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Madeline Groves

Madeline Groves

Who is Madeline Groves?

Madeline Groves is an Australian Olympic competition swimmer. Madeline Groves won two silver medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics. She won the Women’s 200m Butterfly and the 4x100m medley relay.

Olympic silver medalist Madeline withdrew from the Olympics 2021, however, this is not a frequent cause for competitors to start. Madeline is an Australian Olympic silver medalist.

Aside from that, Maddie was the Australian national champion in the 200m butterfly for four years in a row, from 2013 to 2016.

Groves has two Commonwealth Games gold medals to his name.

Despite having major health conditions that could jeopardize her career, Groves chose swimming over parenting.

But, just as her career was reaching its pinnacle, she abruptly withdrew from the Olympics 2021.

We will provide all of the details concerning her swimming career in this article.

So, make sure you read the entire article.

Childhood and Education

Madeline Groves was born in Brisbane, Queensland, on May 25, 1995.

Greg Groves is her father, and Claire Brinkman Groves is her mother.

She has two brothers, the whereabouts of whom are unknown.

Groves attended Wilston State Primary School before transferring to St Peter’s Lutheran College for high school.

She was the inaugural recipient of the Georgina Hope Rinehart Swimming Excellence Scholarship in 2014.

This enabled her to pursue a Bachelor of Social Science degree at Bond University on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

More Facts about Madeline Groves

Full Name Madeline Groves
Other Name Maddie Groves
Nickname Mad dog, Machine gun
Age 27 years old
Birth Date May 25, 1995
Birthplace Brisbane, Queensland
Nationality Australian
Mother Claire Brinkman Groves
Father Greg Groves
Star Sign Gemini
Height 5’10″/179 cm
Weight 66 kg/146 lb
Eye Color Hazel Green
Hair Color Blonde
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend Tom Barton
Children None
School Wilston State Primary School
High School St Peters Lutheran College
Education Social Science
University Bond University
Profession Swimmer, Olympics athlete
Titles 2013 Australian Swimming Champion.
Olympic Medals 2; Silver medal
Other medals
  • 3; Gold medal
  • 1; Silver
  • 1; Bronze
Strokes Butterfly
Club St Peters Western
Coach Michael Bohl
Net Worth $1-$5 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch Swimming Goggles, Swimming Gear
Last Update September 2022

Swimming Career

Madeline Groves began swimming at a young age.

Madeline is a natural swimmer.

Madeline Groves
Madeline Groves when she wins silver. Source: dailymail

She began swimming lessons when she was a baby.

So she knew from away what she enjoyed doing and what she aspired to be in the future.

Swimming had been her dream since she was a child, and she began competing in swimming events at the age of twelve.

Junior Career Success

She competed in the Junior Oceania Swimming Championships in Samoa in 2010.

In the event, she earned three gold medals and one silver.

She won gold in the 100m and 200m butterfly events and silver in the 50m butterfly.

She also won the four 100 m medley events.

Madeline also competed in the Junior Pan Pacific Championships in Hawaii the same year.

She won a silver medal in the 200-meter butterfly there.

She took a hiatus from swimming to concentrate on her schoolwork, but she returned after graduating from high school.

That’s when her really swimming adventure began.

The ground-breaking

Groves was little known until 2013.

Then, in the 2013 Australian Swimming Championships, she won the national title in the 200 m butterfly event, propelling her to national prominence.

The following year, she won the championship again and was named to the Commonwealth Games team.

The Australian-born swimmer won gold in the 400m and 800m freestyle relays at the Commonwealth Games.

Maddie also earned a bronze medal in the 200m butterfly event.

She took bronze in the 2015 World Championship.

In addition, at the Hancock Prospecting Australian Swimming Championships the same year, she set a new all-comers record in the 200m butterfly.

Madie was chosen to represent Australia in the 2016 Olympics due to her exceptional swimming achievements.

The first Olympic appearance and victory

Madeline Groves made her Olympic debut at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

She competed in the 200m butterfly event for Australia, where she won silver.

