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Audrina Patridge Details Her Abusive Marriage to Ex Husband Corey

Audrina Patridge
  • She also appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast.
  • The reality star and her ex-husband found out they were expecting.

In May 2022, Audrina Patridge released her memoir, Choices, in which she detailed her time in The Hills and her marriage to ex-husband Corey Bohan.

She also appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast on July 20, 2022, to discuss the subject of her new book.

Patridge rose to stardom after appearing on the reality show.

The Hills with her celebrity pals, Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag.

She was initially dating Justin Bobby, but the relationship collapsed, and she began dating Bohan after meeting him through common acquaintances.

She mentioned on the program that her friendship with Bohan developed naturally

When fans tuned in to The Hills spinoff, Audrina, they had a front-row ticket to their love lives.

They welcomed their daughter Kirra Max in June 2016 and married in November of that year.

However, after Bohan’s “claimed violent outburst,” the reality star filed for divorce a year later.

In ‘Call Me Daddy,’ Audrina Patridge discusses her abusive marriage.

She went into great detail about it during the podcast conversation, alleging that everything published about her life had been from the media’s point of view.

But she had had enough of remaining silent and eventually expressed her perspective on what she was genuinely going through in her biography.

She hoped her experience would inspire others to speak up.

Patridge told host Alex Cooper that she fell in love with Bohan because he was different from the LA guys she had previously dated.

She felt everything was OK until she received tweets from admirers claiming to have seen the former motocross rider kissing another girl in a club.

On Call Me Daddy, Audrina Patridge discusses her marriage to former husband Corey Bohan.

Patridge confronted him, but Bohan flipped the script, duping her into believing it was her fault and chastising her for listening to strangers.

She trusted him and shut off all the outside noise, but it didn’t help their relationship.

Bohan was always accusing her of infidelity, going through her text messages and requesting that she remove social media.

The continual doubt resulted in arguments and Bohan’s disappearance for several days.

After that, Bohan would return and they would reunite, but their happiness would last only three months before another violent conflict.

Audrina Patridge
Audrina Patridge with her husband in their wedding source: Green Wedding Shoes

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Patridge, Audrina Everything was kept hidden from friends and family.

Patridge was lonely during those times since she kept things from her family and friends out of embarrassment.

She didn’t want people to know she was struggling, so she learned to put on a brave face in public.

When the reality star and her ex-husband found out they were expecting, he was overjoyed, and Patridge saw it as a positive sign in their relationship.

He was fantastic even after their daughter was born, she witnessed how delighted he was to become a dad.

Patridge and Bohan married five months after the birth of their daughter.

But, as much as the reality star hoped her marriage would work out, things grew worse.

Bohan shoved her while she was still carrying her baby one night during a disagreement.

She realized she had to leave at that point.

So she phoned the cops, and everything between her and her ex-husband came to an end.

Patridge stated that leaving Bohan was her finest decision.