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Dominic Gutiérrez

Dominic Gutiérrez

Who is Dominic Gutiérrez?

Dominic Gutiérrez is a professional wrestler. Dominic Gutiérrez made his professional wrestling debut at SummerSlam in August of 2020. Despite losing his initial bout to American wrestler Seth Rollins, he defeated him at Payback with the help of his father.

Gutierrez was voted Rookie of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 2020.

In the 2020 Draft, he and his father were both selected by the SmackDown brand.

Early Life, Family, And Education

Dominic Gutiérrez was born on 5 April 1997, in the United States, in the city of San Diego.

Oscar Gutiérrez and Angie Gutiérrez are his parents.

His father, Rey Mysterio, is regarded as one of the best cruiserweight wrestlers of all time.

Similarly, he has made significant contributions to the wrestling industry and the WWE.

There aren’t many wrestling fans who haven’t heard of Rey Mysterio.

He is also a two-time World Heavyweight Champion and a one-time WWE Champion.

Dominic Gutiérrez
Dominic Gutiérrez posing with his father. Source: marriedcelebrity

Car has also won the Intercontinental Championship twice, the United States Championship twice, the Tag Team Championship four times, and the Cruiserweight Championship three times.

Rey was his family’s biggest role model and motivation. Dominic would accompany his father to the ring to support and cheer him on.

Not to add that he debuted on WWE’s SmackDown when he was only six years old.

Dom is also the great-nephew of Rey Mysterio Sr., a professional wrestler, and trainer from Mexico.

El Hijo de Rey Misterio, a masked professional wrestler, is his first cousin, and Konnan, a Cuban professional wrestler, is his godfather.

In addition, the wrestler has a younger sister, Aalyah Gutiérrez, who graduated from high school in June of this year. He also graduated from a well-known San Diego high school.

He then went on to complete a licensed pro wrestling course in order to wrestle in WWE. The warrior knew he wanted to be a wrestler like his father from a young age and pursued his dream.

The Real Father of Gutiérrez

When American professional wrestler Eddie Guerrero claimed to be Guitérrez’s biological father, media outlets and fans raised suspicions regarding Dominic’s genuine father.

Before their storyline turned sour, Eddie and Rey were partners.

They reclaimed the WWE Tag Team Championship championship as a team. Eddie, on the other hand, abandons and beats up Rey during a battle with MNM.

As a result, a quarrel between the two began in the plot. Guerrero also stated that he was the biological father of Rey’s son.

He also explained that he allowed Mysterio to adopt Dominic because he was having trouble starting his own family.

Eddie threatened the three-time World Champion that he would take control of Dominic in the weeks ahead.

Despite this, Rey was able to keep custody of his child after winning the ladder match against Guerrero. The custody documents hung from the arena’s rafters during the contest.

After Eddie defeated Rey in a steel cage battle, the two’s feud was officially settled.

Guerrero died in a motel room in Minnesota shortly after that. On the same day, Mysterio gave an emotional statement in his honor.

Finally, Dominic’s biological father is Rey Mysterio, not Eddie Guerrero. The foregoing revelation and custody battle was merely a plot device.

Age, Height, and Weight

Dominic Gutiérrez is 25 years old. Dominic takes exceptional care of his health, body, and food as a professional boxer.

As a result, Mysterio is in good shape and has a well-toned physique. Aside from that, he is 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 200 pounds or 91 kg.

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We do not know if Gutiérrez has tattooed on his body or not, but he has surely been a vital part of his family members’ tattoos.

His father, Rey Mysterio, has a tattoo of Dominic’s name on his biceps. Mysterio’s tattoo also features Dominic’s sister, Aalyah.

Similarly, he has a Kanji symbol on his shoulder which he dedicates to his son Dominic. He recognizes the symbol as ‘strength and power.’

Moreover, Dominic’s sister, Aalyah, has a tattoo featuring all of her family members, including herself, her brother, Dominic, their father, Rey Mysterio, and their mother, Angie.

Facts of Dominic Gutiérrez

Full Name Dominic Gutiérrez
Birth Date April 5, 1997
Birth Place San Diego, California, the United States
Ring Name Dominic Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mexican American
Education Southwestern College
Zodiac Sign Aries
Father’s Name Rey Mysterio Jr.
Mother’s Name Angie Gutiérrez
Siblings One; Aalyah Gutiérrez
Age 25 years old
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 200 lb (91 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic
Profession WWE Wrestler
Current Affiliation SmackDown Brand
Position None
Active Years 2020 – Present
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend Marie Juliette
Merch Rey Mysterio Trading Card, Signed WWE December Magazine
Net Worth Over $100 thousand
Social Media Instagram, Vine
Last Update April 2022

Net Worth And Salary

Dominic Gutiérrez’s net worth is estimated to be over $100 thousand.

