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Who Is Nancy Simon? Ex-Wife Woody Harrelson

Nancy Simon
  • American actor and playwright Woody Harrelson’s ex-wife is Nancy Simon.
  • Simon is an author.
  • Vice President Mike Pence attended Hanover College at the same time that Woody did as a student.

Who is Nancy Simon?

American actor and playwright Woody Harrelson’s ex-wife is Nancy Simon. Neil Simon and Joan Baim gave birth to Nancy.

She and her two siblings were reared by her parents.

Simon is an author.

She is currently wed to the artist David Florimbi.

They got married in 1992.

Together, they have one child.

She resides in the United States.

Couple David Florimbi and Nancy Simon

Couple David Florimbi and Nancy Simon from Pinterest

The Diary Of Woody

The co-founder of an organic food delivery service, Laura Louie, and Woody are currently married.

They were blissfully married in 2008.

Laura was Woody’s assistant when they first crossed paths in 1987, and that year they both worked in the same office.

Together, they have three children, all of which are daughters.

Woody Harrelson
Woody Harrelson with his ex-wife source: Digital Spy

Earlier associations of Woody

Nancy was the prior love of Woody’s life. In 1985, they got married.

They wanted to divorce the following day, but for various reasons, they were forced to remain married for an additional 10 months.

In 1986, their divorce was finally formalized.

Woody enjoys taking chances.

TheEllenShow interviewed Woody Harrelson.

During that interview, Ellen displayed some odd images to him and questioned him about them.

Yoga was the first topic they discussed.

Woody enjoys doing yoga because it helps him unwind.

He watched a video Ellen had taken of him on a boat with his wife.

He was upside down and leaning on the wall in the video.

Woody said that doing such was only for relaxation.

He made fun of himself by telling Ellen that he could stay in his hands for three days.

However, he said openly that he could hold himself up for a while.

His lower body felt calm after practicing that yoga for a few minutes, but he almost shattered his neck.

Ellen mentioned Woody, who said that he had managed to keep himself in shape.

Despite being 57 years old, Woody doesn’t appear that ancient.

He is also capable of plenty of things that most individuals in their fifties are not.

Woody questioned why the audience had even applauded after Ellen had praised him.

Then Ellen displayed a photo of Woody leaning against a wall.

It was a photograph of him taken in Greece.

He was making an odd gesture while claiming that he had posed in that way for the photograph.

Posing in such situations was unsafe because the area was dangerous.

Woody disclosed that his home has a pool, and he leaps from the second floor of his house to the pool.

He must roll up because the pool is quite deep.

For those in their 50s, it was a challenging task, but he is completing it.

He has managed to keep himself going thanks to what he has been doing.

He dives into the pool every day from a two-story residence.

Woody also mentioned that he intends to relocate to Texas because he is a native of that state.

He desires to return to living in Austin, Texas.


Her ex-husband is a 60-year-old man.

Gross Value

Woody has a net worth of $70 million.

He makes a living as an actor and dramatist.

Woody is a slacker

In his chat with Ellen, Woody covered a wide range of fascinating topics.

He talked about his cat, but he can’t quite recall how it appears.

Funny how he can’t recall how the cat used to look after all these years.

He then admitted that he was a freeloader.

He was questioned about his journey to Europe, during which he traveled entirely on other people’s boats.

For this reason, according to Woody, he stayed in other people’s homes and boats during his journey.

He wholeheartedly concurred that he travels for free and doesn’t spend any money.

He claimed that he extends his own invitations.

Left Smoking

Woody revealed that he is a smoker.

He admitted that he used to smoke frequently, but Jimmy was shocked when Woody disclosed in a previous interview that he had given up smoking.

He claimed to smoke frequently.

Then he spoke of his close buddy Willie Nelson.

He found that telling Willie about his decision to stop smoking was the most difficult part of the process.

He didn’t know how to tell him, so while they were together, he feigned to be smoking since he didn’t want his friend to know that he had stopped.

Later, though, he told Willie that he had stopped smoking.

In the interview, he acknowledged that he stopped smoking a year and a half ago.

Received an Arrest for Dancing

When Woody was 21 years old, the police picked him up.

He was taken into custody by the police as a result of his dancing in the middle of the road.

It was well known that he had been detained by police for allegedly disturbing the peace.

Woody was arrested because someone saw him dancing in the middle of a busy street.

In addition, after being apprehended, he attempted to flee from the policeman.

He was released by paying a fine, so he wasn’t put in jail.

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A college classmate of the vice president

Vice President Mike Pence attended Hanover College at the same time that Woody did as a student.

Woody revealed that he had known him since then and that Mike and he were similar in that they shared a strong religious conviction.

Woody revealed that he was awarded a Presbyterian Scholarship while attending that university.

He spoke about Mike Pence, stating that he is a fine man and that he has been a favorite of his since college.

He also stated that Mike practices a distinct type of faith.