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What is there inside The Life Of Sara Calaway, The Undertaker’s Ex-Wife And Her Life

  • Sara Calaway also used to work as a manager for her husband.
  • She attended her hometown’s local school while growing up in Long Beach
  • Calaway and her husband began appearing on WWE events shortly after their marriage.
  • Sara’s husband had her name tattooed on his neck.

Sara Calaway is the ex-wife of The Undertaker, one of the former legendary WWE wrestlers. Like Her ex-hubby, Sara Calaway also shared the same love for wrestling and even served as a manager for Undertaker for some time.

Moving towards their love life, the former flames married for seven years before their marriage hit a rough patch. They also have two young kids.

Following their separation, Sara and her ex-husband both moved on with different people.

What is Sara Calaway doing now?

Sara Calaway is a former wrestler who made her debut on WWE Raw in 2001.

Calaway went on to feature in a few other TV specials that year, including Summerslam, WWE: Undertaker – This Is My Yard and King of the King.

Sara also appeared in the 2002 DVD documentary WWE Divas: Tropical Pleasure and the TV special WWE Divas: Sex on the Beach.

Her big break occurred after she saw the wrestler on WWE Smackdown! (2001-02).

Her other WWE on-screen credits include WWE: Allied Powers – The World’s Greatest Tag Teams and Brothers of Destruction.

Sara also used to work as a manager for her husband.

Calaway, Sara Early Details: How Old Is She?

Sara Calaway was in Long Beach, California on July 21, 1997.

In 2021, she will be 44 years old. She is Karen Frank’s daughter.

Sara attended her hometown’s local school while growing up in Long Beach.

Calaway’s ethnicity is Caucasian, and she is American by nationality.

Sara and Her Spouse The Undertaker Was Passionate About Sports

The two initially met in 1999 at the “WWF” at the “Mark Session.” The event took place in San Diego, California.

They hit it off quickly after the meeting.

Sara Calaway and undertaker – source; dycy trends

In an interview with Online World of Wrestling, Undertaker revealed that they both enjoy sports and are ardent boxing enthusiasts.

“I don’t want to say Sara is uncouth, but her interests are definitely masculine.” It’s like having a best friend and a wife.

We sit and watch football and other physical sports together.

And she knows everything; you don’t have to sit there and explain things to her.”

He went on to say, “In fact, we have debates about who understands more about boxing, me or her.”

She claims to have forgotten more about boxing than I will ever know.

She’s all woman, but she’s a tomboy at heart. She was a significant turning point in my life.”

They dated for around a year before getting married in the year 2000.

Sara and The Undertaker’s Wedding 

The couple exchanged vows in front of their family and close friends.

Sara and her husband began appearing at WWE events shortly after their marriage.

Sara’s husband had her name tattooed on his neck.

The Undertaker has a lot of tattoos covering his entire body, one of which is Sara’s name on his throat.

In reality, the WWE legend inked Sara as a wedding gift for his bride.

He once stated: “That tickled me a little.” It was quite intense. “I’m glad I have a high pain threshold.”

Undertaker and I shared two children.

On November 21, 2002, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Chasey Calaway.

On May 15, 2005, The Undertaker’s wife gave birth to their second daughter, Gracie Calaway.

The Calaway sisters have spent the majority of their lives behind locked doors.

How Did Their Marriage End?

Sara Calaway and her then-husband Mark were happily married for years before they divorced in 2007.

The cause for their divorce, according to reports, was Undertaker’s suspected extramarital affair with fellow wrestler Michelle McCool, his third wife.

They established The Animals Fund.

Sara and her ex-husband Undertaker are both animal lovers.

The ex-dup co-founded The Zeus Compton Sara Calaway Save the Animals Fund at Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences years ago.

Its goal is to provide financial assistance to dog owners who are unable to pay for their pets’ life-saving medical treatment and procedures.

Calaway, Sara Actor Is My New Husband

Sara later married Jason Schnuit after her divorce from Mark.

They married in 2009 and have been together ever since.

Moreover, Sara’s new lover Jason is a former actress who has been in films such as Virgins of Sherwood Forest and Burning Desires.

On the other hand, Sara’s ex-husband Undertaker is in a happy marriage with his second wife, retired wrestler Michelle McCool.

The couple, who married in 2010, are still together. Kaia Faith Calaway, their daughter, was born in 2012.

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Her monetary worth

Sara’s net worth is expected to be $1 million in 2021. She is currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

Callaway’s ex-husband, The Undertaker, is also worth $17 million.

He made the most of his money through his successful wrestling career.

Dimensions and Weight

Her height is Sara Calaway (1.78m). In addition, the former WWE diva weighs 65 kg.