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Is Trump Aide Katrina Pierson Husband A Wrong Person?

Katrina Pierson
  • Katrina Pierson, a former national campaign spokeswoman.
  • She separated from her husband and raised her son as a single mother.
  • Pierson Reflects on Her Divorce and Troubled Past

Who is Katrina Pierson?

Katrina Pierson, a former national campaign spokeswoman, is a key advisor to Trump’s campaigns. In 2018, she was appointed as his senior advisor. And she is now one of the key figures in Trump’s re-election campaign for the 2020 US Presidential election.

In 2018, Katrina Pierson was appointed as Trump’s Senior Advisor.

Katrina Pierson (born Katrina Lenette Shaddix) joined President Donald Trump’s campaign as a senior advisor in early 2018, upon Trump’s request.

He did so because he was assembling a team to handle the operations for the 2018 midterm elections.

Pierson’s employment, however, was a long-term recruitment strategy,

as Trump saw her as a crucial part of his 2020 Presidential re-election campaign.

Brad Parscale, Trump’s newly appointed campaign manager, expressed his delight at Pierson and former Trump staffer John McEntee rejoining the Trump campaign.

He noted that the campaign “would require the assistance of established leaders” such as Pierson to “promote the President’s growing portfolio.”

Pierson, Katrina Before becoming Senior Advisor to Donald Trump, he worked for him.

She had worked for Donald Trump on his prior campaign before becoming his senior advisor.

Pierson had been involved with the tea party since 2009.

She was also a Trump supporter during the same period.

She met Trump in 2015 and informed him that if he ran for president, she wanted to assist him to win.

A few months later, she was offered the position of national campaign spokeswoman for his 2016 presidential campaign.

She agreed despite knowing she would be constantly scrutinized and attacked by the media.

Katrina Pierson
Katrina Pierson photo source: CNBC

Katrina Pierson was the daughter of two teens.

Politics is a difficult profession.

If you are not regularly at your best and are not used to pressurizing bad days, the opposition will mock you.

Pierson has been through enough adversity in her life to be able to manage the pressure.

The North Texan had a difficult childhood.

She was nearly given up for adoption after being born to a 15-year-old white mother and a 19-year-old black father.

Her mother, on the other hand, eventually decided against it.

So she reared Pierson as a single mother in Forney, Texas, with little to nothing.

Pierson and her mother got reliant on drugs and government help as a result of their poverty.

She separated from her husband and raised her son as a single mother.

Pierson did, however, graduate from Forney High School before attending Kilgore College.

To make matters worse, she became pregnant and gave birth to a son at an early age.

She married the father of her child in 1997, not long after.

Her husband, on the other hand, did not last long; they divorced.

The only thing she remembered about him was his surname, Pierson.

Pierson raised her son as a single mother, just like her own mother. Dallasnews reports that

Katrina Pierson was arrested in 1997 for shoplifting.

Pierson was arrested for shoplifting in 1997.

Many years later, during her congressional campaign in 2013,

she admitted to being involved in the punishable violation because she needed clothes for a job interview.

Pierson Reflects on Her Divorce and Troubled Past

In a 2016 interview with The Dallas Morning News, she admitted that she made horrible decisions following her grandmother’s death and that her spouse was the wrong guy for her.

I became pregnant while attempting to reconcile with my family.

I married the wrong guy and then acted out.

After I turned 21, I realized I needed to take charge of my life.

Life has a way of drawing your attention to itself.

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What prepared Katrina Pierson for a career in politics?

Pierson’s life has been filled with challenges, including poverty, a failed marriage, difficult decisions, and raising her kid as a single mother.

Interestingly, she is the epitome of “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps,” an American with a decidedly Conservative outlook on life.

After extreme poverty and a run of terrible decisions, she achieved virtually nothing in life.

In 2006, she graduated from The University of Texas with a degree in Biology. S

he then worked in a medical office before entering politics in 2009, all during difficult circumstances.

In ‘The Trump I Know,’ Pierson extols Donald Trump.

Pierson was prepared for the political battlefield when Trump chose her as his campaign spokesman.

Pierson confirmed in The Trump I Know documentary that Trump saw potential in her.

I’m a black single mother from a low-income family. Donald Trump recognized the potential in me.

Following that, she stated that Trump provided her with numerous opportunities.

He handed me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and that is the Donald Trump I know.

Pierson appears to be making the most of the chance presented to her by the President,

demonstrating how she is one of the many members of the Trump Campaign.