Since he debuted recently in 2020, Gutiérrez has many opportunities coming his way that will boost his wealth.

Moreover, WWE has signed him, and the SmackDown brand has drafted him, so he has a bright future ahead.

Besides that, many sources have estimated his father’s net worth to be over $12 million. Moreover, he has spent over 30 years in the wrestling business.

Not to mention, the iconic father-son duo earns a decent amount through brand endorsements and sponsorships.

Furthermore, Rey recently started Roots of Fight, where he sells merchandise, clothes, and accessories.

Wrestling Career


The wrestler made his second appearance in a fight against Brock Lesnar after appearing on SmackDown when his father won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship title.

Dominick was also there in the ladder match between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero when they fought for his custody.

Aside from that, he witnessed his father for the first time win the World Heavyweight Championship.

Gutiérrez, who was nine at the time, witnessed his father’s battle with Mr. Kennedy. In another episode of SmackDown, he appeared in a match between Rey and Straight Edge Society.

Professional Career and WWE Debut

Dominic made an appearance on SmackDown Live in 2019, where Rey confirmed his bout with Samoa Joe. He was also on Raw during the Samoan’s and Mysterio’s feud.

Similarly, he was involved in several of his father’s narratives and fights.

His father’s match against Brock Lesnar was similarly disrupted by the third-generation wrestler.

Finally, when his father was injured in a match against Seth Rollins and his associates, his wrestling duties grew. He attempted but failed, to avenge his father in the sequel to the narrative.

On August 3, he issued a formal challenge to Seth Rollins for a summer Slam bout, which would make his professional debut.

Rollins then attacked Dominick with Murphy shortly after.

After his defeat and Payback victory, the wrestler stepped in to face Rollins again, replacing his injured father. Rollins, on the other hand, defeated Rey Mysterio’s kid.

In addition, Seth defeated Dominick in a steel cage battle on Raw. Mysterio’s daughter has affection for Rollins’ partner Murphy, according to a new storyline development.

The Gutiérrez family was thrown into pandemonium as a result of the disclosure. Murphy took advantage of the situation to pin Dominic in a match.

His father defeated Seth in a No Holds Barred match after his SmackDown draft, putting an end to their feud.

Aside from that, the father-son team began a new feud with King Corbin.

Girlfriend, Marriage, And Children

Dominic Gutiérrez has a girlfriend named Marie Juliette. They’ve been together since they were in high school. As a result, they are sweethearts from high school.

Furthermore, Gutiérrez began dating Juliette when he was only 15 years old. They recently celebrated their nine-year anniversary as a couple.

Marie is a nurse who has successfully completed her board certification exam. She is a dedicated medical professional.

Despite the fact that their lives are very different, the couple manages to find common ground and blend in. Furthermore, their schedules are rarely favorable to them.

Regardless, the two make it work, and they’ve been doing so for more than nine years.

Furthermore, their love, unwavering support, and mutual trust elevated their adolescent relationship to a new level.

However, the two aren’t engaged or married just yet. Nonetheless, with the couple’s patience, bond, and long-lasting relationship, the wedding bells aren’t that far.

Currently, Dominic and Marie are focused on their respective careers and are very much content with them. As a result, they have no time to plan engagement surprises and make wedding plans.

Above all, the two are pretty happy with where their relationship is heading and live in the moment.

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Social Media Presence

The WWE wrestler has an active social media presence. Hence, he has an Instagram account with 484K followers.

Mysterio mostly shares his life as a professional wrestler through his Instagram handle.

Furthermore, he also gives snippets of his life being part of the Gutiérrez wrestling family.

The fighter is quite appreciative of his dad and mom. He has posted multiple photos in their honor.

Moreover, he often credits his father for being the perfect role model and a real-life superhero for him.

Likewise, he is grateful to Rey Mysterio for managing to be the best father despite being away due to his wrestling career.

Dominic considers his father his biggest inspiration and the most excellent motivator.

Similarly, in his mother’s recent birthday post, he wrote that he has always been a mama’s boy.

Correspondingly, Gutiérrez is very thankful for his mother’s presence in his life and her kind and selfless nature. Besides that, Dom flaunts his high school girlfriend in his social media posts.

The third-generation wrestler recently shared a celebratory post on his Instagram to celebrate his ninth dating anniversary with Marie.

Besides that, he also has pictures with fellow wrestlers and celebrities like The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Post Malone, etc.

The SmackDown wrestler also has several photos in the ring with his father. In his old pictures, he has posted about his high school football days where he wore jersey number 85.