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Top 98 Donald Cerrone Quotes

Donald Cerrone Quotes: The Best 98

Donald Anthony Cerrone is the full name of an American MMA fighter and former professional kickboxer. His ring moniker is ‘Cowboy,’ and his short name is Donald Cerrone, which is well-known in his professional life.

He currently fights in the welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

On September 22, 2020, he was rated #15 in the UFC’s lightweight division.

He has also fought against Georges St-Pierre, Michael Bisping, Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort, Alexander Hernandez, and many others.

Throughout his career, he won multiple fights and received post-fight honors.

He is and always will be the finest. Visit his top 98 motivational quotes now.

“I have no choice but to fight.” I’m here every damn time, win or lose.” Donald Cerrone

“There is nothing I enjoy more than being in a Saturday night brawl.” Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone says, “I just fell in love with the cowboy way of life.”

“When I was younger, I used to kickbox and travel over the world. I would travel to Japan or Africa for the experience.

We’d go out and party as soon as I got off the aircraft. Fighting was simply an outlet for what I was doing.” Donald Cerrone

“I enjoy fighting as much as I can and as much as I can.” Donald Cerrone

“Sometimes you just don’t show up, and that’s a poor day in our job.” Donald Cerrone

“I consume a lot of candy.” “I couldn’t live without sugar.” Donald Cerrone

“I’m not attempting to be anything other than who I was born and raised to be.” Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone Quote #9 of 98

“People get caught up in believing they have to train a specific way or approach things in a certain way, but there’s so much more to it than just falling in with what other people think you should do.”

You must have pleasure and love what you are doing; otherwise, what is the point of it all? ‘Donald Cerrone’

“I just love being out on the lake, wakeboarding, surfing, just having fun, man,” Donald Cerrone says.

“I want all blue-collar American working class people to know that I’m fighting for them,” Donald Cerrone says.

“I don’t take much delight in putting up a show.” Donald Cerrone

“I drank the juice for a while and did things the way everyone else did.” I followed their counsel.

However, that did not work.” Donald Cerrone

“Every day, MMA gets you sore and fatigued.” I’m curious what we’ll be like when we’re 50 or 60.

“Some mornings I just wake up and say, ‘Oh, God,’ and then I go scuba diving.” Donald Cerrone

“I’d fight every month.” Consider my financial situation. That is financial independence.” Donald Cerrone

“Bull riding is entertaining, but fighting is not.” Donald Cerrone

“It’s sort of silly that people believe I’m always partying.” Donald Cerrone

“Colorado is my home.” Donald Cerrone

“To be honest, I stopped taking training and fighting so seriously and went back to enjoying my life.”

Donald Cerrone
Donald Cerrone kickboxer Source: MMA Fighting

That is something I try to instill in all of the men who come out here to train and live with me.” Donald Cerrone

“When I first faced Benson Henderson or Jamie Varner, it was always like, ‘Oh man… I’m in here fighting these guys.'”

Is it true that I belong here? ‘That’s all changed now,’ Donald Cerrone says.

“The young guys keep me going. “Youngsters are approaching behind me.” Donald Cerrone

“They’re not taking my firearms.” They’re not going to seize my guns because I have 44.” Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone says, “I want to be a professional wakeboarder.”

“They need to enforce who gets guns and how.”

But there are responsible Americans like me, and they should not take it away.

They won’t take my firearms if they make them illegal.” Donald Cerrone

“Have you seen all the movies where they say, ‘Don’t fight out of rage?'” That is for a reason.” Donald Cerrone

“Wrestling is something I am really confident in right now.” Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone Quotes #28 of 98

“I like Milk Duds and Hot Tamales.” Donald Cerrone

“Who am I to say that CM Punk is a prank?”‘Donald Cerrone’

“I never feel more or less inspired to fight – it’s always the same.” Donald Cerrone

“You’re one of the saddest people around if you’re in the UFC.” Donald Cerrone

“A terrific fight I’d want to see is B.J. Penn. That would be fantastic. He’s a seasoned athlete.

