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Nikki Sanderson and Anthony Quinlan are dating

Nikki Sanderson
  • Anthony Quinlan and Nikki Sanderson are dating.
  • Nikki’s previous partnerships
  • Nikki’s previous partnerships
  • Anthony’s previous partnerships

According to The Sun, actress Nikki Sanderson has been dating actor Anthony Quinlan for some time. Their shared passion for fitness and the gym brought them together and eventually led to a romantic relationship.

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Anthony Quinlan and Nikki Sanderson are dating.

Nikki Sanderson, the actress from Hollyoaks, has a new lover, according to the newest report.

Anthony Quinlan is an Emmerdale firmer star.

A piece of great news was shared with The Sun by an insider.

According to the source: “Nikki and Anthony both attend to the same gym and are big fitness fans, so they bonded over that.”

“It’s been a while, and everything is going fine.”

“Nikki has been going through a rough patch recently, and Anthony has been a terrific support for her.”

Neither Nikki nor Anthony have spoken publicly about their new relationship.

For the time being, the couple has chosen to keep this private.

Until yet, they have neither verified nor rejected the rumors.

But one thing is certain: their bond has only gotten stronger over time.

Nikki Sanderson Anthony Quinlan
Nikki Sanderson with her boyfriend Anthony Quinlan source: Manchester Evening News

Nikki’s previous partnerships

Nikki, 37, had been dating Greg Whitehurst since 2015.

The beginning was contentious because Nikki was a visitor at Greg’s wedding.

And she started seeing him just 10 months after the wedding.

However, Nikki clarified her position in an interview with OK magazine the same year.

She stated: “[Greg] has been accused for something he did not do…

On the opposite side, there was a third person who divided them up.

Greg had nothing to do with how it ended.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to be her mate because she’d steal my partner,” people remark.

I would never do something like that.”

She also revealed that she and Greg met after he divorced his wife, Sarah. She stated, ”

“I’ve known Greg and his family for a long time.

Greg’s marriage ended in January; it was a difficult time for him, and all of his friends and family were there for him.”

Greg and Nikki will divorce in July 2020. At the time, she told The Sun:

“Unfortunately, Greg and I have chosen to divorce.

We remain friends and wish each other the best in the future.”

She also stated that they are still friends.

Greg is also on the dating app Bumble, according to the outlet.

Nikki was also in a relationship with Danny Young, which ended in February 2009.

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Anthony’s previous partnerships

Anthony, 37, was previously married to Michelle Keegan, but the couple divorced in 2008.

Later, from 2017 to 2018, he dated Strictly Come Dancing’s, Dianne Buswell.

People said it was a Strictly curse when they separated up.

But Anthony corrected them all by saying:

“We’re still pretty close friends; distance just played a role.”

‘There were rumors about a Strictly curse, but it wasn’t that.’