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Who Is Camille Cottin’s Husband?

Camille Cottin
  • Camille Cottin is a French actress.
  • All of that changed during her 2013 interview with French GQ Magazine.
  • Her husband and she have two children from their marriage.
  • Although Cottin wants to keep her personal life private.

Camille Cottin is a French actress known for her role as Andréa Martel in the French drama-comedy series Dix pour cent (English title: Call My Agent!). She received two A.C.S. Awards and one Globe de Cristal Award for her performance.

She recently appeared in the star-studded film House of Gucci, which will be released on November 24, 2021.

Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Youssef Kerkour, Al Pacino, and many others appeared alongside her in the film.

In terms of her personal life, she has kept it very secret, sharing only a little information about her romantic life.

Camille Cottin, do you have a husband?

The Killing Eve actress is happily married.

As of this writing, she has been married to her spouse for almost a year and a half.

Cottin was quite private about her sexual life prior to 2013, and she rarely published any facts about it.

As a result, it was unclear whether she was married or had a partner.

All of that changed during her 2013 interview with French GQ Magazine.

She was questioned if she has a significant other throughout the interview.

Cotton replied, “Yes,” and went on to say that she and her husband had been married for eight years at the time – they married in 2005.

 Camille Cottin
Camille Cottin Source: IMDb

As previously said, Cottin has kept her dating life out of the spotlight.

As a result, little information about her married life has been made public.

She has also not shared any photos of her spouse on her social media accounts.

Nonetheless, the actress has strolled down certain red carpets and events with her beau.

For example, the couple was seen together at the Cesar Film Awards in Paris in February 2016.

Camille Cottin’s Husband: Who Is He?

Benjamin Mahon has been Cottin’s husband for almost 15 years.

During the aforementioned interview, she mentioned that her husband is a professional architect.

Aside from those, she didn’t reveal any other information about her husband, and this hasn’t changed to this day.

Nonetheless, Mahon’s LinkedIn profile indicates that he has been at Saint Laurent for more than 13 years.

He started with the organization in May 2008 as a project manager in the architecture department.

After 5 years and 6 months, he was moved to Senior project manager in November 2013, where he stayed for 2 years and 5 months until being elevated to WW store planning director.

He has been serving in the same role since then, dazzling everyone with his talent.

Camille Cottin and her husband have two children

Cottin is a mother as well.

Her husband and she have two children from their marriage.

She previously disclosed in an interview with French GQ Magazine that she has a partner and a three-year-old son named Leon.

After making an appearance in Disneyland with her baby belly in June 2015, word of her pregnancy broke.

Later that year, in October 2015, Paris Match announced that the actress had given birth to her second child, a daughter named Anna, just two months earlier, in August.

The details were given by Cottin during an interview with Télé 7 Jours, according to the site.

The Four-Person Family Spent the Lockdown in Normandy

Although Cottin wants to keep her personal life private, she did share some information about how she and her boyfriend, as well as their two children, spent the lockdown.

In an exclusive interview with Irish Times in January 2021, the actress revealed that she had recently finished filming the final episode of Call My Agent! in March 2020.

Following that, she, her husband, and their two children returned to their Normandy home.

“We had recently purchased this old farmhouse with my sister and mother, and we were in the process of restoring it,” she explained to the Irish Times.

“We arrived with another friend, the standup comedian Camille Chamoux and her family, and we all lived in this construction site, doing homeschooling, gardening, and writing [Chamoux’s show] Le Temps de Vivre.”

She was also horrified by what she heard, read, and saw on the news, according to the Paris, France resident. “Long lines at food banks, a surge in domestic violence, school closures… “It was dreadful,” she added.

Cottin tested positive for COVID-19 during the second lockdown, in late October 2020, after coming into touch with someone who had tested positive during the French TV festival Cannes Series.

She revealed that she spent several days binge-watching TV series at her house while her husband looked after their children throughout her recovery.

She recovered and tested negative in the end.

Her spouse and children, however, tested positive for COVID-19.

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Even so, things weren’t all that horrible. “We were fortunate.

“We all had it mildly,” Cottin explained.

As of now, all four of them have recovered and are returning to their normal lives.