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Top 109 Lindsey Vonn Quotes

Lindsey Vonn Quotes: The Best 109

Lindsey Vonn is a well-known American alpine ski racer who has won “World Cup” races in all five alpine skiing disciplines. Everyone believes her to be one of the greatest female skiers of all time, with 82 ‘World Cup victories to her name.

She is also the first American woman to win a gold medal in downhill skiing at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Her eight World Cup season titles, five Super-G crowns, and three consecutive downhill titles increased her global popularity.

Similarly, she had the second-highest super ranking among all American skiers.

See her top 109 inspirational statements below.

“Go after your dreams. If you have a goal that you want to reach, work hard and do everything you can to get there, and it will come true one day.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“It’s incredible. If you let it, life can change very rapidly and in a very positive way.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“You’ll never appreciate life if you’re constantly terrified.” You only get one chance, so make the most of it.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“Being strong is seductive and lovely.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I despise being helpless and having to rely on others to accomplish things for me.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“In the end, it takes mental maturity to allow your best to shine.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“Tiger Woods helps me become a better athlete.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“You know, you’re only limited by what you push yourself to?” You can always improve.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I like showing people different sides of myself, especially because everyone always sees me in my helmet and ski outfit.”

It’s good to show everyone just me, just me in my everyday clothing, just me in high heels, just me not in my ski gear.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I have a Nintendo DS and I play brain games that are designed to enhance your intellect.”Lindsey Vonn’s

Lindsey Vonn Quotes No. 11

“When I initially moved to Vail, I felt like a minor star. Everyone was aware of my successes.

I was a young, fast youngster who was creating a name for himself in the ski world. And it was fantastic.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“Everything about my life appeared to be wonderful to others. But, like everyone else, I struggle.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“In Austria, there’s a treat called Kaiserschmarrn, which is similar to a sweet raisin pancake with eggs and sugar.”

It’s not something I can eat very often, but if I do well in a race, that’s sometimes my reward!” Lindsey Vonn’s

“When you’re young, you devise techniques to win that you think will always work, but when you reach the top and compete against the other best athletes, things don’t always work.”Lindsey Vonn’s

Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn alpine ski racer Source: Britannica

“I find folding clothes to be quite calming.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I am motivated by setbacks.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I never imagined my visage on the cover of a Red Bull Six Pack.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“When you fall, get back up immediately away.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“When my parents divorced, I just told myself, ‘Go to sleep, and tomorrow you can go skiing.'”

I wept myself to sleep, and the next morning I was up on the mountain, and everything was well.” Lindsey Vonn’s

Lindsey Vonn Quote #21 of 109

“I eat fruit and almonds as snacks.” I’ll drink a protein smoothie in the middle of my hard exercises.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“Mascara is my go-to product before I leave the house.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I enjoy skiing quickly. I enjoy it when you’re driving 80 to 85 mph down an icy slope.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“When I’m on the World Cup tour, I’m kind of cut off from the rest of the world.”

I just get so caught up in my world and trying to ski fast every day that I forget about anything else.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I never get tired of winning and I never get tired of skiing.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“It’s critical for children to get involved in athletics at an early age.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“2010 was without a doubt the best year I’ve ever experienced.” Nothing could have gone better for me.

Even if I had only won one Olympic gold medal, it would have been the best year of my career and the happiest day of my life.

Winning the World Cup races and the overall title was the cherry on top.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“Sports have been one of the most important influences in my life since I was a child.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I’m not aiming for five medals.” I’m not attempting to emulate Michael Phelps.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“Golf is all about patience; one tournament lasts four days, with 18 holes played each day.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“People are nervous driving around bends, afraid they’ll tip over.

But you can travel a lot faster through the curves than you think.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I’ve heard that heli-skiing in Alaska is incredible.”

That is something I would love to be able to do at some time in my life.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I have three cows and hope to get more in the future, so I’ll have a little herd.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“It may seem ridiculous, but it’s very lovely to hang around in the kitchen with a friend and bake.

It makes me feel good, and mixing is probably my favorite part.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I try to eat healthily, but baked goods are difficult to resist.” “I’m just a sucker for sweet things.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“There is a significant difference between using one crutch and not using crutches.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“It’s utterly ludicrous for someone to suggest I’m overweight.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“To be a downhill skier, you have to be a little crazy.”Lindsey Vonn’s

Lindsey Vonn Quotes 40th out of 109

“I enjoy figure skating.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I used to do gymnastics as a kid.” I was terrible at it.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I really like the cowbell.” It’s fantastic, in my opinion. My family downloaded the cowbell app to their iPhones

. It’s a traditional part of ski racing.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I get up early, but it doesn’t mean I enjoy it.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I wouldn’t alter my marriage for anything.” It was beneficial to me, and I was pleased for a time, and I learned a lot about myself.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I wish it didn’t take so long to get to where I need to be physical.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“Divorce does not suit my stereotypical image.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I want to continue pushing the boundaries to see what’s possible.”

The beautiful thing about ski racing is that no one can stop you from going faster.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I went from being married to living on my own in Los Angeles, to having a new boyfriend, to being completely self-sufficient and independent.” It’s fantastic. “I adore it!” Lindsey Vonn’s

“A part of me is missing when I can’t ski, but I’ve discovered that there are other activities that define me and make me happy, such as stand-up paddling and Jet Skiing – things I’d never done before.”

Or spending time with people I care about and simply enjoying life.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I have a race plan. I have a team of folks that are assisting me.

