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CBS News Correspondent Jamie Yuccas-Everything

  • Jamie Yuccas is a journalist and investigative reporter from the United States.
  • She was named after her grandfather, James, in case you didn’t know.
  • Yuccas also has a brother named John Yuccas.
  • She worked as a news anchor in the Greater Minneapolis-St.

Jamie Yuccas is a journalist and investigative reporter from the United States.

She is well-recognized as a CBS news journalist.

The CBS correspondent from Los Angeles joined the network in August 2015 as a New York-based correspondent.

Meanwhile, Jamie’s reporting has appeared on every CBS News platform.

The 39-year-old journalist has been in the industry for over two decades.

She began her journalism career immediately after graduating.

Yuccas has done well in her journalism career, which is also clear.

Jamie Yucca’s Parents’ Birthday

Jamie Ann Yuccas was born on August 3, 1982.

As of 2021, she is 39 years old.

She was named after her grandfather, James, in case you didn’t know.

In August 2020, she announced the information in one of her Facebook postings.

Her hometown is Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she was born and raised.

When it comes to her parents, she hasn’t said much in the public.

We do know that her mother’s name is Karen Yuccas, and she frequently posts images of herself with her mother on Instagram.

Her mother was married to Keith Pieper, her stepfather. Keith regrettably died in 2016.

Meanwhile, information about her father is currently unavailable.

Yuccas also has a brother named John Yuccas.

Her brother John is also a photographer and the owner of John Yuccas Photography.

John is a geography graduate of the University of Waikato and the University of Minnesota Duluth.

She also has a step-brother named Ben Pieper, whom she regards as a full-fledged brother in her heart.

Her Professional Activities-Highlights of Her Journalism Career

Jamie began her journalism career in May 2003, when she began working as a weekend anchor and reporter for KTTC/KXLT-TV.

She anchored and produced Sunday evening newscasts there.

She was also a primary fill-in anchor for major newscasts and a general assignment reporter.

Jamie came to WBBH in October 2004 after working there for nearly a year and six months.

Jamie Yuccas
Jamie Yuccas Source: Variety

She was a news anchor for the network for nearly seven years, covering national disasters and political topics.

The Gulf Oil Spill was one of her main news stories.

Her Connection to the CBS Network

Jamie Yuccas’ career with CBS began in June 2011 when she worked for the CBS-owned network WCCO-TV in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

She worked as a news anchor in the Greater Minneapolis-St.

Paul Area from 2011 to May 2013, then in Minneapolis from May 2013 to August 2015.

Jamie eventually began working for the main network, CBS Network, in September 2015.

She joined the New York-based network and is now based in Los Angeles.

Jamie Yuccas is a CBS News correspondent

Jamie Yuccas Yuccas is still a CBS News correspondent who reports, produces, and generates news material and feature stories for the network.

She has covered various big events for CBS News, including the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, the Rio Summer Olympics in 2016, and the 2016 presidential campaign.

Jamie Yuccas has won two Emmys

Jamie is a big success in her journalism profession, having won two Emmys.

She was working for Minneapolis, Minnesota-based WCCO-TV when she won the coveted honor.

Jamie worked as a morning anchor and general assignment reporter for CBS-owned WCOO-TV.

Yuccas were awarded her second Emmy in 2012 for her coverage of Hurricane Sandy.

Jamie’s Personal Life—She Was Divorced Once

Jamie’s marital status is currently unmarried. She had previously been married and divorced.

Her ex-husband, John Sheehan, was her husband.

According to reports, the couple married in 2007 and divorced in 2017.

There are yet to be any reports of Jamie having a child.

While Sheehan hasn’t divulged much about her personal life, she previously stated that she was going through a divorce during the June 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting.

Jamie told InStyle magazine that covering larger tragedies “often allows you to minimize your personal issues.”

She implied at the time that she was going through a divorce with her husband.

However, this pain was insignificant in comparison to the suffering of the victims’ families. In her own words,

“At the time of the Pulse nightclub shooting, I was thinking, ‘How can I be sad because I’m getting divorced?'” All of these people are now separated from their loved ones.’ My belongings are unimportant.”

Yuccas’ ex-husband, John Sheehan, is a regional business manager at “Starkey,” a hearing aid company, according to sources.

Who is John Sheehan, her ex-husband?

Jamie Yuccas’ ex-husband, John Sheehan, works as a sales representative for Starkey Hearing Technologies in New York City.

According to his LinkedIn, he has been with the company for nearly ten years.

He began his career with the organization in September 2011 as a territory support manager in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

He became the community manager in August 2015 and worked for nearly five months before becoming a regional business manager in the New York branch.

Sheehan later began working as an account executive in the greater New York City area in November 2017.

Is Jamie Yuccas currently dating someone? What Is Her Boyfriend’s Name?

Jamie Yuccas does not appear to be dating anyone right now, based on her social media activities.

For a long time, the CBS correspondent who discloses practically everything about her life has kept her romance a secret.

In truth, Jamie used to share romantic moments with her boyfriend in the past, but her social media posts show no evidence of this.

In addition, Jamie was previously involved with pilot Bobby Maslar.

While their affair has been published on various websites, it appears that she has erased the majority of their images.

She used to post a lot of images with her then-boyfriend Bobby, but she hasn’t said much about it since.

Here’s a picture Jamie posted on Facebook from her trip to Tahiti.

“Made it to TAHITI!” Jamie wrote. “#adventure #R&R #hotpilot” is written beneath the post. Take a look at the photo of the couple.

According to rumors, she and her now ex-boyfriend, Bobby, had a vacation to Tahiti in January 2018.

She and Bobby allegedly met on a flight and began dating soon after.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available concerning their ties.

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How Much Money Does Jamie Yuccas Have?

Jamie Yuccas has worked as a journalist for almost two decades.

Furthermore, her relationship with CBS News has lasted nearly a decade, thus she has definitely made a lot of money.

Though her exact net worth is unknown, we can reasonably assume it is in the millions.