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Akebono Taro

Who is Akebono Taro?

Chadwick Haheo Rowan is the first non-Japanese sumo wrestler and two-time Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion. He is also known as Akebono Taro and is worth $1.5 million. Likewise, with each championship, Akebono Taro has proven his value, and he truly is a champion.

On May 8, 1969, in Waimanalo, Hawaii, United States, Randolph Rowan (father) and Janice Rowan (mother) gave birth to this incredible sumo wrestler.

Taro, a Japanese national, was born under the sign of Taurus.

In addition, in 1996, he renounced his American citizenship in favor of Japanese citizenship.

Moreover, Taro had always intended to study hotel management but chose sumo wrestling instead.

As a result, Taro moved to Japan to seek a career as a sumo wrestler in 1988.

After winning an award for best performance, Akebono Taro poses with his admirers.

This American-Japanese professional sumo wrestler is now an MMA fighter and wrestler.

Taro, on the other hand, has won a number of titles and championships, including the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship thrice.

He has also appeared on WWE and other popular reality series.

Today, we will explore Akebono Taro’s net worth, as well as his endorsement deals, lifestyle, and other topics.

But first, let’s take a short look at the facts.

Akebono Taro’s Net Worth and Salary

Akebono Taro, a renowned sumo wrestler with a net worth of $1.5 million, is regarded as one of the best sumo wrestlers of his generation.

Taro also made the majority of his money as a professional sumo wrestler over the course of two decades.

Taro, in addition to his wrestling career, has also dabbled in acting and blogging.

And it has undoubtedly added to his net wealth.

When he was at the zenith of his success, Bono Tiger received $80,000 per year and collected thousands of dollars for each appearance.

Similarly, in addition to his annual pay, Akebono receives VIP treatment, which includes staying in a five-star hotel, flying first-class, and taking private bus tours.

Akebono Taro Akebono is rehearsing for his opening ceremony performance at the Olympics.

Taro has also received a whopping $80,000 as a prize for being the top-ranked sumo wrestler and putting on some incredible performances in the ring.

However, Taro makes his WWE debut in 2005, accepting The Big Show’s challenge to compete in sumo wrestling.

However, the terms of Taro’s contract with WWE have not been made public.

Taro has so successfully managed to conceal his net worth and revenues.

However, if we discover any other information on his net worth or earnings, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Other Business Ventures of Akebono Taro

Taro has been involved in a variety of other hobbies other than wrestling, such as acting in TV shows and movies.

Taro, a working sumo wrestler, made his Hollywood debut in 2003 from Sumo East and West. After that, Akebono appeared in a number of more films.

Akebono Taro Net Worth:

Taro prefers not to discuss his personal life in public and is quite private.

But, you know, he lives an active lifestyle.

Taro too selected his love as a career and earned a good living from it.

He undoubtedly follows a unique diet to keep his body in good condition.

In addition, even after retirement, he must adhere to a strict diet in order to keep his body strong and healthy.

What is the diet of Akebono Taro?

Akebono Taro is a motivational speaker who strives to live his life to the utmost.

Taro’s major goal during his sumo wrestling days was to acquire weight so that he could perform well in the ring.

Akebono missed the Hawain flavor in every meal at first, as well as the cuisine served by his mother.

But he eventually grew accustomed to it and adapted to Japanese society.

Similarly, Taro was forced to consume Chanko Nabe (stew) at all times, believing that a true sumo wrestler consumes stew at all times.

When it came to his daily schedule, Akebono just had four things to accomplish every day: wake up, eat, sleep, and train.

Furthermore, the diet comprised solely of meat and vegetables, yet eating the same food constantly was not monotonous because Nabe came in thirty distinct flavors.

Furthermore, Akebono enjoyed cooking and would prepare meals for himself and his family.

A quick look at Akebono Taro Taro had been fascinated by sumo wrestling since he was a child.

Similarly, he flew to Japan to follow his aspirations and even gave up his American passport.

In addition, it took him eighteen months to realize he had a talent for sumo wrestling.

He was the first non-Japanese sumo wrestler.

Nonetheless, all of this was made possible by his hard work and dedication.

Taro, on the other hand, never gave up or lost hope; no matter how many obstacles were in his way, he overcame them all.

In addition to sumo wrestling, he dabbled in MMA and pro wrestling.

He didn’t have much of an impact there, though.

As a result, Taro resolves to solely compete as a sumo wrestler.

Taro eventually retired in 2001, after obtaining so many names and recognition.

Akebono Taro during his sumo wrestling days

Akebono is undoubtedly an inspiration to many young people and aspiring wrestlers.

Akebono Taro
Akebono Taro getting ready for wrestling Source: Wikipedia

Taro has also won various championships and titles over his career, which are shown below.


All Asia Tag Team Championship, Twice Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship 2010, Korakuen Hall Heavyweight Battle Royal Champion Carnival Winner 2015

In 2006, he was ranked No. 115 out of the top 500 wrestlers in the PWI 500.

Some Fascinating Akebono Taro Facts

Akebono went into a coma after suffering from acute heart failure in 2017.

He is, nevertheless, progressively improving from his health issue.

Akebono shed 60 kgs after suffering a heart attack.

Taro’s heart stopped beating for 37 minutes during heart failure, and it’s a miracle he survived.

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Presence on social media

Akebono Taro is rarely seen on social media. He does, however, have a Twitter account, but he rarely uses it.

Furthermore, if you wish to learn more about him, there are numerous articles about him on other websites.