He’s fought all over.” Donald Cerrone

“I’m after the belt.” Donald Cerrone “Always.”

“People ask me, ‘Why don’t you take a vacation?'”

‘However, the working class does not take vacations. Every day, they are out there working.

That’s what I do as well. I want them to know there is hope, and that I am out there with them.” Donald Cerrone

“I had no intention of fighting in MMA; it just sort of fell into place.”

But once I started fighting, I was hooked, and I quit kickboxing right away.” Donald Cerrone

“It definitely boosted my career when I was picked up by the Tapout crew and featured on their reality show.” Donald Cerrone

“My time with the WEC was fantastic for me; it was fantastic to gain big-show experience, headline fight bills, and compete for world titles.” Donald Cerrone

“Fighting in the UFC means I’m at the top of the sport, and it means I can pursue my ambition of becoming a UFC champion.” Donald Cerrone

“I got this far by eating fruit roll-ups, drinking soda pop, and having fun.”

I feel like I tried to change it to do what everyone says I should do, but I just feel better being myself.” Donald Cerrone

“Fighting is just so much fun for me; I adore it.”

It’s just what I enjoy doing, and how fantastic is it for me to go wakeboarding and rock climbing and then turn around and fight? ‘Donald Cerrone’

“I’m not a fighter; it’s just what I do.” Donald Cerrone

“I’d be lying if I claimed I didn’t aspire to be the best, but I’d battle anyone at any time.” “I don’t give a damn.” Donald Cerrone

“I don’t care where I fight on the card, but I want to get people excited or inspired by saying things like, ‘Cowboy’s fighting!'”

‘That is my overall goal,” Donald Cerrone says.

“I have no idea who Michael Chandler is.” Donald Cerrone

“Everyone at home, sitting on their couches, thinks fighting is so simple.

Getting inside the cage is perhaps the most difficult thing in the world. That is something I sincerely believe.” Donald Cerrone

“I tend to worry about now, now, and then, then,” Donald Cerrone says.

Donald Cerrone Quotes #48 of 98

“Aw guy, I spend money almost as quickly as I make it.” If I want something, I don’t sit around and plan. “I just go get it.” Donald Cerrone

“Everything is mine. My RV, house, trucks, and boat are all mine. “Everything is taken care of.” Donald Cerrone

“The UFC has been extremely generous to me, man.” Donald Cerrone

“I spend it as soon as I get it.” “I should start conserving it.” Donald Cerrone

“It’s difficult to have money in the bank and want something but not be able to obtain it.” Donald Cerrone

“I wish I had millions stashed up; I’d never go bankrupt.” Let’s get that belt and make some money.” Donald Cerrone

“I need to regulate my emotions.” When I fight out of emotion, things don’t go so well.” Donald Cerrone

“How about riding a snowmobile?” I’m the proud owner of an Artic Cat. We got them since it’s something we enjoy doing.

“I enjoy doing fun things, and it is certainly one of them.” Donald Cerrone

“Everyone likes to watch somebody standing there throwing,” Donald Cerrone says.

“I train every day and do what I enjoy,” Donald Cerrone says.

“I remember telling myself as a kid, ‘One day, I’m going to have a ranch.’ ‘One day, one day, one day.’ And now I’m a UFC fighter.

I’m here making money till that day comes. “I can finally go out and acquire what I want.” Donald Cerrone

“I’ve started scuba diving, and my next big thing is BASE jumping,” Donald Cerrone says.

“I’ve never backed out of a fight, never failed to show up, so hurt or not, I’m coming.” Donald Cerrone

“Write ‘Cowboy’ on each card.” I’d be prepared.” Donald Cerrone

“I’m sure I could make 145. But if ‘Cowboy’ goes to 145, I’m going after someone important.” Donald Cerrone

“I like fighting. It’s one of my favorite things in the world, so I’m just taking it all in.” Donald Cerrone

“This sport has the biggest highs and the lowest lows,” Donald Cerrone says.

