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Chris Paul’s Kids, Net Worth, Career, Height, Family

Chris Paul Kids

As the saying goes, “Children don’t say, “I had a rough day, can we talk?” They ask, “Will you play with me?” Parents must be aware of what their kids are dealing with.

No different, Chris Paul’s children are fortunate to have him and Jada as their parents.

Chris and Jada are experts at raising children. They are the best possible parents for a child.

Every person has obstacles in life, regardless of who they are. Together is the secret to success, though.

Two lovely youngsters belong to this happy couple. Let’s quickly review some pertinent information about them:

More Facts About Chris Paul

Full Name Christopher Emmanuel Paul II (First Child)
Date of Birth May 23, 2009
Age 13 years old
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Birthplace New Orleans, Louisiana
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Father Chris Paul
Mother Jada Paul
Siblings Camryn Paul
Grandparents Charles Paul, Robin Paul
Social Media Instagram
Full Name Camryn Alexis Paul (Second Child)
Date of Birth August 16, 2012
Age 9 years old
Zodiac Sign Leo
Birthplace California
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Father Chris Paul
Mother Jada Paul
Siblings Christopher Emmanuel Paul II
Grandparents Charles Paul, Robin Paul
Social Media Instagram
Chris Paul’s Merch Long Shot: Never Too Small To Dream Big (Hardcover)
Last Update August 2022

Chris Paul Parents | Children

Chris Paul’s father

American basketball player Chris Paul, popularly known as CP3, plays in the NBA.

He has received over 20 career highlights and award awards to date thanks to his remarkable skills.

starting with his recognition as a McDonald’s All-American in high school!

Paul is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world thanks to his prowess on the court. He also has endorsement deals with companies like State Farm and Air Jordan.

Since August 2013, Chris has served as the National Basketball Players Association’s president off the court.

Charles Edward and Robin Paul, Chris’s proud parents, welcomed him into the world on May 6, 1985, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

He is the younger sibling of C.J. Paul.

Chris Paul Kids
Chris Paul Kids. Source: The Sport Daily

Paul’s father mentored him and his brother in several youth leagues while also teaching them basketball and football during Paul’s boyhood.

Chris and his brother C.J later played basketball in college for Hampton University and the University of South Carolina Upstate, respectively.

They met during a preseason exhibition game between Wake Forest and USC-Upstate in 2004.

What is Chris Paul’s worth?

According to the terms of his contract, Chris Paul signed a $68 million deal with the Hornets last season.

Paul signed contracts worth $107 million over five years with the Los Angeles Clippers and $160 million over four years with the Houston Rockets.

Paul’s net worth is therefore thought to be around $130 million. He relishes his financial independence thanks to his incredible net worth.

Jada Crawley’s mom

Many individuals all across the world look up to Jada Crawley as a role model.

She is not only the NBA player Chris Paul’s wife; she is also a mother and a prosperous businesswoman.

Chris Paul’s beautiful wife Jada was born to her parents in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Jada Crawley is an extraordinarily attractive woman.
Jada Crawley was raised in a middle-class household where she gained the qualities of humility and love.

She is also a citizen of the United States and is of African descent.

Crawley continued her education after graduating from Mount Tabor High School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

After graduating from there, she enrolled at Wake Forest University, a private institution.

The income of Jada Crawley

Jada has been a stay-at-home mother, caring for her kids.

She continues to assist people in every way she can despite this.

In 2022, Crawley’s net worth is projected to be $1 million.

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Christopher Emmanuel Paul II, the son of Chris Paul

Chris Paul’s son Christopher Emmanuel Paul II, who also took part in the television program Family Grudges with his family, is best known for being Chris Paul.

His birthday is May 23, 2009.

The eldest son, Christopher Paul Jr., has a younger sister named Camlin Paul.

He reportedly dislikes the attention his father’s accomplishments draw to him.

He hasn’t been seen out in public very frequently because of this, either by his classmates, teachers, or the media.

Chris, a well-known basketball star, claimed that his son is also quite athletic and aspires to carry on his father’s heritage.

Nevertheless, he expresses interest in a variety of sports rather than just one.

He is somewhat self-conscious about his height and desires for it to increase more than his father, according to his mother. And in order to grow to the necessary height, he consumes a variety of healthy foods.


Christopher Emmanuel Paul II has received acclaim for his exceptional performance and strong academic ranking since preschool.

He is one of the most attentive students in his class, according to reports.

He has always displayed humility both inside and outside of the school, despite being the descendant of one of the most well-known superstars in the world.

Since he is 13 years old, Chris II’s parents exclusively administer and keep an eye on his Instagram account.

Additionally, Chris Paul Jr. and his dad participated in a recent Christmas commercial for State Farm Insurance.

Body Dimensions
There is no information online on Christopher Emmanuel Paul II’s actual body measurements.

He may weigh roughly 50 kilograms and is estimated to be 4 feet 10 inches tall.

Chris Emmanuel Paul II has a distinct physique, exceptional height, and proportionate body parts.

Christopher Emmanuel Paul II

& Chris Paul Kids

Byrne Alexis Paul is known for being Chris Paul’s daughter, an NBA player.

On August 16, 2012, Chris and Jada, his college sweetheart, welcomed her into the world.

American-born Camryn was born and raised here.

Her family took part in Family Feud in November 2011 shortly after her birth.


This family’s daughter attended school from home for a significant portion of her early years. She did not want to go outside by herself due to her uncomfortable time spent in the media around the outside world.

But after some time, she was able to accompany her older, more watchful brother to physical education class.

The parents claim that both of their children are handling the glimmer of celebrity quite kindly and modestly.

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Instagram presence

Camryn can definitely be found on Instagram, but that is also the case with her.

Her parents are in charge of and oversee her Instagram account.

She also shares videos of her and her brother dancing.

She produced numerous TikTok videos with her brother during the lockdown in which her father Chris Paul appeared as a supporting actor.