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Who Is Action Bronson’s Wife? His Relationship with His Children

Action Bronson
  • The multi-talented celebrity Action Bronson is also doing well in his personal life.
  • He recently became a father for the third time, however this time he has a new girlfriend.
  • His supporters are wondering if he has made up his mind to marry his sweetheart.

If there is a rapper who has no detractors, it has to be Action Bronson. Aside from rapping, the New York native became a fan favorite after appearing on the show Fuck, That’s Delicious. The multi-talented celebrity is also doing well in his personal life. He recently became a father for the third time, however this time he has a new girlfriend. His supporters are wondering if he has made up his mind to marry his sweetheart.

Furthermore, there are many unanswered issues about the rapper, such as who is Action Bronson’s wife? He has how many children? Today, we’ll address all of these pressing concerns.

Action Bronson
Bronson’s photo in social media source: Cageside Seats

Who Is the Wife of Action Bronson? Is He Dating A Girlfriend If Not?

No, because Action is not married, he does not have a wife.

Furthermore, there are no rumors of him covertly marrying anyone.

On the other hand, he is in a happy relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Valeria.

Although the precise date when the couple began dating is unknown,

he first published a photo of his current gf in 2015.

The rapper was seen embracing his girlfriend while she grinned in the snap.

In any case, it was one of the few images Action shared with his spouse.

Since then, there haven’t been many photographs of his girlfriend on his social media accounts.

Valeria, Action’s Partner, in a Nutshell

Concerning his lover Valeria, she is also a native New Yorker.

She is of Colombian descent, according to numerous accounts.

Moving on to her professional life, it is very different from her beau’s.

She is a clinical social worker, therapist, and yoga instructor.

In addition, she is a fervent Hindu.

The Bronson family is incredibly diverse.

His parents are Muslim and Jewish, and his prospective wife is Hindu.

Action Bronson’s Girlfriend Had A Baby Boy: What Is His Name?

As previously stated, Action has resolved to spend the rest of his life with Valeria.

And, as a testament to their love, they welcomed their first child together on November 11th, 2019.

Following the birth of his baby, Action posted a photo of himself holding his tiny bundle of joy on his Instagram account.

Meanwhile, his lover posted a photo taken exactly one year after their first child was born.

Valeria provided a lovely raw photo of herself breastfeeding her daughter.

She captured the genuine emotion of a new mother after the delivery of a new life.

When it comes to their baby’s name, they chose Benicio.

The name derives from Spanish and essentially translates to “Benevolent One.”

Apart from his name, their son is of mixed ethnicity.

His father is of Albanian Muslim and Jewish descent.

Furthermore, Action’s partner wants to give birth in a way that honors all women,

whether from a poor or wealthy country.

As a result, she chose a natural delivery, which means no medical equipment or pain relief drugs.

Initially, the rapper announced that he and Valeria are expecting their

first child in October 2019 by uploading a photo of his wife exposing her belly.

Action Bronson’s Girlfriend Is Pregnant Action revealed his pregnancy after uploading this photo of his GF. Instagram is the source.

Action Bronson dated a West Indian girl and had two children with her.

The action was formerly in a long-term relationship with a girl from the Bronx, New York.

The rapper never revealed the identity of his ex-girlfriend, but he did say she was black.

His baby mama’s father was from the West Indies, therefore she has a touch of Indian in her.

Bronson had been in a relationship with her for a long time, though he rarely revealed it in interviews.

In a 2014 interview with HOT 97 radio station, the 36-year-old TV host discussed his now-former flame.

He has two children with his former partner: Hannah, a daughter, and Elijah, a son.

His daughter is the eldest in the family.

In the conversation, he also discussed his children and how they are maturing.

He remarked that his kid has reached the age where she says things like, ‘Daddy, you don’t understand me.’

His daughter also complains about how his father can easily bond with her younger brother

because he is a male. Children certainly grew up quickly!

Bronson has also used the name of his child on one of his rap songs, 5 Minutes Beats 1 Take Raps.

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CBS News Correspondent Jamie Yuccas-Everything

Bronson has his children’s names and his girlfriend’s picture tattooed on his body.

To say Bronson is a tattoo enthusiast would be an understatement.

Our dude is completely covered with tats from head to toe.

And the tattoos range from tribal to a wolf in pajamas to our personal favorite, Godzilla vs Barkley.

What truly drew our attention to him were the tattoos on his chest and tummy.

He has inscribed both of his children’s names, Hannah and Elijah, on the middle and right sides of his chest.

Aside from their names, he has a tattoo of Valeria on the right side of his belly.

She is holding their gorgeous puppy, Coco, in the tattoo.

When asked about the urban legend curse of not inscribing your girlfriend’s name on your body by a GQ interviewer, Action replied,

“You don’t get your girl tattooed on you, you get your actual girl tattooed on you.”

Safe to say, our man is completely in love with his girlfriend, and we hope he marries her soon.