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Who is Remington Alexander Blackstock? Son of Kelly Clarkson

Remington Alexander Blackstock
  • Remington Alexander Blackstock is the son of Kelly Clarkson, an American singer, novelist, actress, composer, and television personality.
  • Kelly is an actress, singer, songwriter, and television personality.
  • Kelly’s decision was not simple, and the time between their divorce was painful and heartbreaking.

Who is Remington Alexander Blackstock?

Remington Alexander Blackstock is the son of Kelly Clarkson, an American singer, novelist, actress, composer, and television personality.

Remington, the youngest child, was born on April 12, 2016.

Family, including parents and siblings

Remington Alexander Blackstock was born in 2016 to Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock.

His mother uploaded his first image on Twitter, which garnered a lot of attention.

He also has a big sister, River Rose Blackstock, and two half-brothers, Savannah and Seth Blackstock.

Remington Alexander Blackstock
Remington Alexander Blackstock with his family source: ELLE

Kelly Clarkson on Mother

Kelly is an actress, singer, songwriter, and television personality.

She was born on April 24, 1982, in Fort Worth, Texas, to parents Jeanne Clarkson and Stephen Michael Clarkson.

In the year 2000, she graduated from Burleson High School.

She used to sing in the school choir in high school.

Kelly was a music fanatic. She relocated to Los Angeles to seek a career in music.

She worked a variety of occupations and had a few television appearances.

She also collaborated with songwriter Gerry Goffin as a female vocalist.

But things didn’t go well for her, and she was too discouraged to return to Texas.

The first American Idol winner

After she returned home in 2002, one of her friends informed her of a new talent show.

She quickly applied and was chosen as one of the 10,000 contestants for American Idol.

She was the first winner of the American Idol season after competing against 10,000 other contestants.

broke the record previously held by The Beatles and Britney Spears

After winning American Idol, her debut single topped the US Billboard Hot 100, breaking The Beatles’ 38-year-old record for the largest climb to number one.

Her track, “My Life Would Suck Without You,” smashed Britney Spears’ record.

Her track holds the record for the largest number-one jump in chart history.

Breakaway, her second album, was released on November 30, 2004, and sold over 12 million copies worldwide, making it a significant hit at the time.

She was nominated for 13 Grammy Awards.

Her second album, Breakaway, received two Grammy Awards, and her third album,

Stronger, received one Grammy Award, bringing her total to three.

Relationship between Parents

Kelly met Brandon Blackstock while rehearsing for the American Country Music Awards in 2006.

Brandon’s father was Kelly’s manager at the time, and Brandon’s stepmother was Kelly’s mentor.

Kelly felt feelings for him immediately away. Brandon, on the other hand, was married to Melissa Ashworth at the time.

Brandon’s marriage to Melissa Ashworth had ended by the time they met again in 2012.

In a short period of time, the pair fell in love and moved in together.

The pair married in October 2013.

Brandon’s previous marriage produced two children.

Brandon Blackstock and I divorced.

In 2020, Kelly filed for divorce from her spouse, Brandon Blackstock. They divorced after seven years of marriage.

The couple has two children: Remington Alexander Blackstock, a son, and River Rose Blackstock, a girl.

Kelly stated that she is excited for her show to return in 2021.

Her supporters are disappointed, but they are also excited about her future performances.

Her mother is her best friend.

Kelly Clarkson interviewed her mother for her podcast, “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

Kelly revealed that she was her best friend and that she was grateful to her mother for everything.

The conversation was really interesting since her mother, Jeanne, spoke out about some past events involving Kelly.

Her mother stated that her children, especially Kelly, are quite talkative.

She sometimes believes they are not even her children because they are so different from her,

as she rarely speaks or speaks to anyone.

But Kelly is thrilled that she is talkative, and because she talks about too many topics,

she now has her own show, which her mother is also pleased about.

Kelly revealed that her mother once told her to guard her lips when she participated in an idol contest 17 years ago.

In the interview, John was also present, and he stated that he was almost the perfect man in high school.

Kelly joked that John resembled her mother and that he had to be her child because they were so similar.

Kelly’s mother, Jeanne, was a teacher, and she had seen her mother as a teacher.

She considers her mother to be one of the best instructors she knows, and she questioned her mother why she chose the teaching profession.

Her mother said that as she grew up, she observed both outstanding and poor teachers,

and when she saw the poor teachers, she knew she didn’t want to be like them.

She wanted children to think the school was great, and she constantly wanted youngsters to like the school.

That is what prompted her mother to become a teacher, and Kelly considers herself fortunate to have a mother like Jeanne.

As a show guest, my daughter

Kelly spoke on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and discussed her show, as well as her daughter’s request to be a guest on her show.

Seth welcomed Kelly into his show, and he welcomed her into the family of show hosts as Kelly launched her own show, The Kelly Clarkson Show.

She stated that she had seen her show with her family and that she would not watch it again

because she felt she had done the same thing differently after watching them.

Kelly revealed that Ellen and Jimmy assisted her greatly with her show, and the best advice they gave her was to be yourself.

She thought giving advice was simple, and she accomplished it simply by being herself.

Kelly then told Seth about her ideal guest, Meryl Streep, and expressed her desire for Meryl to appear on her show.

She stated that she had invited the American Idol judges to appear as guests on her show,

something she was very enthusiastic about. Kelly mentioned hosting the BillBoards award.

She stated that she is capable of dealing with everything in her life.

Kelly then revealed that her daughter had begged her to bring her as a guest on the show.

Her daughter is in kindergarten, and when others ask her about her parents or talk about them,

she says her mother is Kelly Clarkson and her father is Bradson.

She wanted her daughter to be on her show, and when Meryl appears, she wants her daughter to ask questions and converse with Meryl

She stated that if something went wrong during the interview with Meryl, she could blame her 5-year-old daughter for abandoning the situation.

Time Spent With Ex-Husband

For seven years, Kelly Clarkson was married to Brandon Blackstone.

The couple had two children and were really happy in their marriage.

Things gradually deteriorated, and after seven years of marriage, they decided to split.

Kelly’s decision was not simple, and the time between their divorce was painful and heartbreaking.

Kelly’s tiny children have mostly been affected by their divorce.

Their divorce was not mutual, and as a result, things became even more difficult.

Kelly and her ex-husband fought in court over custody of their children.

fortunately, obtained complete parental responsibility over her children.

Kelly attempted to overcome her difficult situation following her divorce.

Kelly prioritizes her children’s happiness, so she took a vacation from the singing competition she has been hosting.

She and her children spent their summer vacation at Montanna.

Her ex-husband Brandon was living and working as a rancher there, so she took her children to spend time with him.

Her kids like traveling with their father.

Kelly currently resides in Los Angeles with her children and hosts her talk show.

Kelly stated that this was her first summer vacation in 16 years.

She didn’t have time, but because so much had happened, she decided to make herself and her children better.

Kelly returned to recording after her divorce and wrote 60 tracks.

She could only express herself in that way.

She is now 40 years old and is attempting to rediscover herself and find things that are comfortable for her.

Despite her and her ex’s tumultuous divorce, she spent time with her ex for the sake of her children.

For the time being, Kelly’s primary concern is her children, and she will go to any length to ensure their happiness.

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Earnings and net worth

Remington is just four years old and far too young to be considered wealthy.

However, his famous parents’ net worth is as follows:

Brandon Blackstock (Mom) and Kelly Clarkson (Dad)

$45 million in net value

5 million dollars

Singer, author, actor, songwriter, and television personality as a source of income

Height, weight, and age

His age is four years.

His height and weight are not specified.