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Jim Bouton

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Who is Jim Bouton?

Jim Bouton was a professional baseball player from the United States, but he is no longer with us. Jim Bouton pitched for the New York Yankees, Seattle Pilots, Atlanta Braves, and Houston Astros in Major League Baseball (MLB). He was also a best-selling author, sportscaster, actor, activist, and one of Big League Chew’s most influential innovators.

The top three quotations from him will transform your life. Please adhere to them.

“Baseball players are more intelligent than football players.”

“How often do you see a baseball team called out for having too many men on the field?” Jim Bouton’s

“A ballplayer spends a significant portion of his life grasping a baseball, only to discover that it was always the other way around.”

“You see, you spend a lot of your life clutching a baseball, and it turns out that it was always the other way around.”

Jim Bouton’s

“Apologizing never hurts, especially if you don’t mean it.”

Jim Bouton’s

“I recall Pete Rose screaming from the top step of the dugout, ‘Fuck you, Shakespeare.'”

“The day he retires from baseball will be the day he begins to consider what comes next.”

It may be too late by then.” Jim Bouton’s

“On occasion, the bedsheet is a Confederate flag.”

I’m curious how the black players feel about them.

Worst of all, these things are hanged by children.

Why couldn’t they just let it die with their grandfathers?

These are not rebels looking for something new.

These are rebels who wish to restore the previous order. Doug” Jim Bouton’s

“Our 6 o’clock sports person, a fellow named Howard Cosell, was the one member of the team nobody liked.”

“Monday Night Football” was just getting started, and Howard was irritated by having to share the news with mere local celebrities, whom he would criticize the air.

This was a mistake in the instance of Roger Grimsby, who was far sharper and more destructive than Cosell.

I remember Howard going into a sarcastic rant about Grimsby at the end of his report one night for what seemed like two minutes.

When Howard was finished, the camera went to Grimsby, who was asleep with his eyes closed.” Jim Bouton’s

“As people become older, they get better at what they did when they were younger.”

Jim Bouton’s

“Pete Rose is banned for life for gambling, whereas drug users are permitted back after a year and then given more chances.”

Baseball is effectively declaring that gambling is worse than drugs.

“How do children make sense of that?” Jim Bouton’s “I’m not sure I’ll enjoy Don Mincher.

I keep hearing his deep southern drawl. I know it’s biased, but every time I hear a southern accent, I say to myself: stupid.

My mind immediately conjures up an image of George Wallace.

It’s the same as Lenny Bruce saying he’d never associate a nuclear scientist with a southern accent.” Jim Bouton’s

Jim Bouton Quotes No. 12


“Front offices are more interested in distant players than near players.” Jim Bouton’s

“Has anyone noticed that we haven’t won a game since the chicken á la king?”

Jim Bouton Ball’s “The author reports that his little son, adopted from South Korea, occasionally burps and says thank you but is generally well.”

Jim Bouton
Jim Bouton with Paula kurman. Source: The Pecan

“Religion is like baseball,” Steve explained. “Great game, terrible owners.” Jim Bouton’s

“According to the book, Mickey Mantle did not expect to play one day and arrived quite a hung drunk.”

Despite this, he was called upon to pitch and hit a soaring home run to a standing ovation.

“Those people don’t know how tough that was,” he said to his teammates. Jim Bouton’s

“The pitching instructor was perplexed by the author’s technique because he had never seen it done before, and it wasn’t the coach’s idea.”

Jim Bouton’s

“Never underestimate the value of $7,000 in baseball. I’ve had heated debates over far less.” Jim Bouton’s

“High school games are just as important to me as major league games.”

“Doubleday’s First Law, which asserts that if you throw a slowball, someone will whack it out of the park with a stick.”

Jim Bouton’s

“Munson grabbed the microphone and recommended I execute a physical impossibility when I approached him a second time with the cameras rolling.”

Jim Bouton’s

“Ding Dong” is Gary Bell’s nickname.

Without a doubt. What’s noteworthy is that when someone is hit in the cup, the guys yell “Ding Dong.”

The cups are metal inserts that fit inside the jock strap, and hitting one is known as ringing the bell, which rhymes with hell, which is how much it hurts.

It’s weird how, no matter where you are in the outfield or the dugout when a guy gets it in the cup, you can hear it. “Ding Dong!” Jim Bouton’s

“Joe Schultz, the manager (he’s from the old school, I think because he looks like he’s from the old school—short, portly, bald, ruddy-faced, twinkly-eyed), stopped by while I was having a catch before the first workout.”

“How are you feeling, Jim?” he inquired. “I’m curious what he meant by that.” Jim Bouton’s

“Author and psychologist Sheldon Kopp once said, “There are no great men.”

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Look again if you have a hero: you have degraded yourself in some manner.” Jim Bouton’s

“When his data were tainted by a negative outing, the author underlines the need for self-forgetfulness.”

He had forgotten everything about that outing to the point where he joked,

“What was my name?” Jim Bouton’s