripted” because the characters’ relationships are genuine.

“We all have a tale to tell.

There are lots of shows out there that are [cast] in ways where people have no prior history,” she noted.

“But, it’s also difficult when making a show because they can’t show everything and they don’t show everything that’s great,” she continued.

She also stated that the production staff presents “anything unpleasant that can paint people in certain lights that aren’t true to form, but it’s still real.”

The show ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans on Reddit and Twitter Speak Out

In terms of what fans of the Bravo TV show have to say about the matter, some have expressed their approval, believing that the show is not real and is staged.

Here are some of their Reddit and Twitter discussions.

In a Reddit discussion thread, one fan asked, “Which scenes do you think were absolutely fabricated or acted out across all eight seasons?” That one had written back.

A scene involving Ariana Madix and Lisa Vanderpump was re-enacted a few months later due to filming concerns.

You can tell because Ariana’s hair grows longer as the scene progresses.

Later, another fan responded to that comment, saying, “Not technically a fake scene, but kind of a phony initial storyline: Jax wasn’t initially cast on Vanderpump Rules right away.

Stassi was cast, and when they asked who she was seeing, she responded Jax.

BRAVO spoke with him and engaged him for the show, and he was subsequently hired to work at SUR as part of the plot.”

Similarly, one fan claimed that Tom Sandoval and Stassi Schroeder’s argument at TTs in season 8 was fabricated.

“Absolutely!” replied another fan in response to the comment.

It was hilarious. Like an improv class but without the levity.”

On another Reddit discussion, a fan inquired, “How scripted is Vanderpump?”

Several show fans shared their thoughts.

“I’m not sure whether it’s scripted by Bravo, but I imagine members of the cast discuss what they want to say or do on camera and how they aim to treat particular cast members,” one commented.

“I think it’s pretty planned. In Season 3, keep an eye out for the Tom cheating on Katie storyline.

They claimed it was with Jax’s girlfriend’s pal. It was brought up again in Season 5, but this time it was a different story.

Jax was said to be with Carmen, a different girl there.

So it has a whole different backstory.

“That narrative was a fake,” said another enthusiast.

The same type of topic might also be found on Twitter. In November 2016, one fan wrote, “I know Vanderpump Rules is phony bc no way do u have time to smoke a cig and break up with your bf in the middle of the dinner rush.”

“An unpopular opinion: scrap Vanderpump Rules. It’s all over. It’s a forgery.

It’s tedious. It saddens me #pumprules,” another ardent fan of the program said in February 2020.

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Is ‘Vanderpump Rules’ a Scam?

Nothing can be said for definite because there are some genuine aspects to the show.

However, some things have been fabricated or spiced up for the amusement of the audience.

Furthermore, there have been multiple instances of continuity mistakes that may easily be identified.

To summarize, Vanderpump Rules is neither wholly real nor entirely contrived.