She finished just three seconds behind Spain’s gold champion Mireia Belmonte Garcia.

It was a close victory.

Madeline took silver in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Groves did not win a gold medal but did bring home two silver medals.

She took silver in the women’s 800m free relay.

Pan Pacific Championship gold medalist

Madeline Groves competed at the Pan Pacific Championship in Tokyo in 2018.

She finished first in the women’s 800m free relay, breaking the Pan Pacific Championship record.

She won gold in the competition.

Groves also won silver in the 100m Common Wealth Games that year.

The departure of Madeline Groves from the Olympics

Maddie had performed admirably in her first Olympic game.

It was a close game in which she had a chance to win gold.

Nonetheless, Groves had great aspirations that she would bring gold to the 2020 Olympics.

However, Maddie withdrew from the Australian Olympic Swimming Trials at the last minute.

This created difficult concerns about why she did so.

Competing in the Olympics is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that no athlete should pass up.

Typically, competitors withdraw from the Olympics due to exceptional circumstances such as health difficulties.

This, however, was not the case for Maddie Groves.

When questioned why she withdrew, Maddie stated that she did it to oppose the misogynistic perverts in sports and to teach the lessons.

Maddie sent a lengthy letter on social media emphasizing that she intended to teach lessons to perverts in sports who exploit young women and girls, body shame them, or medically gaslight them.

Groves accused someone she worked with of making her feel uncomfortable.

She alleged she was sexually abused and passed inappropriate comments.

The Australian Swimming Association and those working with Maddie were deeply concerned by this.

This prompted the Australian Human Rights Commission to intervene and investigate the case of harassment, abuse, and mistreatment of women in sports.

Maddie took a stand to address this difficult problem that is common in sports. Groves created that splash, and its reverberation appears to endure for years.

Combating Adenomyosis and Endometriosis

Madeline Groves suffers from adenomyosis and endometriosis.

Both disorders were just diagnosed in her.

It is a medical disorder in which cells from the uterus (endometrium) burst through the uterine muscle walls and develop outside the uterus.

This causes uterine enlargement and severe menstrual flow.

Groves’ career as a swimmer is jeopardized by the sickness.

Groves, on the other hand, is upfront about her medical condition on social media.

She claims that the discomfort from adenomyosis is excruciating.

It feels like someone has stabbed you in the uterus.

Her adenomyosis had also gotten worse.

As a result, she took the firm choice to undergo medically induced menopause.

Following various scans, it was discovered that she had pre-cancerous lesions on her cervix.

Despite the possibility of not being able to conceive, she underwent surgery the next day to have those lesions removed.

The Australian-born woman was given many drugs to cope with the excruciating pain and even had the Mirena implanted.

However, it made her vomit every day for three months.

She underwent surgery to alleviate her ailments.

Maddie took a break from swimming to get the disease diagnosed.

Her illness was finally diagnosed in 2017.


Madeline Groves is now dating Tom Barton.

He is the creator of the Q Swim app.

He also works as a sports physiotherapist and a yoga instructor.

Both publicly post images on social media. Madeline’s net worth is unknown.

Madeline’s net worth is believed to be between $1 and $5 million.

Her financial worth stems from her competitive swimming career.

The Australians are rewarded a hefty $15,000 for their Olympic silver medal.

Groves also won approximately $30,000 as a silver medalist in the Rio Olympics.

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Social media accounts

Madeline Groves has a strong social media presence.

She is active on Instagram and Twitter, where she expresses her opinions and tells her life narrative.

She writes on the harsh realities of women’s athletics, as well as her own battle with adenomyosis and endometriosis.

Groves also posts about her personal life, travel images, and swimming exercises.

She also uploads behind-the-scenes photos from her sporting life and uses social media to engage with her fans.

You may keep up with her on social media to learn more about what’s going on in her life.

16.1K followers on Instagram

Twitter has 38,800 followers.