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Tragic Death of O.J. Simpson’s 1-Year-Old Daughter Changed His Life Forever

O.J. Simpson’s 1-year-old daughter’s tragic death changed his life forever

O.J. Simpson was involved in one of the most famous sports-related fatalities in American history. In 1994, he was arrested and accused of the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown.

He was subsequently acquitted, but many remain skeptical of the NFL legend’s innocence.

Simpson, though, had suffered the devastating loss of his young daughter in 1979, before the death of his wife.

O.J. Simpson's 1-year-old daughter's tragic death
O.J. Simpson’s 1-year-old daughter’s tragic death Source: Sportscasting

She was only one year and eleven months old.

O.J. Simpson and his first wife, Marguerite, had three children

Everyone who knows O.J. Simpson knows about his second wife, Nicole Brown, but few know about his first wife.

Simpson had already married a woman called Marguerite Whitley before meeting Brown.

When they were in high school, the pair met in San Francisco.

In fact, they were brought together by chance by a familiar name.

O.J. Simpson and his first wife,
O.J. Simpson and his first wife, Source: Inside edition

Simpson’s best friend, Al Cowlings, who drove the white Bronco during the famed police chase in 1994, dated Whitley before Simpson.

Simpson met Whitley through Cowlings, and the two began dating after Simpson’s relationship with Cowlings ended.

When Simpson was an undergraduate at USC, the couple married in 1967.

His first marriage lasted 11 years, and he and Whitley produced three children.

Unfortunately, the youngest of the three did not live to see her second birthday.

O.J. Simpson tragically lost his daughter Aaren in a swimming pool tragedy

Simpson and Whitley had their first kid while still in college.

Arnelle, their oldest daughter, was born in 1968, and Jason, their only son, was born a few years later.

Aaren, their third child, was born nine years after Jason.

Aaren went into a swimming pool by accident in August 1979, and her family discovered her unresponsive soon after.

When paramedics arrived, Aaren was unconscious, and she went into a coma.

Aaren died on August 26, 1979, just a few days before her second birthday, from respiratory failure.

Simpson and Whitley were rocked to their cores by Aaren’s sad death.

The couple was already divorced at the time, but they came together to hold their young daughter’s burial.

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Simpson married Nicole Brown in 1985, and they had two further children

Aside from her terrible murder, little is known about Aaren Simpson, but O.J. Simpson went on to have two additional children with his second wife, Nicole Brown.

Simpson and Brown married six years after Aaren died, in 1985.

Before Brown’s death in 1994, the couple had two children, Sydney and Justin.

Simpson’s loss of Brown was far from the first tragedy in his family’s existence.

Simpson has maintained his innocence in Brown’s death, and if true, losing a daughter and a wife in the same lifetime is something no one deserves.

Aaren’s death remains one of Simpson’s hardest days, and he’ll never forget his youngest daughter from his first marriage.