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Alita Battle Angel 2:

Alita: Battle Angel Part 2:

If you enjoy Japanese manga adaption dramas, then the “ALITA” series is one you should watch at least once. In 2019, Robert Rodriguez returned with one of the best cyberpunk films, Alita: Battle Angel, starring Rosa Salazar as the animated Alita.

Laeta Kalogridis co-wrote the script, which was produced by James Cameron and Jon Landau.

The first Alita premiere was claimed to have grossed over $404 million globally.

The audience loves the film because of Rose’s great performance and the spectacular effects.

Alita fans are now eagerly awaiting the release of the second installment as soon as feasible.

Alita Battle Angel 2 Release Date:

The first season of Alita is remembered for its incredible visual effects and spirited performances by the cast.

Hence. Fans are eagerly awaiting its next sequel, however, due to the takeover of its production firm, 20TH Century Fox by Disney Pictures, the release schedule is mired in controversy.

It is, assuming Disney agrees at this point.

The fact that the studio has made no official pronouncements about the possibility of a sequel is a good indicator.

If all goes as planned, Alita: Battle Angel 2 could be released in 2024 or later.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures now handles the distribution of 20th-century films because 20th Century Fox no longer exists.

When asked about Alita: Battle Angel 2 by Collider, Christopher Waltz (The French Dispatch) stated.

“It was produced by the now-defunct film Fox.”

It’s now Disney’s turn.

He made a remark.

“I have no idea if Alita 2 will meet the [20th-century studio] Disneyfication,” the filmmaker says.

Alita Battle Angel 2
Alita Battle Angel 2 Source: Digital Spy

In the meantime, I haven’t heard anything.”

Disney has made no public comments on the matter.

Despite this, insiders say Disney is considering scrapping the film due to exorbitant production expenses and the challenges caused by the global covid outbreak.

Unfortunately, the majority of the cast members, including Oscar winners Christoph Waltz and Rosa Salazar, have said that there are no plans for an Alita: Battle Angel sequel.

Despite the fact that Alita: Battle Angel made a considerable profit at the box office, Disney is no longer willing to take the risk.

Despite the fact that the filmmaker, Robert Rodriguez, has confirmed the film’s release, which is confirmed by the executive producer, James Cameron, rumors of a late 2021 release date have appeared.

He also determined that the success of Boba Fett would be critical to the success of the show.

He’ll first release Boba, then think about the series.

Given the contentious nature of the statements made in anticipation of the release of Alita Battle Angel Part 2, speculation is difficult at this moment, but it will be thrilling to watch if Alita’s army is able to save her.

If a second season is planned, it will most likely not be released until 2024, thus it is better to wait until an official announcement is made.

Who will be in Alita: Battle Angel 2?

Alita 2 will feature the return of the original season’s cast as well as some new faces.

Because the names of the extra cast members have not been revealed, we give the following list of Alita 2 cast members:

  • Alita is played by Rosa Salazar.
  • Hugo is played by Keenan Johnson.
  • Dr. Chiren is played by Jennifer Connelly (Top Gun Maverick).
  • Grewishka, played by Jackie Early Harley.
  • Dr. Dyson is played by Christopher Waltz.
  • Ed Skrien plays the role of Zapan.
  • Vector is played by Mahershala Ali (Blade Marvel).
  • Alita Battle Angel 2’s Predicted Plot

The plot of Alita: Battle Angel 2

The story centers around Alita, the protagonist, who is reborn in a new body with no memory of her past.

The manner she attempted to discover her own identity captivated the audience till the very end.

Alita Battle Angel 2
Alita Battle Angel 2 Source: YouTube

Although fans found the story ended abruptly, there is no point in continuing the same plot in Alita 2.

As a result, the audience may get to see more celestial attendants battle in the sequel.

What can you expect to see in Alita Battle Angel’s second season?

The second season of Alita would be similar to season one, which was similarly based on two volumes of a Japanese manga series.

After Alita’s lover Hugo’s death, she became a Motorball star with hunter warriors, as we saw in the season 1 finale.

In Alita’s second sequel, the story of her becoming an established professional motor ball star, or even the display of her prior identity, would continue.

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Alita: Battle Angel 2 Trailer

The season 2 trailer for Alita Battle Angel has yet to be released.