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Top 100 Motivating Kenny Omega Quotes

Kenny Omega

Top 100 Kenny Omega Motivational Quotes

Tyson Smith, better known as Kenny Omega, is a Canadian professional wrestler. He was born on October 16, 1983, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and works for the NJPW Company. He was recently acknowledged as the IWGP’s United States Heavyweight Champion.

Kenny Omega, the current World Champion, was previously a PWG World Champion and an IWGP Intercontinental Champion.

He was also a two-time IWGP Semi-Fullweight Champion, the first and only IWGP Full-Weight Champion in the United States, a two-time Trios of Free Weight NEVER Champion, and an IWGP Half-Full-Weight Champion.

He had won the 2016 G1 Climax as well as the Battle of Los Angeles.

This post contains the top 100 Kenny Omega Quotes that may inspire you.

“I actually work better under constraints.” Things tend to get a little complicated when you leave everything open.

So when you give me those constraints and I start thinking imaginatively about how to work around them, that’s when things get fascinating.” Kenny Omega

“It’s no secret that I adore Japan, and it’s always seemed like a second home to me.” Kenny Omega

The fourth of 100 Kenny Omega quotes

“There are times when you have to sever a relationship with a loved one, a friend, or whatever.

You are feeling isolated. It’s a really simple feeling – the feeling of loss, sadness, and pain.” Kenny Omega

“The delivery of the truth behind my statements is part of what makes my character function.” Kenny Omega

“I don’t like to take chances – I’m not a tough person, make no mistake about it – therefore I’m not going to do something that makes me nervous.”

So, if anything appears dangerous, I didn’t think it was at the time, because I’m the first person to flee if there appears to be a risk of injury.” Kenny Omega

“If I lose my confidence, I’ll lose my way,” Kenny Omega says.

“I’m quite proud of what I do.” Kenny Omega

“When I see Big E, I clearly see someone who has the potential to be a world champion.” “Kenny Omega is on another level.”

“The problem with Deep South, in my opinion, was that there was a group of people who were close to the boss and would always go out and drink and have barbeques.”

When WWE would ask, “Who should we look at?” ‘Oh, look at this person and this guy,’ Bill Demott would say. Of course, those were his cronies.” Kenny Omega

“The Bullet Club has become a pop-culture phenomenon.”

You don’t even have to like wrestling or follow our product to look good in a Bullet Club tee.” Kenny Omega

“Why should you use your innate gifts to make someone unhappy?” “All I want to be is the one who uses his power for good.” Kenny Omega

“I adored Japanese culture before I realized it was Japanese culture.”

My favorite cartoons and anime as a child, my favorite video games, and even my favorite wrestlers and matches in pro wrestling originated in Japan.” Kenny Omega

“Anytime I broke through the ‘glass ceiling’ by doing things that foreigners didn’t seem to be able to do, it was a great personal victory and a professional highlight for me.” Kenny Omega

“I’ve made it my objective to be viewed less as a foreigner and more as a visitor,” Kenny Omega says.

“I could say, you know, working with Seth Rollins at some point would be a lot of fun.” Kenny Omega

Number 18 of 100 Kenny Omega Quotes

“Of course, I’m not naive enough to think we could go head-to-head with WWE and win, because they’re too big a monster.” Kenny Omega

“While I’m still healthy and have ideas in this crazy head of mine, I want to contribute and do things that will make wrestling fans happy and turn new people into wrestling fans who were previously wrestling lovers.”

“I’d like to help in that way.” Kenny Omega

“I went from being a junior – and certainly slated to be Kushida’s arch-nemesis till the cows came home – to suddenly being propelled into the Intercontinental heavyweight title picture.”

That taught me a valuable lesson: I couldn’t limit myself.” Kenny Omega

“Everything we undertake in general carries a certain amount of danger.”

There’s a chance I’ll trip and fall and injure myself when I make my way into the ring.

There’s a degree of risk in my getting up on the apron.” Kenny Omega

“When my friends and I were kids when the neighbors were out playing street hockey or tackle football, we were in my basement with the NES/SNES.” Kenny Omega

“A lot of my main-event battles last around half an hour, and if you can have a variety of emotions within that half hour, it’s a terrific tale from start to finish,” Kenny Omega says.

