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David Goggins

David Goggins

Who is David Goggins?

David Goggins is an athlete, public speaker, author, and retired United States Navy SEAL. David Goggins has pushed himself to new heights and continues to explore his potential.

Although he is often regarded as the most inspirational person on the planet, many people are only familiar with his name and not with the guy himself.

Childhood and Family

David Goggins was born on February 17, 1975, in Buffalo, New York, United States.

Trunnis Goggins and Jackie Goggins are his parents.

According to some stories, Goggins’ parents divorced due to ongoing domestic violence.

Despite a difficult background, the African-American is regarded as a role model for men and women of all ages all around the world.

Prior to his athletic career, Goggins enlisted in the army.

As a result of the rigorous training he had to go through, he became the man he is today.

Age, Height, and Body Measurements

David Goggins is 44 years old right now.

In addition, the former SEAL stands at a towering 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) and weighs a flawless 86 kg (190 lbs).

He has a handsome build that comes as no surprise as an athlete.

David Goggins
David Goggins showing off his muscular body. Source: elevatechristainnetwork

Goggins, who had previously struggled with an eating issue and obesity, has now reversed his fortunes.

David, who has been dubbed a human machine, gets up at 3:45 a.m. every day to run 15 miles and bike 60 kilometers.

David had the support of his wife and mother throughout his first marathon run, and he was plagued by a variety of debilitating conditions throughout the race.

Facts of David Goggins

Full Name David Goggins
Birth Date February 17, 1975
Birth Place Buffalo, New York, the United States
Nick Name Toughest Man Alive, UltraMan
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Education Not Available
Horoscope Aquarius
Father’s Name Trunnis Goggins
Mother’s Name Jackie Goggins
Siblings Trunnis Jr. Goggins
Age 37 years old
Height 1.85 m (6 Feet)
Weight 91 kg (200 pounds)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Build Athletic
  • Ultramarathon Runner
  • Ultra-distance Cyclist
  • Triathlete
  • Public Speaker
  • Author
  • Retired United States Navy SEAL
  • Former the United States Air Force Tactical Air Control Party
Rank Chief Petty Officer
Health Problems Obesity, Asthma, Congenital heart defect, Knee Injury
Charity Special Operations Warrior Foundation
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-Wife Aleeza Goggins
Kids Not Available
Net Worth $240,000
Salary $60,000
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Merchandise Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds
Last Updated April 2022

Net Worth, Salary, and Income

David Goggins has amassed $240,000 after all these years of tolerating and challenging himself.

David earns $60k each year as a result of this. He is completely dependent on athletics, thus there are no other sources of money.

Charity, Motivational Speaker, and Memoir

When one of David’s pals was killed in an undercover mission in Afghanistan in 2005, he planned to raise money for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

As a result, Goggins, a former Navy sailor, began long-distance running and was encouraged to compete in a variety of endurance events.

The athlete, for example, ran the Badwater Ultramarathon three times in a row and raised about $2 million for the organization.

Furthermore, Goggins was intuitive in instilling the drive to persevere and motivate to continue forward, despite the difficulties he faced.

The runner frequently visited several sports teams, including the Atlanta Hawks and Seattle Seahawks, as well as collegiate athletes from Alabama, Tennessee, and Michigan.

Jesse Itzler, a well-known entrepreneur, invited David to stay with him for a month at one time in his life.

The only explanation was that Goggins’ determination shocked and impressed him.

Living With A SEAL was later published by Itzler. David would also issue two self-help books, Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds, in the same year.

Military and Athletic Careers

Military Service

Military service is demanding. Goggins failed the ASVAB, a type of test required for acceptance into “The Pipeline,” when he joined the United States Air Force pararescue.

One of the doctors diagnosed him and revealed Sickle Cell Trait when he finally succeeded.

It didn’t make things any easier for him. David resumed exercising after a week of respite. The commander, on the other hand, indicated that he had to redo every training procedure.

As a result, Goggins declined and joined the Tactical Air Control Party of the United States Air Force (TACP).

David’s tenure in the Air Force continued until 1999, after which he opted to leave. The marathon runner eventually completed BUD/S training, albeit it took him three attempts.

As previously said, the specifics demonstrate the record holder’s incredible tenacity Goggins was determined to win his spot despite illness and numerous failures. He was already a source of inspiration at this point.

Following his assignment to SEAL Team FIVE, David served in Iraq for the duration of the war.

Athletic life

Within him, a blazing inferno raged. David was compelled to help the children of his slain warrior friends. He would then go on to establish himself as an athlete, beginning with the Badwater Ultramarathon.

David was in for a 135-mile marathon through the Death Valley to Whitney Portal.

The man-machine completed a 100-mile lap plus one mile extra in under 19 hours, even while his kidneys were shutting down.

Going to the doctor, on the other hand, was not an option for him. David ran the Las Vegas in 3:08 minutes over the next 10 days. Participating in the HURT 100 put him back in a wheelchair after a month.

The year was 2006, and David finished fifth in the Badwater 135 race.

Above all, the machine man wanted to see how long a body could last after undergoing high-intensity endurance training. To add to that, his list of accomplishments is impressive.

Later in Life

To begin, David finished second in the Ultraman after three days, a 320-mile race, and about 261 miles of cycling. In the same way, he finished third in the Badwater marathon in 2007.

Goggins completed in 14 ultra-endurance races, finishing fifth in nine of them and showing no indications of fatigue.

Another notable achievement was the human machine’s completion of 203.5 miles in a 48-hour national championship, breaking the previous record by 20 miles.

It was nothing in comparison to what he would achieve on January 20, 2013. However, a world record of 4,025 pull-ups in under 17 hours on live television cemented his legendary status.

David did it while suffering from heart illness at the same time. He eventually underwent cardiac surgery to correct an atrial septal defect in his heart.

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Wife, Kids, and Relationships

Aleeza, who worked as a nurse and was a support system during Goggins’ endeavor years, married David Goggins. Aleeza, a Japanese resident, returned to her homeland after her visa expired.

Nonetheless, it was Goggins’ participation in demanding activities that put their marriage in jeopardy.

Finally, the pair is no longer together. We doubt David will reconcile with his ex-wife, but we wish him the best in both his personal and professional lives.