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Bernard Hinault

Bernard Hinault Net Worth

Bernard Hinault

Bernard Hinault is a former French professional cyclist with a net worth of $75 million. Bernard Hinault is regarded as one of the best cyclists of all time. He also topped the People with Money magazine’s list of the ten highest-paid athletes for 2021, moving up to that position.

He was nurtured in a home called La Clôture after being born on November 14th, 1954 in Yffiniac, France.

He was born in France and began his bike career in the western French metropolis of Brittany.

Later in 1975, he joined the Gitane-Campagnolo, a professional French cycling team.

Le blaireau, which translates to “the badger,” is the nickname given to him because of his 147 victories and several trophies over his career.

Hinault has performed in a number of movies in addition to riding.

He is now a farmer and living his post-retirement life.

More Face About Bernard Hinault

Full Name Bernard Hinault
Birth Date 14th of November 1954
Birth Place Official, France
Nicknames The Badger, The Boss
Nationality French
Education A technical college in Saint-Brieuc
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’s Name Joseph Hinault
Mother’s Name Lucie Hinault
Siblings Pierre Hinault, Gilbert Hinault & Josianne Hinault
Age 67 years old
Height 5’8″ (1.74 m)
Weight 137 lb (62 Kg)
Shoe Size 13
Profession Professional Cyclist, Actor, Farmer
Net Worth $75 million
Married December 1974
Spouse Martine Hinault
Children Mickael & Alexandre
Salary N/A
Social Media N/A
Merch Road Racing: Technique and Training(Book)
Last Update August 2022

Net Worth & Investments

Bernard Hinault’s net worth is thought to be $75 million because he was a former elite French cyclist and actor.

His initial salary was roughly $2,773.40 at the beginning of his employment.

The French cyclist makes money outside of his career through things like stock market investments and endorsement partnerships with other businesses.

His fortune also includes significant real estate interests and business with CoverGirl cosmetics.

Bernard has numerous additional sources of income in addition to these. Having a Fat Hinault Burger restaurant in Paris, for instance.

Bernard Hinault Net Worth
Bernard Hinault Net Worth. Source: Cycling News

In addition, the cycler has a partnership with an alcohol business. With the help of this, he created and released his own vodka under the name Pure Wonderhinault France.

With Love from Bernard, a line of perfume that Bernard also produces is a best-seller.

Hinault has also entered the fashion industry and launched his own line of clothing known as the “Bernard Hinault Seduction.”

He is currently living and working as a farmer after retiring. He is employed by the ASO, a race organizer.

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Hinault, Bernard House: Net Worth

Hinault resided in Quessoy, a neighborhood near Yffiniac, with his family throughout his professional riding career. He had acquired 28 acres of property close to Calorguen in the year 1983.

The family moved to the Calorguen property shortly after he retired.

Cycling and Advertising

Additionally, the 1986 La Vie Claire vintage is the bike he owns and primarily used in his race.

Other riders who ride this bike besides him include Greg Lemond and the other members of the La Vie Claire Squad.

Bernard has also been an enthusiastic personality for several cycles. The LOOK E765 Optimum is one of the newest.

The electric bike offers a variety of features, such as a 20 mph top speed that makes it simpler for the bike to travel uphill at a good clip.

The bike’s four control modes also provide a distinctive pedaling experience.

Additionally, OW mode, intermediate mode, and rocket mode are the 4 control modes.

The power increases gradually, with OW mode having the lowest power.

The intermediate mode, which has two separate power levels of 125 W and 250 W, then follows.

The 400 W power mode on this bike allows for the most power to be used by a cyclist.

The carbon fiber technology that is integrated into the bike is another special characteristic.

Lifestyle and travel

The French rider prefers to keep as much of his private life as possible hidden.

As a result, we seldom ever see updates about Bernard’s lifestyle and travels on social media.

Bernard is a former cyclist, which is what we do know about him.

He now prefers to stay at home and enjoys spending time with his family, especially his grandchildren.

Bernard mentioned that he enjoys watching races as his favorite thing to do at home.

He enjoys watching the Tour of Gabon, Tour de Bretagne, and Tour of the Future, among other races.

These frequently have a history associated with them.

The birth of African cycling is seen, for instance, in The Tour of Gabon.

Additionally, Tour of the Future, also known as Tour de l’Avenir, is geared toward young children.

Hinault also enjoys traveling on his vacations. We have now learned a few details about his vacation.

Additionally, Hinault’s family and the family of his former Dutch opponent Zoetemelk traveled to the Dutch West Indies for a holiday vacation.

Charity Is Effective

The French cyclist is very involved in charitable initiatives.

He has helped numerous kids, participated in charity rides, and organized races frequently.

Hinault visited the USA in 2015 for charity rides in the states of Atlanta and Orlando.

Bikes and life, a 62-mile event led by Hinault, was primarily responsible for organizing this event.

Everyone was ecstatic to see the winner encouraging and supporting them.

Additionally, Souffles d’Espoir, a non-profit helping the fight against cancer, received support from the donations made possible by this event.

The money was also given to the Faine House, an orphanage in Orlando that houses foster children until they turn 18 years old.

Bernard has also discussed the advantages of sports and exercise as well as his own experiences.

He placed a lot of emphasis on involvement, love of sports, and finding enjoyment in fitness and cycling.

The badger remarked,

My goal is to see more young people riding bikes, competing in races, and winning races.

He even gave bicycles to two foster kids each to inspire the little ones. Since he has no owners, he serves as a role model for all aspiring riders, young and old.

During the pandemic, prompt action
He joined a group of businesspeople that jointly invested in Mavic, a manufacturer of cycling equipment, during the 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis.

Movies, Investments, and Book Publications

Hinault has performed in movies in addition to riding.

He enjoys watching movies and going to the theater because he is French.

He has been in a number of TV shows, documentaries, and short films up to this point.

Le quepa sur la vilni from 2013; Moser: Scacco al tempo from 2018; Hinault from 2015 TV series; Vivement dimanche prochain from 2012 TV series are just a few of his best works.

Bernard also enjoys reading, writing, and other forms of literature, just like the majority of Frenchmen.

The novel “Le Tour de France: The Official Story of the World’s Greatest Cycle Race.

“Memories of the Peloton,” “La fabuleuse Histoire du Tour de France,” “Hinault,” and others are just a few of Bernard Hinault’s publications.

Bernard Hinault’s professional

I compete to win, not to win over people,

When Hinault joined the Gitane team in 1974, his professional cycling career got underway.

In the Paris Camembert (1978) race, his team took the lead and prevailed.

He thus took part in the Vuelta an Espana and defeated several of the top cyclists after listening to the advice of his buddy and professional cyclist Cyrille Guimard.

Similar to how he won the race in the 1978 Tour de France, he also won it again in 1979, 1981, 1982, and 1985. In 1980 and 1972, the Badger was the Giro d’Italia champion.

Other Awards

Vuelta a Espaa champion in 1978 and 1983

1980 winner of the Paris-Roubaix;

1981 world road race champion

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Bernard Hinault: Interesting Facts

Bernard has never tested positive for any of the common performance-enhancing substances used by sports.

On the contrary, he has taken part in the oppositional demonstration.

Martine, his wife, previously presided over Calorguen.

He was quite obstinate, brave, and naughty when he was little.

With his brothers or friends, he would start fights all the time.