“A lot of people, especially wrestlers, believe that winning the championship is the only thing that matters, but it’s always about the journey.”

If you don’t have people believing in you and a fresh chapter to start after winning the title, you don’t have anything.” Kenny Omega

“Our performance art is really tactile.

Many times, when you want to elicit a specific emotion, you must employ professional wrestling ingredients, such as maneuvers or a sequence of techniques.” Kenny Omega

“Winning the title is a significant part of the story, but how you get there is far more significant.” Kenny Omega

“I’ve always been on the outside looking in. Despite my athletic accomplishments, I was never popular in school.

I would win track and field competitions yet refuse to attend parties. I’d be by myself.” Kenny Omega

“Okada and Tanahashi don’t mind being the wrestlers who approach everything in the ring on the day of.”

I prefer to go into detail, to show the human side of Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega. That is why there is Being The Elite.” Kenny Omega

“I’m fine if LGBT people can identify with our story, if they think, ‘The Golden Lovers are my team,'” Kenny Omega says.

“In WWE, a gay person is typically portrayed as a comedy act to be humiliated and laughed at.”

That is no longer the case around the globe.” Kenny Omega

“I think it’s vital to demonstrate in the twenty-first century that if you’re gay, lesbian, trans, or whatever, you should feel just as welcome as everyone else to be a wrestling fan.”

“You are welcome to use the place.” Kenny Omega

“I have a vision for what I want wrestling to be, and I was fortunate not only to have the opportunity to show my talents at the right time, not just to have the right opponents, and not just to know that the front office believes in me, but also to not get hurt in the middle of all of this.” Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega
Kenny Omega wrestler Source: Digital Spy

“John Cena is one of the great WWE superstars I most admire.”

Working with someone of his quality would absolutely be a goal if I ended up there, and it would fit with my purpose of revolutionizing wrestling.” Kenny Omega

“Because I am not in WWE, some people believe I am not even in their league.”

I find it easy to tune out those people since they have no idea what they’re talking about.” Kenny Omega

“I’ll put all my matches up against WWE’s greatest matches, Ring of Honor’s best matches, or any promotion you want, and I guarantee people will be more entertained by my matches than theirs.” Kenny Omega

“Learning Japanese was undoubtedly difficult, but my love for the culture, as well as my desire to communicate with fans and friends, always inspired me to persevere.” Kenny Omega

“I headlined a sold-out Budokan Arena show; I competed in NJPW’s first-ever ladder match; I transitioned from junior to heavyweight, and I achieved a G1 triumph with a string of performances that I’m personally very proud of.” Kenny Omega

“It’s simple to make unpleasant comments just to be rude, but I’d much rather take a deeper psychological approach.” Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega Quote Number 40 out of 100

“I am the best wrestler in the world,” Kenny Omega says.

“I’m invading homes everywhere, all over the Internet and on TV – just search my name and you’ll find me wherever from New Japan World to Ring of Honor.” Kenny Omega

“If you have a championship that signifies something in the landscape of Japanese wrestling, you’re guaranteed a large mention in practically every magazine – you might even get the front page.” That is significant.” Kenny Omega

“What I’m trying to emphasize is that there truly is no limit as long as you try as hard as you can and show that you can answer the call and run with the ball when you have it.” Kenny Omega

“You get put in a position to be the man if people love you if you’re making money if your performances are beyond anything anyone has ever seen.” Kenny Omega

“All I know is what I’ve been given and the opportunities that await me.”

Try to make the best of them, and I won’t give up until I reach the top.” Kenny Omega

“I guess Kenny Omega is just me, Tyson Smith, even if the picture was given to me by New Japan and then adjusted by me.”

That’s me, simply a man who enjoys joking around when he doesn’t have to be serious. When he has to be serious, he is serious! “Kenny Omega”

“I sort of took ‘The Cleaner’ literally and started bringing cleaning tools to the ring with me, so I grabbed garbage bags and brooms and mops.” Kenny Omega

“I have this unique style that I want to share with the world.”