I have a knack for winning. I have faith in myself. My life is in balance.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I don’t want to leave skiing too soon.” “I want to feel like I’ve done everything I possibly can.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I don’t think you have to be married to someone to be their life partner.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“Everyone watched me on TV or read articles about my wonderful marriage, white picket fence, success, and beautiful existence.”

But it was a fight behind the scenes.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“Everyone understands that marriage is difficult.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I always funneled my emotions into skiing – my fears, anger, and disappointment.”

Skiing has always been my outlet, and it has served me well.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“There are instances when a specific snow condition is ideal for a specific brand of skis.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“Because medals are determined by hundredths of a second, I need to know that my vision is perfect every time I compete, regardless of the conditions.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“It’s an exciting opportunity and a true passion of mine to make ski racing fun and engaging for kids and families.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“The Vail Resorts School of Shred program is a fantastic way to get kids outside and on the mountain while also encouraging them to be active.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“It’s difficult to accept if you work so hard to achieve your goal and then lose your pole in the final run.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“Winning an overall title is one of the most important things you can win in our sport.”Lindsey Vonn’s

Lindsey Vonn Quote 63 of 109

“I want to show America who I am while also inspiring young children.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“One strong gust of wind and your Olympics are over.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“It’s not about how much you weigh in ski racing. If weight were the only factor, everyone would be eating.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I feel that winning a world championship was a stumbling block I had to overcome.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I’m honored to be a member of any Olympic squad.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“My mother is upbeat and cheerful.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“The problem is that I don’t have an ACL.” So, until I get surgery, there’s nothing truly remarkable I can do to make it better.

I just need to get my leg and muscle stronger and attempt to support it a little more.

However, this has just a minor consequence. My knee is loose and unstable, and that’s how it’ll be for the foreseeable future.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I’ve gone to a number of picture sessions, and I always see these females who are just really slim.”

They’re not good for you. They are ineffective.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“It was my childhood desire to win the Olympics, and I’ve accomplished that.” Everything else is just ice on top.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“Records are the only thing that an athlete leaves behind, the only thing that people remember.

If I want people to remember me, I can only stop when I’ve set the bar as high as possible for anyone who comes after me.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I’m always in Europe in the winter.” Camps in New Zealand and Chile are held in July and September, respectively.

“I’m constantly on the move.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I ski aggressively, and the angles I generate with my body are similar to those of some of the male racers.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I’m fine by myself; no one notices me.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I’ve always liked working on the ‘Today’ show, doing interviews with the guys; everyone is pretty relaxed, and I always feel at ease on the show.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I’ve never heard my mother moan about her stroke.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“At the greatest level, athletics is a sport within a sport.”Lindsey Vonn’s

Lindsey Vonn Quote #80 out of 109

“I’m not going to lie: I used to read gossip magazines because I thought maybe 5 to 10% of what I read was true.

Now I believe it is zero percent.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I’m not a moron; I try not to look, but I notice what people are saying about me on Facebook.”

Other things are written, I perceive. But I don’t mind.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“It’s difficult to attend events with a room full of women half your size.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“It’s crucial to keep healthy and active in general.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I have no idea where I’m meant to find a boyfriend.” It’s strange.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I’m not a weeper.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I prefer to keep my private life private.” In fact, I know that’s not going to happen. In the present, I’m pretending it’s possible.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“My hectic training and competition schedule provides little time for me to focus on my hair.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“Olay BB Cream is a lifesaver for me, and I use it every day while training and competing.”

24-hour hydration and translucent color keep me looking beautiful even in front of the merciless Jumbotron!” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I don’t want to race the entire men’s tour; I only want to race once.”

If you know me, and most people at the World Cup do, you’ll recognize that this is a legitimate ambition of mine, not a publicity act.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“My mother is quite difficult.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“You know how life is short? Particularly as an athlete. Your career is really limited, and you make use of the opportunities you have since you won’t have them again.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I want to be remembered for my athletic accomplishments, not my celebrity.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“Skiing drains me so much, and when I start a family, I want to give it my all.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“Nothing comes close to the original ‘Law & Order.'”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I can’t imagine myself as the folks I’ve always admired.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I’ve always eaten well, but it wasn’t scientific.” It’s now a high-protein diet with no carbohydrates.

I have more consistent energy and am not exhausted after eating. It does necessitate a meticulous meal plan.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“Facebook and Twitter have altered the way people follow ski racing.”

You couldn’t stay in contact with the fan base that supported you during previous Olympics.

They assumed they would have to wait four years to reconnect.” Lindsey Vonn’s

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Lindsey Vonn Quote #99 out of 109

“I’m interested in skiing history.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I remember being in awe of Picabo Street and how much she inspired me when I first met her, and I really aim to be that for young kids.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I use men’s skis because they simply function better for me.”

They’re longer, stiffer, and more difficult to turn – but they’re also a lot more stable.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“My mother-in-law is Norwegian, and she’s always preferred old-fashioned cures.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“I take chances – that’s my life on and off the slopes.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“International on the front face of Vail Mountain is my favorite ski slope in the United States.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“Vail is a special place for me. Everyone in that community took me in and welcomed me, and they still do to this day.

If I hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t be a downhill skier.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“I get a lot of motivation from hip-hop, especially when I’m in the gym.”Lindsey Vonn’s

“It’s difficult to provide recommendations to skiers when I don’t know how they ski, but I think the most essential thing about skiing is to have fun.” “If you’re having fun, everything else will follow naturally.” Lindsey Vonn’s

“Even as a child, I was always the assistance, the sous-chef to my parents.”Lindsey Vonn’s