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A Look at Joe Amabile and Kendall Long’s Dating History and Reasons for Divorce

Kendall Long
  • Joe Amabile is a television personality.
  • He rose to prominence after appearing on The Bachelorette’s 14th season and Bachelor in Paradise’s 5th season.
  • He just appeared in the seventh season of Bachelor in Paradise, which premiered on August 16, 2021.

Who is Joe Amabile?

Joe Amabile is a television personality who rose to prominence after appearing on The Bachelorette’s 14th season and Bachelor in Paradise’s 5th season. He just appeared in the seventh season of Bachelor in Paradise, which premiered on August 16, 2021.

While Bachelor in Paradise brought him recognition, it wasn’t the only thing he earned from the show; he also found a relationship in the form of another competitor named Kendall Long.

Their romance was on and off, but they eventually stayed together. However, in January 2020, they issued a joint statement announcing their permanent separation.

Timeline of Joe Amabile and Kendall Long’s Relationship

Kendall Long
Joe and Kendall Long together source:

Amabile and Long first met in the summer of 2018 on the 14th season of The Bachelorette.

Later, during the filming of Bachelor in Paradise’s 5th season, they formed feelings and fell in love.

But they split up even before the season concluded.

Later, in September 2018, it was revealed that they were working on repairing their relationship, which they eventually did.

After months of dating, they announced in April 2019 that they were moving in together

and had signed a lease in Los Angeles.

Their friendship grew as they lived together and posted images of themselves on Instagram.

However, it appears that they were not destined to stay together indefinitely.

In January 2020, Amabile and Long issued a joint statement in

which they claimed that they had amicably chosen to part ways.

“We have mutually decided to part ways,” their joint statement says.

Joe has decided to return to Chicago, while Kendall will remain in her hometown of Los Angeles.

Our family and friends have always been a huge part of who we are as people.”

“We can’t image continuing our lives without them close by, especially

when we consider starting our own family one day,” it continues.

We both appreciate each others’ decisions and yet have a great deal of affection for each other.

We are grateful for everyone’s love and support during our partnership.”

The couple’s shippers were taken aback by the news. Later, in April 2020,

when an Instagram user suggested that Long was not “that into” her ex-boyfriend, Amabile, she was quick to respond;

“Don’t make assumptions about my feelings.

I liked him enough to envision a marriage and a future with him. A lot is kept private.”

Even months after their divorce, the former couple remains close to one another.

They are frequently seen together, spending time together.

“We have a good relationship,” Long answered when asked if they were together. Right now, it’s not romantic.”

The term “responsibility” refers to the act of determining whether or not a person is responsible

for the actions of another person. Amabile, on the other hand, has been a part of the show since its inception.

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The commercials also hinted at Amabile’s prospective romance with The Bachelor season 23 alum Serena Pitt.

The Former Duo Has Given Several Reasons for Their Split

Throughout the months, the now-divorced couple has presented

numerous thoughts/reasons for their split, whether in interviews or on TV shows.

To begin with, Long stated on her Down to Date podcast in February 2020,

“I did not see it coming. Every relationship has flaws, but I feel like — with Joe and me —

we were best friends. Everything was exciting since we were getting a dog together. We had just recently moved in.

In October 2020, she told US Magazine that Amabile is a great person and she loves him for that.

She also reminisced on how they have gone through so much while they were together.

As a result, she feels compelled to contact him whenever she is having a bad day,

and she thinks Amabile feels the same way.

Additionally, she revealed that she and Amabile now have a nice relationship but it is not romantic right now.

Later, in May 2021, during a podcast,

the Just Curious author stated that it would be difficult to see her ex

looking for a new love on the 7th season of Bachelor in Paradise, while she is also on the show.

“It would be really difficult. I’d rather not see him fall in love with someone else.

“That would be awful,” she said. “I still have a lot of feelings for him.”

Moreover, she continued, “That was the connection, I just poured so much trust in and right

off the bat was honest and transparent. It was the first relationship

I envisioned maybe developing into a marriage. That was completely new to me.”

Coming into contact with the Dancing with the Stars competitor,

he stated, “Breaking up was the toughest thing I ever had to do,” on the debut of season 7

of Bachelor in Paradise in August 2021. You have your doubts and are visibly angry right afterward, but I forced myself to get over her.”

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When they were both on season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise,

they had an emotional conversation about their separation happening due to “logistics.”

Long said, “It’s difficult for me to not have you be a part of my life.

I really want you in my life. You’re a special part of my life and want you to be in my life in some capacity.

“You attempt to go on, but for some reason, it doesn’t feel right, and it’s difficult to.”

I believe what was difficult for me was that the reason we broke up was not that we didn’t love each other.”

saying ” I should’ve been more than just ‘a man’ at that time. We could have tried.

Later in the same episode, Amabile, 35, expressed his emotions for new competitor Serena Pitt.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m still at a stage where I don’t know,” he remarked.

I’m pleased with where I’m at with Serena, but it’s still early days. I’m not sure if this will work again. I don’t.

Furthermore, during a confessional, he reflected on his sentiments towards his ex and claimed, “I think it’s very evident that Kendall still loves me,

but I don’t know if I still love Kendall. … I have something I don’t want to waste away with Serena. I don’t. I like where that’s headed. “This is a mess.”