“I’m not concerned with my opponent. That is what I have always maintained.” Donald Cerrone

“Oh my God, the emotion, when they raise your hand, is incredible.” Donald Cerrone

“Man, I feel so much better at 170.” Donald Cerrone

“Dos Anjos’ wrestling and grappling are said to be good, but I believe my Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, and striking are far superior.”

“I’m superior to him in every way.” Donald Cerrone

“Even as a punk child, I would fight anyone – it didn’t matter.”

That’s who I’ve always been.” Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone Quote #72 out of 98

“I imagined myself as a construction worker putting hardwood floors in Colorado.”

I was either middle-class or working-class! I just battled because I enjoyed it.

It was a lot of fun! Going up there and outthinking your opponents.” Donald Cerrone

“You don’t need to get ready if you stay ready, okay?” I’m constantly in the gym, always training.” Donald Cerrone

“Whether I’m in the main event or on the preliminary card, it’ll be the same Cowboy out there.” Donald Cerrone

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“I see the business side of it and working my way up the ladder to the title.”

That is where the money is. That is the ultimate goal.” Donald Cerrone

“Bring on the fighting.” If I’m going to be the champion, I have to beat everyone, so what good does sitting, waiting, and keeping my position do? ‘Donald Cerrone’

“I’ve traveled the world. I’ve traveled to Japan, Africa, Morocco, and other places.

Yes, I would visit Ireland. So why not? ‘Donald Cerrone’

“I signed a deal to fight at UFC 187, therefore I’m going to fight, whoever it is, at UFC 187.” It’s all the same.” Donald Cerrone

“I’m not concerned with a title. Just go have some fun.” Donald Cerrone

“I don’t want to seem arrogant or confident, but fighting ‘Cowboy’ on short notice requires mental toughness.” Donald Cerrone

“After the Evan Dunham bout, I went back to not taking myself seriously.”

I was on my way to the lake and had literally packed some wrestling mats with me.

At the lake where we keep the boat, we have a shop.

I’d load up the mats, wakeboard all day, and train all night. I was looking forward to coming back to work.” Donald Cerrone

“It’s not smart to fight angry or mad.” Donald Cerrone

“You have a limited time, you know, and if I want to live the lifestyle I want, I need to save enough.” Donald Cerrone

“I’ll fight every weekend, no problem.” Donald Cerrone

“Have you ever tried to beat up your father?” It simply does not happen. He still has that old man strength.” Donald Cerrone

“You have to beat the greatest if you want to be the best.”

The only problem is that if I get the belt, who will be left to fight? That’s what I’m curious about.” Donald Cerrone

“I’ll fight on Fight Pass; it doesn’t matter to me.” Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone: “I just take the battles and do what I enjoy.”

“You’re not just a top-10 UFC fighter because you’re bad.” Donald Cerrone

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Donald Cerrone Quote No. 91 of 98

“People have said I’m inconsistent, and I’ve never held a UFC or WEC title.” Donald Cerrone

“I thought Yoel Romero and Tim Means had the only two poisoned protein bottles in the world.”

I felt it was insane. You never know with these companies; be cautious.” Donald Cerrone

“You have to be aware of what you put into your body.” That is all.” Donald Cerrone

“Are there any hungry fighters out there that claim the UFC does not pay them enough?” I’ll tell you what: Cowboy knows the solution.

Put your name on the line. I don’t care where you are on the team. Let’s get started.” Donald Cerrone

“I’m not going to grant Bobby Green’s requests by fighting him and replying to his rubbish.”

“There is no one to speak up for the rights of the combatants.”

If something awful happens, no one will stand by him, and all will be washed away.

People must stand up and fight for it.” Donald Cerrone

“Because I prefer to fight five or six times a year, if I ask for too much money, they would reply, ‘Well, we pay you too much.'”

We can’t let you keep jumping backward and forwards and promoting it.’

The money I’m making is sufficient to keep getting last-minute battles. “I adore them; they are my favorite.” Donald Cerrone