I don’t want to be this beaten-down, the bruised-up person who has Karl Anderson cut all my promos for me.

That is something I do not want to have to undertake.” Kenny Omega

“Not only does Pentagon have the untrainable ‘It’ factor, but he also has the unusual ability to adapt and thrive wherever he competes.”

He has a distinct personality that people identify with, and regardless of where he fights or what style is prominent, he blends in – yet stands out from everyone else on the card.” Kenny Omega

“Fans, wrestlers, and even the general public have been conditioned to believe that WWE and everyone else has a massive ability disparity.” Kenny Omega

“I revealed myself, and I exposed my connection, as well as my deep love and trust for Ibushi, to the world.”

And we want to work together to improve wrestling for the future.” Kenny Omega

“There are aspects of myself that I despise; I am not a perfect human being.” Kenny Omega

“I am imperfect, but at least I can confess it, and at least Kenny Omega, Tyson Smith, is exposed to each and every one of you every night I compete in the ring.”

And the relationships I have with the fans in my life are all with me. “We are all family,” Kenny Omega says.

“Ibushi is not leaving.” He’s staying with me, and I fully support his success.

But we will continue to be successful as the Golden Lovers, both as a tag team and as solo acts.” Kenny Omega

“I only get to collaborate with Naito once a year.” I’d like to wrestle him again someday.

He’s definitely good. Another person I’ve never worked with in a New Japan ring – and I’d be thrilled to get the chance to illustrate the difference in styles – is Zack Sabre, Jr.

He’s one of my faves, for sure.” Kenny Omega

“When I was younger, I assumed there was only WWE.” That’s all. One promotion on the entire planet.

Then, as I grew older, I discovered that there is local wrestling.

There is WCW and ECW. There are luchadores in Mexico. “And then I realized there’s wrestling in Japan,” Kenny Omega says.

“I believe that many individuals believe that there is just one big promotion and that’s it. It’s got to be the finest.

But when they broaden their minds and palates, they learn that, yeah, there’s other wrestling out there.

They might not like it any better, but it’s an alternative now.” Kenny Omega

“There are certain wrestlers that prefer only one style of wrestling.”

They believe that is the correct approach, which is fine, but I’m not trying to impress them.

Those individuals are already established in their ways.

I’m attempting to introduce the world to a distinct type of pro wrestling.” Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega Quote #60 out of 100

“You’re not going to get a seven-star match or a six-star match or a five-star match in a seven-minute segment, but I always do my best to make that part memorable and exciting, and I believe that’s always the goal.” Kenny Omega

“I always attempt to be cautious; even if something appears to be harmful, it isn’t to me.” Kenny Omega

“I had next to no fundamentals before going to developing, and it was sort of, performing cool chain wrestling and using a bunch of holds and stuff.” Kenny Omega

“I try to conceive about things in terms of levels, such as pain levels and damage levels, such as, ‘How serious is this injury meant to be?'” How much should I charge? ‘I also believe it helps with the emotional attachment of fans when you’re attempting to tell a tale.” Kenny Omega

“In my opinion, too much emphasis is placed on, ‘Okay, how awesome are my moves?” and, ‘How can I connect them?’

‘How do I get this move into the game within this time limit?’

‘And that’s the end of it.” Kenny Omega

“You should never bury someone for your own personal gain.”

And I would never do that to another human being.” Kenny Omega

“Everyone enjoys a good laugh.” Kenny Omega

“It’s always amusing to see an adult bully getting beaten up by a little girl or anything.” Kenny Omega

“I can easily say that I despise people like Jim Cornette, so the day he goes from our business permanently will be a wonderful day for professional wrestling,” Kenny Omega said.

“Here’s the thing: Tanahashi believes that wrestling must be done a certain way. There are some lines you should not cross.

