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What Is Lilianet Solares Up To? Chris Tamburello’s Wife

Lilianet Solares
  • Lilianet Solares is a former model.
  • Solares is best known in the media as the wife of reality TV star Chris Tamburello.
  • She was born in Cuba on November 23, 1991.
  • She is the General Manager of Lola Bar in Miami as of 2022.

Who is Lilianet Solares?

Lilianet Solares is a former model. Lilianet Solares is best known in the media as the wife of reality TV star Chris Tamburello. Her husband is well-known as a member of the cast of the MTV reality show The Challenge.

Lilianet Solares’s Bio

Lilianet Solares was born in Cuba on November 23, 1991.

Her family relocated to the United States a few years after her birth. She and her family eventually settled in the Miami area.

Lili, 29, has a wonderful relationship with her parents.

But, unfortunately, she has kept all information about her father and mother private.

In terms of education, she completed her primary education in Cuba and her higher education in the United States.

She is of white ethnicity and is of American nationality.

 In 2018, Lilianet Solares is married to Chris Tamburello

Lilianet is the wife of reality TV star Chris ‘C.T.’ Tamburello.

They tied the knot in Miami on September 8, 2018.

The couple chose to marry in the midst of Hurricane season in Miami.

Fortunately, the rain held off long enough for their wedding ceremony to be completed.

Though their wedding took place in September, the husband and wife legally married a few months earlier in a Miami court on May 31, 2018.

On May 4, 2018, they applied for a marriage certificate.

Following their wedding, a special episode about their marriage aired in December 2018 on the MTV reality show The Challenge: CT’s Getting Married.

While Lilianet and Chris are currently married, how did they meet in the first place?

The couple met for the first time in 2015 when he relocated from Massachusetts to southern Florida.

After getting to know one another, they began dating, which eventually led to marriage.

Lilianet Solares
Lilianet Solares with her husband. Source: celebritygen

Lilianet divorced her husband Chris almost two years after their marriage, despite the fact that things appeared to be going well at the time.

In an episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, Tamburello discussed his strained relationship with his wife.

He stated that he has been in a bad mental state for several seasons of the show since his marriage.

He also shockingly revealed that he and his wife Lili had been living apart for some time.

However, Lili’s husband, Chris “CT” Tamburello, has stated that he will return his attention to the situation and move on. He stated,

So now I’m coming in, focused on myself, on work, on my son, on getting my head right, and getting back in shape.

Fortunately, the couple appeared to have reconciled shortly after Tamburello’s elimination from the reality show.

Lilianet even posted a private photo of him on her Instagram account.

Prior to this, the couple was previously rumored to have separated in 2019.

Chris put an end to the rumors by posting a video of his wife pouring drinks for him.

Solares and her husband had a son in 2016

Lili, as we all know, has a son with her husband. She gave birth to her child in 2016, a couple of years before she married Chris.

They named their son Christopher “CJ” Tamburello Jr. but did not reveal his exact birth date.

Furthermore, they kept their child’s birth a secret until early 2017, when Chris announced that he had become a father.

In fact, their child appeared in an episode of The Challenge: Invasion.

Lili and Chris were dating at the time, and she was even referred to as Tamburello’s girlfriend on the MTV reality show because he talked to her on the phone but didn’t reveal her identity.

Lilianet Solares Was A Model In The Past

While Solares is now best known as the wife of reality TV star CT, she once had her own identity.

She is a former model who worked in the industry before meeting and marrying Chris.

Lili, who stands 5’5″, does not appear to be modeling right now.

She has, however, appeared in a few magazines and reportedly auditioned for commercials in the past.

What does Lilianet Solares currently do for a living?

Lilianet Solares is the General Manager of Lola Bar in Miami as of 2022.

She appears to enjoy her job and frequently posts glimpses of it on Instagram. Lili has real estate investments in addition to this.

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Her Internet Presence

Lilianet Solares is on Instagram, but she has unfortunately set her profile to private.

She has over 47k Instagram followers as of 2022. She does not use Twitter, contrary to popular belief.

Moreover, her husband CT is extremely popular on Instagram, with over 584k followers under the handle @ famous4nothing.