Wrestling should be wrestling; there is a ‘traditional’ method of doing it. But the fact is, I feel nothing when I see a Tanahashi match.” Kenny Omega

“Tanahashi truly belongs in the WWE. He has the potential to be the next Roman Reigns.” Kenny Omega

“What true ‘Strong Style’ is, is a battle for man’s heart. It doesn’t matter how powerful and ferocious your blows are.

It exemplifies the human spirit’s never-say-die mentality.

People will believe you as long as you appear to be struggling and giving your all.” Kenny Omega

“I don’t want people to remember my matches and say, ‘When you did that move, it was good, and I enjoyed it because it was nice.’

I want people to remember a flood of images and the emotion they felt when they saw it.”

That’s when I believe you’ve created a true masterpiece.” Kenny Omega

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“As a professional wrestler in my position, I’d rather have people remember my matches for an emotion or a certain thought they had when they witnessed it,” Kenny Omega says.

“A lot of people think humor is a way to avoid wrestling seriously, but I would say that comedy is significantly more difficult than wrestling professionally because you have to be creative in practically everything you do if you want the comedy to make sense within the parameters of pro wrestling.” Kenny Omega

“I’m not knocking TNA, but there’s too much cheesy talking and segments that aren’t actually about wrestling.” Kenny Omega

“I can be multi-cultural, multi-lingual, work a physical manner, advance engaging tales, and provide the company with more worldly entertainment.” Kenny Omega

“When I first started in the business, you could watch Pro Wrestling Noah.”

“You could watch Ring of Honor Wrestling and hear a lot of people say, ‘the best wrestling in the world is actually at Ring of Honor.'” Kenny Omega

“I firmly believe in Cody Rhodes.” I believe he’s incredible, a true superstar.

Unbelievable in the ring, fantastic timing, great pace – he’s in great physical shape, can cut a mean promo, and is just an all-around nice guy.” Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega Quote #80 out of 100

“If I ever had the opportunity to appear more for ROH, I would take nothing less than being regarded as the best – which would mean having to battle the top dogs/champions.” Kenny Omega

“A finishing move is a vital component of one’s personality – and sometimes success.” Kenny Omega

“I’m not one to hold back when it comes to stating my mind.” Kenny Omega

“The Young Bucks and I are constantly full of ideas,” Kenny Omega says.

“I’ve always aspired to be at the top since I moved to Japan in 2008.” Kenny Omega

“In WWE, you’re definitely constrained by their rules and scripting.” Kenny Omega

“Even my most physical matches in New Japan were all athletic contests, and they were all fair and square.”

With my own personal flair, we’ve been attempting to build a new, strong style in New Japan.” Kenny Omega

“As an artist, I really feel that I need an outlet to show off all of my abilities.” Kenny Omega

“I still believe there is more to this Kenny Omega persona and more stories I need to tell, and New Japan gives me that flexibility.”

That is a freedom I gained via my contributions to the company.” Kenny Omega

“I enjoyed DDT because of the freedom; I could tell the wackiest and wildest stories while also testing myself as an athlete.” Kenny Omega

“I’m fortunate in that my strongest strength as a wrestler has always been my intellect.” Kenny Omega

“As naturally athletic as I am, when certain things come easy, I always rely on my head first.” Kenny Omega

“I really want to be a part of the New Japan brand in the United States – and other countries as well.”

“I believe I have a level of adaptability that most wrestlers do not have.” Kenny Omega

“There are individuals that want me to fail.” Kenny Omega

“The IWGP title elevates me to legend status.” I’ve dedicated half of my life to this, and it’s well worth the effort.

It was not only worth it, but it was well worth it.” Kenny Omega

“This IWGP title means more to me than any WWE title,” Kenny Omega said.

“The WWE belt means nothing; it means nothing at all.” They pass that belt around like a hot potato.

I’m sure I had a neighbor on my block who used to wear that belt. That belt has absolutely no cachet.” Kenny Omega

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Kenny Omega Quote #98 out of 100

“In high school, despite being on four different sports teams, I threw my jock duties out the window and spent my leisure time wrestling or playing the PS2.” Kenny Omega

“In my view, ‘Virtual Pro Wrestling 2’ is the best wrestling game ever.” Kenny Omega